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As a frequent buyer of cookware, I know first-hand how challenging it can be to cook up meals without the proper tools. But as a part-time chef, I also know there is a better way.

This site is designed to help chefs cook healthfully within the reality of everyday living. I share reviews of cookware, recipes – plus loads of research supported tips & tricks – that can help you address the common cookware challenges and empower confidence in your inner chef.

My goal for Stone Frying Pans is to be a place where anyone who cooks can find helpful, positive and actionable advice that can have an immediate and lasting impact in their lives and their kitchen.


Stone frying pans allow you to use less oil for cooking, won’t change the taste of food and free you from PTFE and PFOA


Stone frying pan surfaces make cooking easy and cleaning even easier with superior non-stick coating.


Stone frying pan surfaces provide piece of mind with their extremely hard and scratch resistant surface which lasts longer than your alternative non stick frying pan.

Is Your Frying Pan Worn-Out? You Are At Risk!

Cooking with an old frying pans exposes you to many dangers and toxins that you might not know of. Some of these issues you can see and others you can not. Here are 5 signs your frying pan needs to be replaced right now:

  • Rusting – Your nonstick frying pan has lost most of its nonstick coating. The surface has rust spots where the coating has vanished. Let the pan go. You do NOT want to deal with flaking nonstick coating in your food or a rusty taste from the metal underneath the nonstick coating.
  • Weak Handle – Having a handle that is weak or loose is a poses a risk to your cooking and safety. When sauteing or frying the pan can separate from the handle and cause serious burns and hazards in your kitchen.
  • Scratched Surface – Traditional non-stick surfaces are coated with a synthetic polymer called polytetrafluoroetheylene (“PTFE”) also known as Teflon which is made by the trademark DuPont. Toxic fumes from Teflon are released from this surface and can cause harmful flu-like symptoms that are toxic.
  • Food Sticking – This is a common issue among traditional non-stick frying pans that have a worn Teflon coating. Overheating the pan beyond the recommended temperature causes food to stick because Teflon melts at high temperatures. This is a serious health hazard as you the toxic coating melts and is absorbed in the food invisibly.
  • Surface Peeling – “Teflon Flakes” or surface flakes from the traditional non stick surface is often caused by cuts in the pan. Metal utensils, dishwashers, and even bones from food cause the surface to peel. These flakes are not safe to digest.

It’s best to just recycle the pan and find yourself a Stone Frying Pan.

What is a Stone Frying Pan?

Stone Frying Pans are a metal frying pan that is coated with a thin layer of oxide and baked in a kiln to produce a coating that is non-stick and adheres to the metal underneath. There is quite a bit of art in designing ways to prime metals so that the coating that is applied will stick. These different methods are used by different stone frying pan brands.

Rated among the best frying pans on the market and as seen on TV cookware, Stone Frying Pans are the best cookware around in the world.

Here’s why.

  • No more sticky pan. Stone frying pans have the best non-stick coating for easy cooking clean-up.
  • Healthy for you and your family. Non-toxic, dishwasher safe and PFOA-free to keep you healthy for a long time.
  • Less oil. Save money on cooking sprays and oil. No longer will you need to lather on the oil before cooking

Stone Frying Pans provides PTFE and PFOA free cooking, non-stick induction cookware, high-quality kitchen pans and is the safest cookware around.

Cook Healthier Faster

As you cook more with your old frying pan the food gets stickier and stickier. The non-stick coating which you thought was indestructible starts to blister and peel away revealing the black pan underneath. Sound familiar?

By using Stone Frying Pans you can experience a total life changing transformation that makes cooking healthy and fun.

Stone Frying Pans are healthy because they are 100% PFOA free and PFTE free. Therefore do not contain harmful chemicals like Teflon.

Cooking with these stone pans is fun because you never have to worry about food sticking. The stone coating is made with the latest technology in cookware and built strong to last long. You won’t have to replace these pans for a long long time.

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