90 Food Blogs You Need To Follow in 2024

Food bloggers are a rare breed. It takes years of hard work and dedication to build a following, learn to take quality pictures in low-lighting, and be able to whip up recipes on the fly. How do they do it? That’s where 90 Food Blogs You Need To Follow is here!

Written by Nate Lau| Last updated March 7, 2023
90 must follow food blogs in 2018

Everyone has their favorite blogs they love to check on everyday to see if there are any new posts they simply can’t miss. Out of all the types of blogs out there to read, none are more universally popular than food blogs. From everyday meal inspiration to recipes for those special occasions, we always need food blogs to get our taste buds tingling with new ideas to try in our new Le Creuset dish or induction cookware, or ceramic cookware.

The best thing about food blogs is that whatever your cooking tastes, you can find countless blogs documenting them from paleo to baking. Here we have ‘sauced’ our favorite food blogs in nine different cooking niches for you to sink your teeth into…

Top 10 Vegetarian Blogs To Follow

If meat and fish just isn’t your thing or your love of animals transcends your appetite, there are so many vegetarian blogs available to browse that you will have enough recipe ideas for the next year. From vegetarian versions of meaty classics to inventive new ideas featuring all non-meat ingredients, the blogs on this list are also ideal for those looking to cut down on the meat in their diet or those looking to embark on vegetarianism for the first time.

These must-read vegetarian blogs will ensure your body receives all the nutrients it could possibly require whilst providing mouth-watering ideas for every meal of the day…

Top 10 Vegan Blogs To Follow

A far stricter and at times harder diet to follow than vegetarianism, veganism involves omitting all food products that have come from animals, from eggs to milk and of course all types of meat. Previously the domain of bland tofu based recipes, the vegan world has burst to life in recent years with more and more people joining the movement. Vegan based blogs are leading the way for inspiring and always appetizing meal ideas which can convert even the hardiest of meat lovers into following a plant-based diet. Discover the best vegan blogs to start following…

Top 10 Paleo Blogs To Follow

The Paleo diet is one of the biggest food concepts of the moment. Allowing you to embrace your inner caveman or woman, Paleo is based on Paleolithic humans and only allows you to eat what they would have eaten. Not only vetoing modern processed food, it also omits all foods that humans began eating after this time period when they moved from hunting and gathering to settled agriculture. Heavy in proteins and low in carbs, the diet loved by celebrities is designed to get your body working at its best so check out the best blogs on the topic…

Top 10 Luxury Blogs To Follow

Definitely a job for your Le Creuset dishes or other top ceramic cookware, luxury meals are a sight to behold and a taste to savor for the most special of occasions. Luxury food blogs are the best sites to visit when you are planning your next dinner party or the in-laws are coming to stay and you need to impress. Using only the finest of ingredients, luxury food blogs will take you on a journey of the most exquisite recipes in the world to wow guests and delight your family. Check out the best luxury blogs we’ve found on our culinary travels

Top 10 Gluten-Free Blogs To Follow

A gluten free diet is one which excludes all gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and all their forms such as spelt, kamut and triticale. A medically approved diet specifically for people suffering with coeliac disease, a condition in which the small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten in turn leading to difficulty in digesting food, a gluten free diet has been proven to alleviate the symptoms of the disease. Gluten free food blogs have gone once step further than medical institutions by showcasing all the wonderful things you can do with gluten free food to endlessly inspire those that need to follow this strict diet…

Top 10 Baking Blogs To Follow

The world has gone baking made with variations of the Great Bake Off television show broadcast across the globe. No longer a pastime for the retired, baking has taken every generation by storm and now everyone is baking like crazy in the kitchen. From red velvet to pumpkin spice, cookies to donuts, there are so many opportunities out there to create sweet and savory wonders to wow your friends at your next get together and all the unique flavor combinations means you can serve them something they’ve never tasted before. Discover our favorite baking blogs to whet your appetite…

Top 10 Family Blogs To Follow

Hearty family meals are the staple of any home, from juicy lasagnas to creamy pasta bakes. Whether it’s just a Tuesday night or you’ve invited the whole family over for a Saturday night meal, having a range of delicious and easy to make meals up your sleeve means you are always prepared. With healthy options, comfort food recipes and classic favorites, these family food blogs are ideal for families of all shapes and sizes and will ensure that every member keeps coming back for your homegrown cooking…

Top 10 International Cuisine Blogs To Follow

If you are already well traveled or are just looking to add something different to your repertoire, you need to take a look at our favorite international cuisine blogs. If you are looking to spice up your life with curries from Thailand to India or jazz up your pasta dishes with a host of new Italian recipes, these types of blogs take you on a culinary journey across the globe which will make you want to travel to these places to experience the cuisine first hand. Get your taste buds tingling for more with these excellent international food blogs

Top 10 Health & Fitness Food Blogs To Follow

The health and fitness industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, the advice, tips and programs out there are insurmountable and of course the health and fitness food industry is one of the largest sectors of this. Experts in the field have repeatedly said that you can’t out-train a poor diet so the key way to achieve your health and fitness goals is to start in the kitchen. Helping you to overhaul your eating habits, these top health and fitness food blogs will have you achieving your weight loss or nutrition goals in no time…

Bottom Line

There's so many food bloggers here you can follow that have delicious recipes. But a question still remains:

What will you use to cook up these delicious recipes?

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