21 Food Bloggers Share Their 10-Minute Healthy Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Like most, we’re always on the lookout to discover healthy breakfast ideas.

The problem is the mornings are crazy busy. We press snooze on our alarm clocks that leave us time-strapped before we leave the house. We’re in a hurry to drop the kids off, run errands, or frantically trying to remember where we put the car keys.

When we finally give attention to our empty stomach and the growling, we’re only left with a few minutes (if even) to make breakfast. Every minute counts and we scramble to find or make something fast and healthy.

However, our minds, under pressure, can’t think and we end up grabbing ____________ (insert unhealthy food here) and rush out the door.

We don’t notice the negative effects of the food until an hour or two later. Our body is tired, our mind is fuzzy, and we’re unable to focus.


We regret eating that unhealthy breakfast.

I’ve been a victim of the above scenario many many times. I found out that the main reason I had a hard time eating healthy is because I got to the place where I was hungry and tried to make something healthy. My body was paying for it daily.

The good news is, I’ve got the solution for you. You can learn how to make a healthy breakfast in under 10 minutes.

Get ready for a breakfast makeover the quick and healthy way.  So go to your kitchen and find your best frying paninduction cookware or ceramic frying pan and get ready — you’re in for a treat!

What Are Healthy Breakfast Benefits?

According to WebMD, one of the many benefits. It turns out that breakfast is really the most important meal of the day. 

Take control, eat a healthy breakfast and start your day off right.

There’s so many benefits to a healthy breakfast including weight control and not to mention:

  • Improved energy. Feel more energetic after eating breakfast and said goodbye to my morning coffee. No longer will you be tired an hour or two after breakfast. You’ll have the energy to power through until lunchtime.
  • Hunger quenched. The 10:30 am snack that holds you through to lunch will not needed anymore. My stomach is able to last until lunch no problem.
  • Laser focus. Keep up your concentration and your morning tasks will became easier.
  • Time saved. Those valuable morning minutes are saved as your healthy breakfasts are planned beforehand.
  • Increased happiness. Your energy improved and hunger quenched. Tasks became easier and time is saved so overall your happiness will increase.

To get the best recipe ideas we reached out to expert chefs. We asked them one simple question:


If you could only have 10 minutes for breakfast, which 3 healthy breakfast recipes would you choose?’

We’ve compiled their responses into one easy reference guide for you in the hopes that you will start having quick healthy breakfasts too.

Gail Dickinson at Chocolate Chocolate and More

Gail Dickinson smiling with brown hair

Gail Dickinson chocolatechocolateandmore

Healthy Breakfast Idea #1

I usually have oatmeal with raspberries for breakfast. It’s quick, filling, and healthy. If people want more sweetness, you could add some semi-sweet chocolate chips 🙂

When my kids were little, I made them cream of wheat with honey every morning for breakfast. It’s still a favorite of theirs.


Healthy Breakfast Idea #2

Eggs are my second go to. Scramble some eggs and throw some grated cheese on top.

Healthy Breakfast Idea #3

You can always make a smoothie too. I’m working on a Banana oreo smoothie (not really all that healthy but it would work for our website).

This is probably our only “healthy” recipe for breakfast and it’s pretty quick –  (pic to the right)

Kalyn Denny at Kalyn’s Kitchen

Healthy Breakfast Idea #1

I like to make breakfast casseroles or egg muffins on the weekend, so most of the time I have something like that in the fridge to microwave for a quick breakfast. But when I don’t have something ready to heat up, my favorite quick breakfast is definitely Quick and Easy Peanut Butter Oatmeal which can be made in less than 5 minutes!

Omlette mushroom

Healthy Breakfast Idea #2

Another fast and easy breakfast I’ve been making a lot lately is Low-Carb Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Quesadillas.

Healthy Breakfast Idea #3

And if I have a little more time I might make an omelet, and this Sunday Morning Omelet with Mushrooms and Goat cheese is one of my favorites.

healthiest cookware and healthy breakfast ideas

Deborah Harroun at Taste and Tell

Healthy Breakfast Idea

Mornings are always rushed for us, so it’s always about fast and easy! We all love eggs, so I’d probably choose eggs, eggs, or eggs. 😉

We usually go for scrambled, but sunny side up and over easy are also popular in our house!

If we are even more rushed for time, yogurt parfaits are always easy and great for a breakfast on the go.


Jenny McGruther at Nourished Kitchen

Healthy Breakfast Idea

I’m not one for big or complicated breakfasts, and rarely have much of an appetite early, so I tend to favor something light like a Strawberry Yogurt Bowl, Chai Butter Tea or a slice of Blueberry Clafoutis. Other times, I focus on fresh fruit with toast and tea, or a smoothie.

If we are even more rushed for time, yogurt parfaits are always easy and great for a breakfast on the go.


Amy and Natalie at Super Healthy Kids

Healthy Breakfast Idea #1

When we only have 10 minutes for breakfast, our favorite go-to breakfast is a green smoothie!

We like to add something with a little bit of staying power, like dry oats, chia seeds, peanut butter, or even coconut!

Healthy Breakfast Idea #2

Our second favorite and fast breakfast are granola with yogurt.

We choose yogurts that are low in sugar, and high in protein, like home-made Greek plain yogurt.

Healthy Breakfast Idea #3

And lastly, we LOVE toast! We top toast with avocado, peanut butter, hard boiled eggs, and more! Not all at the same time 🙂

homemade-greek-yogurt-final (1)
healthy breakfast ideas and healthiest cookware

Healthy Breakfast Idea #1

Scallion Pancake

Healthy Breakfast Idea #2

Banana Crepes

Healthy Breakfast Idea #3

Blackberry Muffins

Banana Crepe

Lean Timms at Lean + Meadow

Healthy Breakfast IdeaLean’s Green Winter Smoothie:

300ml Coconut Water1 peeled banana1 – 1/2 cups of Kale, tough stalks removed1 peeled Kiwi Fruit1 medium pear1 tbs almond butter1/4 cup fresh mint leaves

Blend together until smooth.

Breakfast Smoothies

Beth at Budget Bytes

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I’m afraid I don’t have anything revolutionary here. 😛

My three go-to quick breakfasts are pretty run of the mill: oatmeal, yogurt & fruit parfait, or egg quesadilla (sometimes with hummus instead of cheese, almost always with sriracha).


If I have a busy morning ahead of me, I opt for breakfast where the prep work is done the night before. Here are my 3 favorites:

Healthy Breakfast Idea #1

Overnight Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal on any given day.

Healthy Breakfast Idea #2

Whole Wheat Make-Ahead Pancake Mix for the kids most days of the week.

Healthy Breakfast Idea #3

Overnight Raised Waffles for the weekend of course!

Raised Waffles

Carrian Cheney at Oh Sweet Basil

Healthy Breakfast Idea #1

If it’s a busy morning I always go for the same three breakfasts, green smoothie protein shakes (add a scoop of protein to any green smoothie)

Healthy Breakfast Idea #2

Avocado toast

Healthy Breakfast Idea #3

Our favorite breakfast cookies that we keep on hand.

healthy breakfast ideas and healthiest cookware

Tiffany McCauley at The Gracious Pantry

Healthy Breakfast Idea

If I only have 10 minutes, I would scramble an egg and make a piece of whole grain toast, spread some peanut butter on a brown rice cracker and slice up some banana or strawberry to top that with, or make a banana wrap with a whole grain tortilla, nut butter and roll that up with a banana in the middle.

That works great if breakfast has to travel with me!


Becca Pusey at Amuse Your Bouche

Healthy Breakfast Idea #1

The key to getting out of the door quickly in the mornings is to be prepared! I like to make overnight oats for a quick healthy breakfast. Before you go to bed, just mix some oats with milk and whatever extra flavours you fancy (I like banana and peanut butter!), and the next morning your oats will be perfectly soft and ready to eat.


Healthy Breakfast Idea #2

Alternatively, I really enjoy a couple of spoonfuls of cottage cheese for breakfast, served with fresh fruit, a small handful of cereal or muesli, and a sprinkling of chia seeds. It’s quick and delicious!

Healthy Breakfast Idea #3

I’d also really recommend smoothies, if you’re really pushed for time. I keep some fruit in my freezer at all times, so I can just throw it in my blender and call it breakfast!

I feel like we are always in hurry during breakfast time, so I love having healthy, freezer breakfasts foods to grab on the run.

Some family favorites include these:

Healthy Breakfast Idea #1

Healthy Applesauce Oat Muffins

Healthy Breakfast Idea #2

Breakfast Taquitos

Healthy Breakfast Idea #3

Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches.


Healthy Breakfast Idea #1

Cottage Cheese mixed with any fruit

Healthy Breakfast Idea #2

Yogurt, granola and fruit

Healthy Breakfast Idea #3

Green smoothie


Phoebe Lapine at Feed Me Phoebe

Healthy Breakfast Idea #1

Avocado toast. I like using whole grain gluten-free bread and topping it with red chili flakes, sea salt, and a little lemon tahini sauce.

Healthy Breakfast Idea #2

Green smoothie. I keep frozen bananas on hand and almond milk in the fridge at all times for this quick breakie. Add some hemp seeds, almond butter, and a handful of spinach and you have my favorite healthy combination.

Overnight Oats

Healthy Breakfast Idea #3

Overnight Oats. The beauty of making breakfast in advance is even less time expended in the morning, before you’ve had a chance to drink your coffee. This is my favorite make-ahead breakfast that takes just a few minutes to throw together at the beginning of the week.

Hannah Kaminsky at Bitter Sweet

When I don’t have much time for breakfast in the morning, I’ll plan ahead and get all of the prep out of the way the night before. I hate rushing around, so this lets me just dig in and get going!

Healthy Breakfast Idea #1 & 2

Overnight oatmeal and chia pudding are two of my favorites; just soak the grains or seeds in the non-dairy milk of your choice, add sweetener, fruits, and nuts as your heart desires, and chow down in 6 – 8 hours.

Quirky, Crunchy Quinoa

Healthy Breakfast Idea #3

I have to be out the door immediately with no time to prepare though, I’ll just toss some frozen bananas, cashews, dates, spinach, and coconut water into the blender for a green smoothie.

Katherine at Green Thickies

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

We don’t have a blog post for healthy breakfast ideas but here’s a complete list of all Green Thickies Recipes.


Kajal Tejsinghani at Aapplemint

Healthy Breakfast Idea #1

Quick Yogurt Chia pudding topped with season fruits fruits and nuts

Healthy Breakfast Idea #2

Savoury versions of French Toasts using a good healthy bread

Healthy Breakfast Idea #3

Since we’re in peak Mango season here in India – I love love love a giant glass of Mango Smoothie.


James Phillips at The Breakfast Grub Guy

Healthy Breakfast Idea #1

Because breakfast is so versatile, there are many flavorful, healthy breakfasts that can be done in 10 minutes or less. When I’m pressed for time, my go-to breakfast is usually a nice plate of scrambled eggs.


Most of the time, I throw in whatever fresh veggies I may have in the fridge…mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, spinach and sometimes even some kimchi. Top that with a sprinkle of low-fat shredded cheese and you’ve got a quick, healthy breakfast that will keep you going.

Healthy Breakfast Idea #2

I also love a nice slice of crusty toast with avocado, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, a pinch of salt and some red pepper flakes.

Healthy Breakfast Idea #3

Finally, I absolutely love a delicious bowl of oatmeal topped with berries, bananas or dried cranberries and a simple protein like almonds.

Joey at 80 Breakfasts

Healthy Breakfast Idea #1

A 7-minute egg (still hard boiled but with the yolk just barely set) sprinkled with see salt, avocado on pumpernickel toast drizzled with the best olive oil you have, sea salt, and chili flakes

Healthy Breakfast Idea #2

Old-fashioned oats (which can cook up in 8-10 minutes) with your favorite nut butter stirred in, topped with flaked almonds and cacao nibs.

Milk in a glass with oats and dried fruit in a bowl

Healthy Breakfast Idea #3

A bowl of Greek yogurt topped with orange segments, raw honey, cinnamon, and pine nuts

Theresa at Eat Drink Binge

If i had only 10 minutes to prepare my breakfast, it only means one thing – i have a full day ahead of me and that requires a hearty breakfast to keep me going. Here’s what i would whip up in an instant:

Healthy Breakfast Idea #1

Omelet – I have got to have my eggs! I would beat a couple of eggs and throw in last night’s leftover dinner, maybe chicken or steak pieces with some veggies sitting in the fridge and i’m good to go!


Healthy Breakfast Idea #2

Avocado – Besides being super versatile and delicious, it’s very nutritious too! So, i would grab a piece of toasted multigrain bread, grab a slice of cheese and load it up with mashed avocado!

Healthy Breakfast Idea #3

Oats – Always reliable, always available! I make it with almond milk, top it with nuts, grains and whatever fresh fruit i have available.

WOW! Got a Healthy Breakfast Idea to Share?

HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed — healthy breakfast inspiration a plenty! Please share if you think it was useful!

Also, let us know your favorite healthy recipes if we missed them or whether you tried the ones above. Leave your comments below!

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