Top 10 Best Ceramic Cookware Reviews of 2017

Best Ceramic Cookware Demystified

You maybe wondering:

  • What is the best ceramic cookware?
  • Are ceramic cookware safe?
  • Why do cooks swear by them?

We got the answers for you.

When shopping for non stick cookware you’ll want to have the best information possible before making that decision. Why? Because the market is full of dangerous and non-performing cookware. Some brands are dishonest about the materials they use and the chemicals in the coatings.

We have tested 21 different ceramic cookware to bring you the best ceramic cookware advice. Our goal was to provide you with the finest, safest, environmentally friendly options and to be transparent in our reviews.

Our hope is that this guide will assist you in the next purchase of a ceramic frying pan or cookware.

What is Ceramic Cookware?


Ceramic cookware is new age cookware that is baked in a kiln. Most people hear the word ceramic and instantly think of clay pottery which breaks easily.

However, ceramic cookware is often fired up in a kiln which makes the ceramic longer lasting, durable, stronger and less prone to damageOnce the cookware is fired up, usually the cookware is dipped in a glaze which provides stain resistance and a non stick coating.

Since the glazing occurs when the cookware is extremely hot, when cooking, the maximum heat the pan should be used at is medium-high heat. We recommend never to cook with ceramic cookware at high heat.

Because ceramic cookware does not contain much metal alloys, most of them will not work on an induction stovetop. Luckily, there are other induction cookware sets that you can enjoy.

What are the Ceramic Cookware Dangers?

Cookware safety is the number one concern for cooks and chefs that use non stick cookware.

Ceramic cookware is new age cookware that was introduced to the market 10 years ago. Ceramic cookware came about as a result of the dangers related to Teflon in frying pans. Teflon (“PFTE”) is a chemical coating that is used in traditional cookware to keep food from sticking.

The chemical was later found to have toxic gases released and when inhaled or digested, cause bird flu-like symptoms. Other wide known symptoms are nausea and headaches.

Which leads us to our next question…

Are There Safe Ceramic Cookware and What is the Safest Ceramic Cookware?

Yes and yes! Safe ceramic cookware does exist!

Ceramic cookware does not contain the chemicals found in Teflon (i.e. PTFE and PFOA)  non stick coating. Since the cookware is glazed (in a kiln) instead of coated (or dipped), the cookware is 100% safe.

Unfortunately, there is no answer as to which is the safest ceramic cookware since all of them are 100% safe. The only cookware you should avoid that is not safe (i.e. harmful) is Teflon coated cookware. However, we have not found  any ceramic cookware that contains traces of Teflon.

Long story short, ceramic cookware is 100% safe, toxin free and environmentally friendly. It is among the healthiest cookware we recommend. When you go ceramic you can be certain that there are no harmful Teflon chemicals in the cookware.

Why do Cooks and Chefs love Ceramic Cookware?

From our interactions with chefs and cooks around the world, most of them have said ceramic cookware is their non-stick go to pans. We’ve summarized the reasons why it’s their go-to choice:

  1. Super easy to clean. There’s no doubt that the non stick coating is one of the best if not the best in the market.
  1. Healthy. Because they know that they are cooking for others, safety is an absolute must. It has to be non-toxic.
  1. Less oil. The non-stick glaze does not require a lot of oil to cook with. In fact, they claim that they cook a lot of meats and fish without oil.
keep calm

In addition to the above, we’ve had the privilege of scouring for reviews and cooks all around absolutely love it. According to CatRox:

These pans are hands down the BEST for cooking eggs ever! Eggs just don’t stick…over easy really is easy!
They also get hot enough to put a really nice sear on meats.
The ceramic coating is wonderful…best non-stick surface I’ve found yet.
For example; for fried chicken I can use less breading; less fat and I get a nice crispy chicken.
I’m also pleased with this pan’s durability and this is the 2nd one I’ve purchased.
Don’t put them in the dishwasher; wash by hand and this pan will last you a nice long time and you won’t cringe at making scrambled eggs anymore!

And look at the below review by FoodieAtHeart:

My husband and I use this pan everyday. To sauté up Aidles (cased chicken sausages) with a little coconut spray. This pan is too big for this use but it is the only healthy pan we have. This pan is very nonstick, in fact I can just wipe out the leftover coconut spray afterwards while the pan is still hot, a lot of the time! It is so nonstick that my only complaint is that it is so slippery that when mixing food in it I can push the food right out of the pan! It is a wide pan but the sides are not that high.

Ceramic Cookware Review Factors To Consider

We often get asked what the best ceramic cookware one can buy? To be honest, there are a lot of ceramic cookware sets out there and it’s quite a tough question that answer.

We try our best to assist you in finding the top cookware to meet your needs by listing out factors you should consider:

  • Budget. There are lots of ceramic cookware that you can buy on a budget. However, it’s best to buy one that will do the job since the prices range depending on the quantity and quality of ceramic.
  • Oven Friendly. If you’re going to be using the cookware in the oven, make sure that it states that it’s oven friendly before you purchase. Quite often, people have complained that the ceramic cookware they purchased was ruined in the oven. Another thing to note is to keep the cookware on medium high heat at a maximum when cooking. This will prolong the ceramic cookware life.
  • Warranty. Most of the warranty on the ceramic cookware is one year. However, this should not be the deciding factor. Make sure you understand the warranty before you buy as well since there are usually lots of limiting clauses within the warranty.
  • Quality. A sturdy construction is key in the ceramic cookware set. A handle that has a solid connection to the pot or pan is vital. In addition, some of the premium sets allow the use of metal utensils to be used in direct contact with the cookware.

The above factors are only some that you should consider prior to purchasing your cookware. Make sure you also take a look at the review prior to purchasing as well.

Without further ado, take a look below at the Top 10 Ceramic Cookware of 2017.

Green Life Pans Stone Frying Pans

Dishwasher Safe? Yes

Healthy Non-stick? Yes. 100% PFTE/PFOA free

Oven Safe? Yes up to 350°F

What is included in the set?

7″ open frypan, 9.5″ Open frypan, 1qt covered saucepan, 2qt covered saucepan, 5qt covered casserole, 2.5qt Covered saute pan, 4 nylon utensils.

Why we love this ceramic cookware set: 

If we had to describe these pans with one word it would be – sufficient! These pans have a solid base and boast the Thermalon non-stick coating. Best of all they are 100% healthy and provide excellent thermal conductivity for better cooking results.

We tried using these pans to cook an omelette and the eggs did not stick one bit to the pan. We didn’t even have to use much oil as the non stick coating was working so well. To say the least, this set is great and absolutely a pleasure to cook with.

This set comes in black, red and turquoise for your choosing. We got the turquoise set as it matched our dark granite counter tops. Consider what counter top or stove top colors to match this set!

Cuisineart Elements Stone Frying Pans
31QomcmqCuisine Art Best Ceramic Cookware Stone Frying Pans

Dishwasher Safe? Yes

Healthy Non-stick? Yes. This set is PFTE/PFOA free and petroleum-free

Oven Safe? Yes up to 350°F

What is included in the set?

1.5 Qt. Saucepan with cover, 2.5 Qt. Saucepan with cover, 3 Qt. Saute Pan with helper handle and cover, 8 Qt. Stockpot with cover, 8″ Skillet and 10″ skillet

Why we love this ceramic cookware set: 

This simple and elegant cookware set is perfect for beginner chefs. After testing this set, we absolutely love and can’t live without the ceramic skillet. It just makes cooking worry free. Best of all, we can use metal utensils on the pan and it does not scratch at all.

This cookware is very heat efficient. If you buy this ceramic cookware set, make sure that you reduce the heat you normally cook at. Having the heat too high will cause your food to stick on the ceramic.

The handles are very comfortable and the cookware is extremely light. Naturally you will grow to love this cookware set and the red color will be a complement to your stove.

GreenPan Ceramic Cookware Stone Frying Pans

Dishwasher Safe? Yes

Healthy Non-stick? Yes. They have the Thermalon coating.

Oven Safe? No, because the handles are made of plastic.

What’s included in the set?

1qt covered saucepan, 2qt covered saucepan, 3qt covered saucepan, 5qt covered casserole, 9.5 inch covered saute pan, 8 inch frypan, and 9.5 inch frypan.

Why we love this ceramic cookware set:

The Rio ceramic cookware collection brings  convenience, design and health to your kitchen. The ceramic non stick coating (i.e. Thermalon) is used on the ceramic that allows it to be extremely functional and durable. Best of all, cleaning them is seriously a breeze!

We love the colors of the Rio set and it definitely makes cooking easy. The ceramic allows you to cook at lower temperatures and provides an even cooking surface. Overall, we were extremely happy with this set except for the fact that it was not oven safe. However, the pros definitely outweigh the cons and we definitely recommend this ceramic cookware set.

resized ceramic cookware
GreenPans Lima Stone Frying Pans

Dishwasher Safe? Yes

Healthy Non-stick? Yes. They have the Thermalon coating.

Oven Safe? Yes up to 350°F

What’s included in the set?

7″ frypan, 9.5″ covered frypan, 2qt covered saucepan, 3qt covered saucepan, 3qt covered skillet, 5qt covered dutch oven and a stainless steel steamer

Why we love this ceramic cookware set:

This set is perfect for any versatile kitchen. This ceramic cookware set is quite a unique set as they are oven safe up to 350 degrees. GreenPans have better heat distribution than the other sets listed. Whether you cook veggies, fish or meats, the end result is more tasteful and crispier.

These pans are also easy to clean with gentle soap and hot water. One drawback we noticed was that the handles tend to get a little hot. This isn’t a problem however if you are cooking on medium heat.

If you only want to invest in the frying pan, see our complete review of the Green Pans Lima Frying Pan which is one of our best sellers.

best ceramic cookware stone frying pans
WearEver Best Creamic Cookware Set

Dishwasher Safe? Yes

Healthy Non-stick? Yes. This set is PFTE-Free, PFOA-Free and Cadmium-Free

Oven Safe? Yes up to 350°F

What’s included in the set?

The 15-Piece Set includes 1/2/3-Quart Sauce Pan, 5-Quart Dutch Oven, 3.5-Quart Deep Saute Pan, 8-Inch Fry Pan, 10-Inch Fry Pan, 12-Inch Covered Fry Pan and Steamer Insert which provides everything you need to cook efficiently

Why we love this ceramic cookware set:

Honestly we couldn’t have been happier with this ceramic cookware set. We weren’t sure what to expect but we ended up loving the ceramic surface that WearEver has crafted.

We used this set on a daily basis for three months and the food still does not stick. In addition, it’s super easy to clean. A lot of people have problems because they are inadvertently careless. They do not store them properly or use them on extremely high heat.

If you’re careful with this set, you’ll use this set for years. We really love the nonstick surface and we hardly use any oil while cooking.

This ceramic cookware set is the hallmark of all ceramic cookware. It’s not always available but if you’re lucky you might be able to snag one on Amazon before they are sold out.

Best Ceramic Cookware In A Nut Shell…

Ceramic cookware sets are here to stay and not going away. These lightweight cookware sets are packed with benefits. If you’re sitting on the edge, consider this:

  • Cleaning doesn’t have to be a constant battle with your frying pan.
  • Food doesn’t have to stick to the bottom of your cookware.
  • Worrying doesn’t have to include the healthiness of your frying pan.

If you’ve ever experienced any of the above, you’re ready for a new ceramic cookware set. It’s time for a new start in the kitchen.

Thousands of chefs have made the switch and stand by ceramic cookware sets. Will you continue living in the past or cook for the future?

The decision is yours.

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