Best Cookware Brands

Cooking is more than simply serving hot food to your family. It’s a hobby. A labour of love. A health and lifestyle choice. The cookware you choose to cook with determines how successful, delicious and healthy your food will be. As a health conscious cook, you don’t want to be concerned about whether the pans and cookware you’re using are leaching toxins into your food. You want to know from the get go that the tools you use for cooking are safe. 

To create delicious restaurant quality food: perfectly browned, crisped and caramelized you need the right equipment. High quality pans crafted with premium materials that can distribute heat well, or give you the equivalent of a non-stick surface without the risks posed by some non-stick coatings. And if traditional non-stick is your preference, you’ll probably want a high quality and safe non-stick pan.  One that lasts and doesn’t stick!

It shouldn’t be too much to ask, should it?  And it isn’t, at least it’s not a problem for the brands who feature in this list. Each may have their different approaches to how they deliver safe, premium quality cookware. Their technologies and materials may differ.  But their integrity and consistent commitment to bringing excellent cookware to the market — the kind that we all want, need, and desire— is relentless.  That’s why they made this list.

How We Selected The Best Cookware Brands For This List

To select the brands featuring on this list, we looked long and hard at the following criteria:


If the cookware isn’t safe, it hasn’t made it to this list.  We’re all about finding healthy and safe cookware that doesn’t leech toxins because we know you are too. We made sure that these brands don’t disappoint you, or bring any other dangerous surprises.  With these brands, you can cook with peace of mind.  


The technology, whether it be the brands approach to non-stick technology, how they bond their materials to form their cookware and distribute heat evenly or anything else are high on our list of requirements from brands who made this list.  We want to see how the cookware does what the brand claims it does without being blind-sided by clever word-smithery.  


We want pans that are as beautiful as they are functional, don’t we?  Most of us do, it adds to the experience.  But we also want the pans to be investment pieces that will last longer than a few years.  Craftsmanship is one of the ways that cookware brands ensure that their products are long-lasting and gorgeous.  We look out for these qualities in the brands that feature in this list. 


We’re looking for brands who supply safe, good quality materials.  Ideally, brands who have a selection of ranges incorporating different levels of quality to meet differing budgets.  

Customer Reviews

We haven't relied on our own perspective to create this list, we included the perspective of hundreds of customers too.  We've researched what you say about your favorite cookware brands, and your reviews, to help compile this list. 

Brand Integrity

Integrity, transparency, authenticity — they’re harder qualities to determine about any brand, but they're necessary.  Without brand integrity, how can we believe what the brand shares with us?  The answer is we can’t.  We’re looking out for brands who care about their customers, who are passionate about how you experience their products. 

Cookware Brands Alphabetical Order


All Clad

Best For Bonded Stainless Steel Cookware And Advanced Materials

While most brands originate from a home cook’s or chef’s desire for better cookware, All Clad developed their cookware from a metallurgist’s perspective.  They’re experts in understanding what metals render the best performance cookware.  It's this approach that makes this brand a well known high quality premium cookware brand.  There’s no compromise, on All Clad’s behalf.  They don't compromise on the quality of materials, or in how such materials are forged together.

All-Clad makes a broad range of cookware, bakeware, kitchen electrics, kitchen tools and accessories.  Most of their cookware is three or five-ply bonded cookware in several finishes: stainless, non-stick, hard anodized and ceramic. They also feature a selection of cores to conduct heat: copper, aluminium or the crème de la crème, graphite. 

anolon logo


Best Non-Stick Coatings

Analon’s signature is their non-stick coatings. Which are applied to both the interior and exterior of their cookware.  This approach creates easy-to-clean and good-looking cookware for longer. Analon claims their PFOA free non-stick coating from Dupont is ‘superior’. And they stand by these claims by offering a lifetime guarantee.  When it comes to metals, Analon tends toward hard anodized aluminium surrounding a copper core.  This combination is extremely durable and excellent for heat control and heat distribution. They also have one range which incorporates bonded technology, it’s their Authority Multi-Ply Clad range. This range features three-ply stainless steel surrounding an aluminium core and appears to feature Analon’s non-stick coating on some pans.  

berghoff cookware


Best For Versatility In A Ceramic Non-stick Cookware Set

Berghoff, a subsidiary of the London China Company LCC offers a  range of versatile cookware all featuring a Ferno Ceramic non-stick surface.  This surface, according to Berghoff, makes cooking and cleaning simple. And while we couldn’t find any reference to exactly what ‘Ferno Ceramic’ is, we can guess that it’s a brand name for a  type of ceramic non-stick coating.  Brands choose ceramic coatings because they appear to be safer than the traditional non-stick coatings. It sounds a little gimmicky to us. But we can appreciate that Berghoff supplies good quality and safe cookware designed for healthy fat free and non-stick cooking. 

Berghoff claims that their “two-layer ‘Ferns Ceramic’ non-stick surface ensures quality, durability, and performance when used on the hob or in the oven.” One of the interesting features in their designs is the detachable handles and ovenproof glass lids, making this range of cookware incredibly versatile.

BlueDiamond logo

Blue Diamond

Best For Ceramic Cookware

Like Berghoff, Blue Diamond features a ceramic ‘diamond’ non-stick coating on all of their pans.  We’re not sure how the non-stick surface is developed, but this is a brand that focuses on delivering superior non-stick capability and doing so safely. It’s free of PFAS, PFOA, Lead or Cadmium, as it should be and lasts 10X longer than any other pan, according to Blue Diamond.  To further compound the brand's statements about the longevity of their non-stick coatings, they also claim it’s harder, and can withstand metal utensils.  It’s also a dishwasher, and oven, or broiler safe up to 850 degrees.  We don’t get to see too much about the brand from their website. The focus is the product, but they receive numerous five-star reviews and multiple claims that the pans are indeed non-stick.  In our experience, these types of pans don’t last a lifetime, but they do provide a convenient way to cook safely. One that requires little effort on your part, and for the price, that’s good enough for us.  
Bulbhead Logo

Bulb Head

A brand that innovates and is home of bright ideas. They create solutions to everyday problems including in your kitchen. 



Best For Premium Materials : Stainless Steel, Cast Iron Cookware, Non Stick  & Oil Infused Ceramic

The Calphalon collection includes a prestigious range of cookware stackable and otherwise, kitchen appliances, bakeware, kitchen accessories and cutlery.  When it comes to cookware, Calphalon offers a selection of pots and pans forged in some of the best materials available. Materials like, bonded and layered stainless steel forged around an aluminium core — perfect for precision and heat control.  Cast iron cookware set for durability and lifetime use. Non-stick for making cooking and cleaning easy.  And oil infused ceramic for healthy oil free cooking. At the heart of Calphalon is their mission,” to help you to cook to the best of your ability whether your a home cook or a professional. For every meal and every occasion. 
Circulon Premier Professional


Stainless Steel Peaked Non-stick That Lasts A Lifetime.

You’ve got to take Circulon seriously if they have the non-stick coatings that last a lifetime, they claim they have. Their cookware is supposed to ‘cook like steel, and cleans like nonstick’. And because they design their cookware to tackle our biggest cooking problems, it’s an approach, and a brand we appreciate.  At the heart of Circulon’s design is the steel peaks at the base of the pan that protects the nonstick groves.  With this technology, you can use metal utensils all day every day without a care in the world.  As Circulon say “bring it on”. They want you to feel fearless in the kitchen, and their products stand by that claim.  You’ll find a selection of aluminium, hard anodized and stainless steel cookware, all featuring Circulon’s nonstick grooves.

cook n home logo


Best For A Value Cookware Set

As sister companies, the cookware lines Cooks Standard and Cook-n Home are based in California, and claim to design high quality cookware and kitchenware suitable for home and professional chefs.  They also say they have the best quality materials and best craftsmanship.  But they don’t explain how and why they make these claims, which is disappointing and a little too vague.  However, we have experienced pans from both of these ranges and found them to be good value for the money.  But if you’re looking for fine craftsmanship, we recommend brands like All-Clad, Calphalon, Mauviel and Made In. 

Cooks Standard Logo

Cooks Standard

Located in California, Cooks Standard provides home kitchens with high quality bakeware and cookware. In addition, they ai mto source the highest quality materials and provide modern design.



Best For An Aluminium, Hard Anodized Or Stainless Steel Cookware Set

You’ll find a full range of high quality cookware sets, sauce pans, frying pans and skillets from Cuisinart.  They specialize in aluminium, hard-anodized and stainless steel (single or tri-ply) cookware. Cuisinart focuses on home cooks who are looking for more of a community vibe to go with their quality cookware and through culinary education, Cuisnart is continuing to build a reputation of being the go-to brand.  We commend their efforts, and know from our own research that Cuisinart pans are indeed good quality, they’ve won several awards too, like The Good Design awards. We’ve also featured Cuisinart Bakeware in one of our ‘best of’ articles: Best Ceramic Bakeware Brand: Cuisinart.


Best For Functionality

Duxtop creates whole-clad tri-ply stainless steel premium cookware.  The tri-ply bonding features three layers, one of thick aluminium to conduct heat which is sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel.  This approach removes hotspots and optimises the heat distribution heating the pan all over.  Most premium brands have a range of tri-ply or five-ply bonded pans because right now, it’s the best in cookware technology.  A trademark feature of Duxtop cookware is the drip-free pouring rims, and stainless steel lids with loop handles. 

Emeril Logo

Emeril Lagasse

Developed in partnership with All-Clad in 2000, this cookware is now the present day “Emerilware”.

Flavorstone logo


Best For All-in-one Cookware

As the self proclaimed ‘pan that can’ Flavorstone paint a picture of cookware that does it all. A pan that is suitable for all stoves, grills and ovens and is easy to clean, non-stick and healthy without requiring additional oils.  Well, that’s what Flavorstone claims.  They only have one pan in their portfolio — but to have more might be contradictory considering their marketing.  By all accounts, this is the only pan you’ll need.  And while we can’t agree that the Flavorstone pan is the ONLY pan we’d ever want or need, we can accept that this is a brand that delivers. The Flavorstone pan does everything mentioned above and it does so very well. 

Gotham Steel logo

Gotham Steel

Best For Ceramic and Titanium Cookware

As another ceramic cookware brand, Gotham Steel differentiates itself by providing you with ceramic cookware forged around a titanium base.  Their claims?  “It’s like cooking on air, everything slides right off”. While we ponder on whether that statement actually makes sense, what we do know is that Gotham Steel’s cookware does make sense.  Titanium and ceramic are both strong and durable, and this combo is a good option. In our experience, pans like those from Gotham Steel definitely do what they say they do. They don’t usually last as long as some other types of pans, like a stainless steel or cast iron pan, but the longevity is usually long enough to make the pan good value for money when compared to the price.

Mauviel logo


Best For Premium Classic Cookware And Advanced Metallurgy.

When it comes to premium brands Mauviel is an exceptional contender. Similar to All-Clad, these guys know their metals. However, in true French style, Mauviel have the finesse that cannot be replicated. Mauviel pans are beautiful, their planished finishes are to die for, and wouldn’t look out of place in the most sophisticated kitchen.  But don’t get them wrong, this is a brand who is as serious about functionality as they are style. They make cookware, bakeware, barware and accessories along with mini cookware in some of the best cookware materials — all selected for their capabilities. Check this brand out and you’ll discover ranges in copper, stainless steel, aluminium cookware, and black tin that you’ll be dreaming about for days. Just one piece from any set from Mauviel will add a touch of class to any kitchen.   

madein logo

Made In

Most Progressive Cookware Brand

Aside from the premium quality cookware supplied by Made In, their progressive business model demonstrates their commitment to their customer and is shaking up the cookware industry.  Instead of retailing their products, they only sell directly to the consumer, passing the cost savings to you.  This means you can buy some of the best in cookware technology from Made In at a fraction of the cost you would normally expect to pay. It’s not just the savings that should draw you to Made In though, this kitchenware is a staple in multiple three Michelin star restaurants and continuously receives five star reviews including from us — they’re linked below for you to check out. You can find stainless clad bonded cookware, nonstick, carbon steel and copper cookware from Made In. 

mario batali logo

Mario Batali

Best For Scandinavian Design

As a celebrity chef, you’d expect Mario Batali’s cookware to feature on a top list.  Afterall top chef’s know what tools they need to be great at their job. And this is a cookware line that doesn’t disappoint.  Dansk Manufacturer Company partners with Mario Batali to create the range, and it’s this combination of Scandinavian design, and US production that makes Mario Batali Cookware stand out as a reputable brand worth your consideration in 2022. This is the place to look for a beautiful set, or a single item like a frying pan.

Pioneer Woman logo

Pioneer Woman

Best Design Led Cookware Set

If you like cute floral designs, you’re going to love the Pioneer Woman range of products.  This brand started out as a one woman blog, focusing on the ins and outs of keeping home, including cooking tips and recipes.  Over time, this blog has turned into a multi-faceted magazine and retail businesses. The Pioneer Woman sells design-led items for the home, specifically cookware, bakeware, kitchen accessories, recipe books and so on.  All products are supposed to feature high-quality & durable materials which evenly distributes heat and stay cool handles.  You’ll discover a range of non stick, ceramic and cast iron cookware sets with unique designs or individual items, like a skillet, or fry pan.

Scanpan logo


Best For Daring Danish Design

Expect high performance and maximum durability from this serious cookware brand hailing from Denmark.  One of their signatures is their unique non-stick coating ‘Stratanium’.  They’re continually developing the technology behind this coating but as it stands today it’s one of the industry leading brands.  Scanpan also likes to push the boundaries of design to create cookware that meets your needs without standing by traditional approaches.  As with many of the other best cookware brands of 2022, Scanpan focuses on bringing professional quality cookware that can stand the demands of restaurant cooking but is also enjoyable for serious home cooks, who appreciate good design and technology in their cookware. You'll find a skillet or stock pot to suit your needs for sure, along with sets, and a range of other pots.

Slip Stone logo


If you like quality cookware but don't like to spend time cleaning up your pots and pans, you might appreciate Slipstone. You’re their target market!  Unfortunately we couldn’t find any brand information at the time of writing. Though we know from experience this is a popular brand which is often frequently searched for.  Unfortunately, the products we’ve reviewed in the past don’t match the high ratings some users give this brand.  Slipstone claims their pans are non stick, incredibly non stick - but that wasn’t our experience. Our pan stuck after five uses.  There is also no information about the technology or build quality of the pans. So while this brand features on this list, it’s only because of its popularity — perhaps owing to the TV campaigns. You will find better from almost all of the other brands on this list.

T-fal Logo


Best Overall For Titanium Cookware & Nonstick Capability

The thermo-spot heat indicator is probably one of the most well known features that comes from T-Fal. This indicator helps you to determine when your pan reaches the optimal heat to cook your food.  But that’s not all T-Fal are known for, they also have durable non stick coatings on the cooking surface and outside, sturdy heat responsive bases, a helper handle and hassle free cooking that requires less oil, and easier cleaning and a much loved titanium cookware range.  They live up to their claims.  You can find a range of cookware items from cookware sets to skillets, pots, frying pans. 
Xtreme logo


Best Overall In Ceramic Cookware and Healthy Cooking

From the moment you land on Xtrema’s website, and you read the founders letter to you, you can tell that this is a brand who sincerely care about you, and how you experience their products. It’s a brand filled with love and passion for healthy cooking that spills out onto their products and eventually your plate.  This is a company who is shaking up the ceramic cookware industry. With over 40 years of experience in ceramics and glass, Xtrema were looking for genuinely safe and non toxic cookware. They were aware that even the safe materials can leech toxins into your food — which wasn’t good enough for them.  They kept on searching until they finally found the right combination of cookware types to bring you safe and easy to use cookware. Xtrema are different because their pans are not ceramic coated metal. They’re ceramic to the core. Making them totally free from chemicals and metals, and other related toxins.  If you want safe cookware with high performance, and low maintenance this is the brand for you.  

Woll logo


Best Induction Performance

As a German brand manufacturing their products in their homeland, Germany, Woll work tirelessly to push the standards of cooking perfection. This approach is in their blood, it stems from chef Norbert Woll who wanted to realize his dream of creating high performing premium quality cookware for induction cooktops. That was back in 1974 and these values still hold true today.  Induction bottoms on Woll pans feature specialized steel developed exclusively for Woll. It’s induction performance that makes Woll stand out. These pans avoid heat congestion, the efficient flow of heat allows Woll cookware to absorb almost all of the energy produced by an induction cooktop which make them a good tool to save energy.  You can find non-stick coated products as well as aluminium, stainless steel and cast iron cookware, all perfectly developed for an induction hob, and all with the design touches you'd expect, like helper handles, or silicone grip handles.    

The Bottom Line

Key Considerations For Selecting Your Next Cookware Set From The Best Cookware Brands

When selecting an investment piece of cookware, it’s necessary to check out the brand as well as the cookware of interest.  This approach helps you to determine how well the brand in question walks their talk, and if they stand by their claims about their products.  Here’s what to consider:


Some dangerous non-stick coatings are banned, especially in the Western world, which means that you can assume a level of safety from every non-stick brand you encounter.  However, that doesn’t mean that these safety factors cover all risks.  Ideally you need pans that are non-stick, and forged with safe materials like stainless steel, ceramic or stone for example. Or you need high quality non-stick coatings that are technologically advanced, and safe. How the brand you select takes responsibility over safety issues, or anything else, will give you a clue about how much you can trust this brand with your safety. 


Long lasting pans that are often lifetime investment pieces incorporate high quality materials, cutting edge, but not gimmicky, technology and superior craftsmanship. Ideally, you should consider how well the non-stick coating performs (if you’re considering a non stick pan), if the handles hold out over time, and how well the pan distributes heat. These are all significant qualities to look out for.  Don’t be too concerned about complaints about pans that stick too much, especially when it comes to stainless steel, carbon steel and so on. When people struggle with sticking or warping they usually haven’t worked with the pan correctly. 

The Brand Communication

We’ve noticed that most of the better brands are proud of their work, and offer plenty of information about their technologies, craftsmanship and ethics on their websites. If they’re talking about the qualities mentioned above, it’s a clue that they care about educating you and sharing their brand with you. The brands that aren’t so good often don’t supply too much information about their products though there are a few exceptions to this rule.