Bosch Induction Cooktop Review – Worth The Upgrade?

Considering a Bosch induction cooktop? What’s so special about it?

Bosch is a globally recognized, German–based, kitchen appliance manufacturer that has been making waves in the kitchen for decades.

If you are interested in top of the line kitchen appliances, Bosch is certainly a good place to start looking! This German company creates a wide variety of appliances for cooking and baking including food processors, refrigerators, dishwashers, and even washers and dryers.

Bosch Gas and Induction

The longevity of this company is an important point that really stands out to us; Bosch is not a fly-by-night business; they are committed to good design and innovation, as well as focusing on producing great products. Moreover, they’ve been in business for about 150 years.

The History of the Bosch Company

We can’t talk about why Bosch is such a reputable company without going back into a little bit of company history.

History of Bosch

As far back as the late 1920’s Bosch was already employing more than 10,000 staff members and operated worldwide (though granted, they were at that time involved in motor vehicles and industrial technology).

The Great Depression hit many businesses hard and Bosch chose to explore new business arenas; including affordable home appliances. Up until that point, only large, affluent homes had such fancy electric gadgets. Bosch set out to change all of that.

By 1933, Bosch had introduced their first small electric refrigerator (with a round shape and capacity of 60 litres).

Bosch isn’t just about its longevity but they are a forward thinking company adding in technology and apps that make your life easier and better.

Of course, Bosch isn’t the only European producer of well-made kitchen appliances. So how does the Bosch induction cooktop compare with the competition?

Bosch Logo

What are the Differences Between Bosch Induction Cooktop and Miele?

Miele is another popular European, family run, long standing appliance manufacturer. So which is better; Bosch vs Miele?

Miele is was established in 1899, as a manufacture of cream separators but has now grown to include a wide variety of household appliances, ranges, ovens, steamers, cooktops, ventilation hoods, coffee machines, refrigerators, wine conditioners, dish washers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, cleaning products and accessories.

Bosch appliances are generally manufactured between German and the United States, which Miele goods are produced in Germany.

Bosch Cooktops

Bosch Induction Cooktop

Miele Cooktops

Miele Induction Cooktop

Honestly, we have found that both Bosch and Mielecreate and develop aesthetically pleasing, well developed appliances for the kitchen and home. As these are both high quality producing companies, it is hard to separate them. In fact, rather than distinguishing between the two companies as a whole, we recommend looking at the specific appliances and comparing the features against other similar products. You may prefer a particular benefit of one appliance over another.

Bosch Induction Cooktop Reviews

Below we have reviewed a total of six Bosch cooktops (three induction and three gas) to help you make the best decision for your family.

Bosch induction cooktops all have a limited warranty on the entire appliance, parts and labor (1 year).

The Bosch Appliance Service Plan, which can be purchased, provides additional coverage after the initial product warranty expires.

Bosch Cooktop Reviews

If you have never considered induction cooktops before you are in for a treat! Although they have been around for quite a long time, and have a loyal following by those who use them, induction isn’t as well-known as (we feel) it should be.

How does Induction Work?

Induction cooking heats a pot through magnetic induction and not thermal conduction (for example from a flame on a gas burner or a heating element on an electric stove). This happens via a coil of copper wire under the stovetop element which has an alternating electric current passing through it.

What are the Benefits of Induction Stovetops?

There are many benefits to using an induction stovetop, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular.

Ultimately, induction stovetops cook significantly faster, do not add additional heat to the ambient atmosphere (heat is transferred only to the cookware), are more economical (because of the first two reasons described), safer (there is no open flame or hot burner to contend with), and they are much easier to clean (the stovetop doesn’t heat up so there is no baked in mess to clean up).

Benefits of Induction Stovetops

For more benefits read Pros of Induction Cooking.

There are a few cons to induction cooking (also described in the previously mentioned article), though we believe they are seriously outnumbered by the positive points.

Another nifty safety feature of these stovetops is that they switch themselves off when there is no pot or pan on the burner (no more wondering if you switched the stove off), and won’t heat up if something other than a compatible pot is on the element.

In addition, because induction cooktops use electricity (they literally plug into the wall like a typical electrical stove does) it’s easy to make the transformation from cooking with electricity to going induction.

Benefits of Induction Stovetops

Review of Bosch Induction Cooktop

Now that you have seen how great induction cooktops are, we will look at what the Bosch induction cooktop are available to buy, guide you through the special features of each, and to help you discover the best induction cooktop for your needs.

Just a quick note:

If you have used induction stoves for a long time or been researching for a while you may already realize that not all pots and pans can be used on an induction stove.

However, just in case you are only just coming across induction stovetops for the first time and are now interested in purchasing an item for your kitchen, it needs to be noted that induction stovetops aren’t (necessarily) compatible with the pots and pans that you already have.

The fastest way to see if your existing cookware will work on an induction stove, use a magnet and see if it will stick to the underside of your pot.

If the magnet sticks then your cookware will work on a induction stove.

Review of Bosch Induction Cooktops

Before you splash out on a whole new set of cookware, take a little extra time to read this in depth article about Top Induction Cookware Set We Recommend, as well as some extra tips on induction cooking.

Bosch Induction Cooktop

The Bosch NITP666SUC is a high-end stainless steel frame which includes features such as PotSense, individual countdown timers, Precise Select, a ChildLock safety setting, and each element has an independent countdown timer.

Bosch NITP666SUC Induction Cooktop Review

The Features:


PotSense automatically adjusts cooking element to the size of the pan bottom.


Direct Cooking Level Selection (17 Settings)


This prevents the stovetop from accidentally being switched on and locks in the temperature settings while the unit is being used.

The dimensions of the Bosch NIT8066UC 800 is 26.6” x 36.6” x 7.1”.

This model has four cooking zones, a SpeedBoost function, and independent countdown timers, as well as a Residual Heat Indicator.

Bosch NIT8066UC 800 Induction Cooktop Review

The Functions:


A prime difference between the 800 and 500 series is the Autochef function (the 500 model does not have this feature). The Autochef feature is designed to maintain the temperature of the pan so precisely that the temperature does not fluctuate as you add ingredients to the pre-heated cookware.


SpeedBoost will make the selected heat element high powered and boils water much faster.


It’s quite intuitive to use and fully operable without reading manual except timer. After powering up, select heat element and select power level are only two touch necessary. For proper use of timer, you may want to stu dy a bit. Once timer expires, the heat element automatically shuts off. This is great most of the cases. But if you want to change temperature setting after some time, you need to turn it on again by setting new temperature. And until then, it’s off and when induction is off, it’s really off and no heating.

The Bosch NIT8668UC is a 36” cooktop with five elements (burners) of varying sized (the largest is a 12” in the center). All five elements have SpeedBoost for that extra shot of heat.

The cooking zones have independent countdown timers to ensure your dishes are never overcooked.

Bosch NIT8668UC 36 Induction Cooktop Review

The Features:

AutoChef® Regulates temperatures continuously during frying and adjusts them as needed.

12″ Dual-ring Center Zone 12″ Dual-ring center cooking zone for large pots and pans.

Count Down Timer The days of working over a hot stove are long gone, thanks to this ingenious function that allows you to pre-set a cooking time for each individual heating element. Now you can multi-task in the kitchen, and the cooktop will automatically shut off individual cooking elements when their programmed time has expired.


Adds even more power to speed up the cooking process.


Automatically recognizes bottom of pan on cooking element Child Lock Bosch cooktops take safety up a notch.


This function prevents the cooktop from being accidentally switched on.


SafeStart ensures that element is only activated, if suitable cookware is in position; no activation when other metal objects are placed on element.

The sleek, black, smooth top design adds beautiful classy style to any kitchen.

Review of Bosch Gas Cooktops

This is an elegant 36” stainless steel gas cooktop. The product dimensions of the Bosch NGMP655UC are: 21.2” x 37” x 3.8”.

Bosch NGMP655UC 36 Gas Cooktop Review

This Bosch 36 inch gas cooktop has heavy-duty metal knobs for a sleek and professional sty and feel.

This Bosch stove top has a low-profile design for an integrated, seamless look in your kitchen.

Centralized Controls for Easy Use and Intuitive Operation of the Cooktop.

Cooktop Design Coordinates with Bosch Ovens and Ventilation.

The powerful 61,500 BTU burners does include an conversion kit for easy adaptation to propane from natural gas.

Bosch NGMP655UC 800 36 Gas Cooktop Review

This Bosch gas cooktop with griddle (cast iron continuous grates) has five sealed Burners.

18,000 BTU Burner

The centralized controls consist of raised heavy-duty metal knobs are conveniently located out of the way of pan handles while you are cooking.

The cutout measurements for this stainless steel gas cooktop are: 34 15/16” (w) x 19 1/8″ (d) x 3 13/16″ (h). Something that we have found is that Bosch stovetops run a little bigger than many other cooktops (something to keep in mind if you are having counter space cut out especially for the cooktop.

Bosch NGMP655UC 800 36 Gas Cooktop Review

Purchase this model for the pure aesthetics or for the dependability; Bosch cooktops are ranked #1 for reliability (listed as having only 4 failures out of 100).

This Bosch NGM8065UC 800 cooktop is a little bit smaller (dimensions are 25” x 38” x 9”) and very reasonably priced for such a high quality gas cooktop.

The 30 five-burner gas cooktop is an award wining product that offers the ability to cook more dishes at once Provides five burning elements and power flames for your cooking needs. The heavy duty metal knobs give it a high end professional feel and t…

Bosch NGM8065UC 800 30 Gas Cooktop Review

The LP Conversion Kit is also included in this model for easy conversion from natural gas to propane.

The gas does not shut off if the flame goes out however it will relights the burner. The gas does not shut off. The igniter relights it.

Regarding the complaints that we have seen, this cooktop is at a lower price point than mot of the other Bosch products that we have reviewed. You are still getting the same high quality that the company provides but we do recommend treating this particular model very gently to keep it looks new.

Unlike the (more expensive) stainless steel models, the enamel will chip and subsequently peel off if damaged. Treat this appliance well and we believe it will continue to serve you and your family for a long time (and cost much less than the higher priced units if you are on a budget).

As you have seen, Bosch’s name is synonymous with high-standards and European quality. With so many excellent appliances available for the homeowner, we hope that you will find the gas or induction stovetop that is right for our home.

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