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But before you complete it, we receive a lot of questions regarding situations we have no control of.

Before You Contact Us

There are a couple of things that we need to clarify. Due to the number of inquiries that we receive, we will not respond questions about: 

  • Warranty on Cookware - We frequently get asked questions such as "I have Slipstone fry pan but handle is broken off. If you purchased a piece of cookware from our recommendations and there is something defective, please go directly to the manufacturers website.  

  • Wholesale or Bulk Purchases - We can not help inquire about wholesale or bulk purchases. If you are looking for large quantity orders, please contact the manufacturer directly for discounts. Some websites such as offer bulk discounts for registered business customers. 

  • Cookware Sales Outside of USA, Canada or the UK - We can only provide information where to buy cookware in the USA, Canada or UK. Outside of these countries, we are unable to provide such information. However, you may be able to ship cookware to a USA warehouse who then forwards the cookware to your home country. One such service that does this is

  • Sole Distributorship in Your Country - We can not confirm nor deny whether you are able to be the sole distributor of a brand of cookware in your country. Please contact the manufacturers' website to find out more information.

  • Product Delivery - We do not ship cookware from this website. Please contact the website where you purchased the product from for delivery information.

  • Cookware Replacements - We can not comment whether cookware can be replaced. Please contact the manufacturer's website for more information. 

However, if you feel you have a special case, we would still love to hear from you. If you would like more information about us, check us out here. Our privacy policy and terms & conditions are listed as well.

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