Why The Le Creuset Skillet and Frying Pan Is Boldly Expensive (But Worth It)

The Le Creuset Skillet Review You Need To Read

What’s so awesome about the Le Creuset Skillet? After cooking with and reviewing this cookware set, I can say that this cookware is absolutely essential to every kitchen for the very reasons:

  1. 1
    It’s durable. It’s not unusual for chefs to be using this 30 to 40 years later. Think of passing this down a family generation and having the nonstick surface still intact.
  2. 2
    It’s high quality and can be used on all cooktops. Designed and made in France, this is the Ferrari of frying pans. It can be used on electric, gas, induction or ceramic ranges.
  3. 3
    Heats evenly. Cooking at the same temperature across the pan makes your food taste amazing.
  4. 4
    Say goodbye to seasoning. Since the cast iron skillet is enameled, there’s no need to season with oil or worry about maintaining it. Yes, think low maintenance!

Keep on reading if you want to know more as I’ve detailed an extensive review on this skillet!

Le Creuset Skillet Red
le creuset

Types of Le Creuset Cookware and Le Creuset Frying Pans

Since 1925, Le Creuset has been producing their famous cast iron pots in Fresnoy-le-Grand, France. It’s there where Le Creuset continues to produce their cast iron pots and pans.

Their production line showcases not just forging mastery but also cast iron design and hand-crafted techniques. The cast iron manufacturing process ensures their pots and pans are supreme quality embedded with versatility and durability.

Their shallow cooking options come in a variety to choose from and are split into 2 categories:

  1. 1
    Skillets & Frying Pans. These are quite shallow and can be used for everyday cooking including:
    • Skillets – This will be covered in this review.
    • Crepe Pans
  2. 2
    Grills. These are great for grilling meats and have raised edges with grill lines. This cookware includes:
    • Square Skillet Grill
    • Grilomat
    • Oval Skillet Grill
    • Rectangular Grill
    • Meat Grill
Le Creuset Skillet Review Blue
Le Creuset Red Skillet

The above mentioned skillets & pans are made from 100% cast iron. Cast iron has many benefits including durability (lasting through the ages) and are extremely hygienic. They will perform on any stove top (including induction stovetops) and in the oven with excellence.

Le Creuset Review — What’s so Great About The Non-Stick Coating?

If you’re like many chefs at home, you’ve probably gone through many nonstick pans which end up rusted, have a flaky frying surface or covered in black from all the cooking at high heat. In addition, these pans were most likely coated with Teflon which is toxic (i.e. PFOA) and will decompose in your food.

Welcome the new era of Le Creuset cookware that is healthy, 100% PFOA free, fun to cook with and looks great in your kitchen.

Having experimented with the cheaper Teflon options before, we brought the Le Creuset skillet to the test. See the results below!

Test #1 – Frying Eggs On The Le Creuset Skillet and Le Creuset Frying Pan

Le Creuset Skillet eggs

The egg test is simple but effective. We test the pan to see how fast the pan heats up, how evenly the egg cooks at the bottom and how the non-stick surface reacts with the egg.

We took the Le Creuset skillet and placed it on our induction stove top and set it on medium heat. To our surprise, it took longer than expected to heat up which was approximately 3 minutes. Compared to our other stone frying pans, the average time to heat up was only 2 minutes. We know that this cookware is made of pure cast iron but the time it took up to heat was beyond the time it

took for other non-stick Le Creuset frying pans to heat up.

We added a tiny drop of olive oil and cracked 2 eggs into the center of the pan. The eggs started sizzling and after 2 minutes, we used a spatula to look at the bottom of the eggs. The eggs were beautifully cooked and very even on the edges.

Testing out the nonstick surface, we nudged the egg with a slight push of our spatula and the eggs began to move around the pan effortlessly when we tilted the pan. The pan was easy to hold with the long handle and performed with excellence.

Score: A

Test #2 – Cooking Salmon On The Le Creuset Frying Pan

The purpose of testing salmon on the Le Creuset skillet is to see how the skillet reacts to and heats delicate fish.

We set the skillet over medium-high heat and heated it up using a teaspoon of olive oil. Next we gently placed the salmon onto the non-stick pan over medium-high heat and watched it cook. The fish started to sizzle and the skin started to get crispy.

After 4 minutes we flipped the salmon over and noticed that the salmon was evenly cooked. It has a gold shine and looked delicious – ready to eat! The cooking was delicate and even.

Score: A+

All About Le Creuset Skillet Care

Le Creuset is extremely easy to care for. Just remember to always wash your skillet by hand and not in the dishwasher. This pan is an investment and should be taken of using a lot of soapy water.

Your Le Creuset Skillet Sticking?

If there is food stuck on the pan, make sure you use regular dish washing detergent and lots of warm water. Le Creuset also makes a special cleaner which conditions the surface of your skillet. This ensures that you keep your pan looking great and also performing at 100%.

Le Creuset Skillet Care

How To Clean Le Creuset Skillet and Le Creuset Frying Pans

If your food sticks to the pan, odds are you did not preheat pour a little bit of water into the skillet after you’re done cooking. Leave it soaking on the stove top and in 10 minutes, you can wash the pan under warm water. The food should just naturally fall out.

stone frying pans le creuset skillet

Never store the cast iron skillet while they are damp. Make sure they are air dried before they are stored away to prolong the life of the skillet.

To say the least, this pan will last a long time and is in a lot of families’ heirloom. To ensure you get the most of your pan, make sure you handle with care around the kitchen. In addition, do not drop this pan as it can easily crack counter tops and floor tiles. Rest assured this pan is a solid investment.

Is the Le Creuset Skillet oven safe?

Skillet Cooking

According to Le Creuset, the Signature range of enamelled cast iron is oven safe for any oven temperature.

If your pan has black phenolic lid knobs such as the Signature or the Classic range, you’ll want to take special note. Those knobs are only heat resistant up to 480°F or 250°C.

In addition, do not place the skillet on the floors of the ovens with cast iron linings as it will damage the oven. Furthermore, the temperature in the oven will cause harmful effects on the food. It’s best  to place the cast iron skillet on a oven shelf or rack while baking.

Le Creuset Recipes – The Good, Bad and Yummy

There are lots and lots of recipes to use for your Le Creuset skillet. If you’re looking for the original recipes, you can find the entire Le Creuset collection here.

Some of our favorites include:

Le Creuset Recipes

Sauteed Beef Madallions

Le Creuset Recipes

Mixed Berry or Peache Clafoutis

Le Creuset Recipes

Omlette aux Fines Herbes

Other skillet recipes that we highly recommend include:

We absolutely love both recipes above that use the skillet to the max and you’ll look so good cooking with the skillet. Give them a try and you’ll fall in love with your Le Creuset skillet!

What Do Other Users Have to Say about Le Creuset Skillet?

We love to talk to others who have invested in a Le Creuset Skillet. We also went through online reviews from other customers and found them to be truly outstanding. Some of the reviews that are worth mentioning are:

“I’ve used stainless and regular cast iron, but I swear -Le Creuset is the BEST cookware I’ve ever used. I use it for nearly everything. It uses less energy. Like another reviewer said, you don’t have to turn it up to high. It can go up halfway and cook at half the energy and cook well too.” – Silicon Valley Girl

And another review that we couldn’t resist sharing:

“I give this 5 stars because it is that good. You feel the weight immediately and know this is heavy duty and quality as soon as you pick it up! It goes from the stove top into the oven all the time. From steaks to chicken breasts @ veggies to everything in between, you cannot go wrong with Le Creuset” – Cooki(ng)Monster

Frequently Asked Questions from Our Loyal Readers

I'm having a really hard time with the seasoning my two cast iron frying pans. I've done everything all the websites say to do to season them and yet it keeps coming off. Very frustrating!! - Ande Lamb

We love our cast iron pans and there are many ways to season them. Here’s one way we found really effective from Buzzfeed.

Finding safe non-stick skillet for cooking eggs. I've had any number of hi-end skillets that poop out after a couple of years. Since I had so many traditional cast-iron skillets (heirlooms), it never occurred to me to look at Le Creuset for non-stick.

Le Creuset non-stick is a pan we recommend because of the non-stick surface. They look beautiful on any countertop and is a top notch quality pan. They really are worth the money and will last you a long time.

I have a le creuset braiser, all items are sticking....not sure why...

Regular dish washing detergent and running lots of warm water will help remove the excess food waste. If that doesn’t work, try the Le Creuset  special cleaner which buffs the surface of the skillet. This will ensure that you keep your pan looking great and also working for the long term.

Our Overall Le Creuset Review Verdict

Overall the Le Creuset skillet is an amazing pan you want in your kitchen. There is no need to season, they passed both our tests, lasts an extremely long time, easy to clean and the colors look stunning.

The non stick coating on the pan is one of the best and it just makes cooking that much more fun!

You’re not buying a skillet, you’re investing in one. If you want healthy, high quality cooking with amazing looks, this is THE skillet to invest in. Le Creuset skillets are our go-to skillets. Don’t hesitate and get quality cooking now.

Le Creuset Eggplant

How Can I Buy A Le Creuset Skillet?

If you’ve decided to buy this product the best way is to shop online. There are lots of deals and you can see the pricing through the following link below:

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