I'm Nate, the owner and founder of Stone Frying Pans.

I’m passionate about empowering home chefs by providing cooking tips, recipes and cookware reviews so that they can make nutritious and quality food.

As a frequent buyer of cookware, I know first-hand how challenging it can be to cook up meals without the proper tools. But as a part-time home chef, I also know there is a better way.

Here’s some quirky things that you probably didn’t know about me:

  • Fresh Farm Eggs - I love eating eggs for breakfast. I gotta have ‘em. And I like ‘em fresh. I’ve tried more eggs than most - omega 3, brown, white, free range, New Zealand, Canadian, duck eggs, United States, extra large, small, 7s, French, organic, you name it.
  • 28 Frying Pans - That’s how many pans I’ve gone through as a result of cooking eggs every day. And it’s probably why I know so much about frying pans

  • Foodie Forever - Love love love food. There’s no day that goes by that I don’t of the ingredients in the food I eat.


Perhaps. But not exactly why this site was created in 2014...

Why Stone Frying Pans Was Created

This website was designed to help home chefs cook healthfully within the reality of everyday living.

I share reviews of cookware, recipes – plus loads of research supported tips & tricks – that can help you address the common cookware challenges and empower confidence in your inner chef.

In this site you’ll find it’s organized into 5 major categories:

1. Cookware Materials - Call us the cookware crash test dummies. In this area, you’ll find all our cookware that’s tried and tested. From induction cookware, to cast iron dutch ovens, to ceramic knives. We’ve filtered out all the best cookware available today.

2. Cookware Brands - Found a cookware brand you like? Not so fast. We’ve looked at the cookware offerings to see how the brand stacks up. A lot of cookware brands do amazing marketing but how do they really perform?

3. Kitchen Tools - Our favorite tools and gadgets for helping you around the kitchen. Whether it be to improve efficiency or save time, we got you covered.

4. Kitchen Guides - Our favourite articles on how to cook at home. We’ve written about our favorite tips and techniques to make your cooking life easier and happier.

5. Recipes - No cooking website is complete without recipes. We’ve compiled our favorites here. They’re simply laid out and simply delicious. Try them out today!

These categories formed the basis of Stone Frying Pans. But before these categories there came our beliefs. Here’s what we believe in.

What We Believe In

My goal for Stone Frying Pans is to be a place where anyone who cooks can find helpful, positive and actionable advice that can have an immediate and lasting impact in their lives and their kitchen.

Our motto revolves around three founding principles:

  1. Be Healthy - We believe that health doesn’t have to come at a cost. We aim to provide healthy options whenever possible. Healthy living is our top priority.

  2. Take Action - Learning is great. But taking action is better. Our content is action focused and we make it easy for you to implement what you learn.

  3. Resource Saving - We’re focused on saving you resources. Whether this comes in the form of dollars or time, or decision making brain power. We’re here to give you the low down and save you resources in the long run.

There are many cooking websites that claim the same founding principles. So what sets us apart from them?

safety first pfoa ceramic cookware stonefryingpans

What Makes Us Special?

Other cooking blogs and websites focus on information. They overload your brain. They give you so many choices on what to buy, how to buy, where to buy and what to eat. Your brain is exploding when you have to make a decision.

In the end, you don’t make a decision. And, nothing change. You continue to live your life the same as it was before. Only now, you “know” more. But is your life really any different?

We focus on action.

Stone Frying Pans not only provides you more knowledge, but specifically actionable knowledge. Every piece of content strives to give you set instructions to follow along for maximum benefit to your life. Because we know, it’s only when you take action will your life change.

What else makes us special? We give back.

We Welcome All Feedback

Feedback is how Stone Frying Pans improves. It’s based on your feedback that we have such great content and updated articles.

If ever you have a chance, drop us a line here.

We read every single email. Just like how I eat eggs daily.

Wishing you a lifetime of healthy cooking.

To your home cooking adventures,


PS. We really do read every single email. Come say hi!