Why You Should Avoid The Big Boss Air Fryer

If you are looking for an air fryer, and have considered buying the Big Boss Air Fryer, then you need to read this review. We will be going in-depth into all factors which need to be considered before buying this air fryer.

Since air fryers can be a tool which get used quite often and quite heavily, getting one you know that you can trust to work properly is incredibly important.

The Big Boss Air Fryer

When it comes to the Big Boss air fryer, there are many factors which will make this a good air fryer for some people, but will make it a bad air fryer for some other people. This is why we recommend reading this review thoroughly before making your purchase.

So, if you are considering buying the Big Boss air fryer, keep reading to learn everything you need to about it, so you can make an informed decision on whether you want to buy it or not!


This air fryer is probably going to be one of the more difficult reviews to write due to all the factors which go into choosing to buy this air fryer. When it comes to kitchen gadgets like an air fryer, people tend to have different standards for what they are looking for.

For example, many would prioritize the function and how well it works and do not care about the aesthetic appeal, whereas there are just as many people who hold great pride in the aesthetic of their kitchen and do not want a bulky device being a stain on this.

There are many people, if not a majority who see the Big Boss air fryer as ugly and not something which would fit with the aesthetic of many kitchen designs, however, it could fit with some people's vision. But just because of its potentially ugly look, does not mean you should write it off.

As the name of this air fryer suggests, it has quite a large capacity making it a great choice for if you are constantly cooking for larger groups and want to be able to cook efficiently.

And on top of having a large capacity, it also cooks very well, compared to some aesthetically pleasing air fryers which look great, but lack when it comes to their ability to actually cook well. That is probably why this air fryer, in spite of its look, has sold quite well and has quite a few people singing its praises.

The rest of this review will go more in depth into the specifications and details of this air fryer, and we will also discuss more in detail the issues which have been brought up in this summary. So, if you want to know even more about this air fryer before you decide if you want to buy it, keep reading!

Review Of The Big Boss Air Fryer

It is understandable why so many people are drawn to this air fryer. The name of it suggests that it is pretty powerful and should work well, so being able to see if it lives up to this is a tempting prospect. The name is pretty aggressive too, so seeing if it is able to match this enthusiasm in its abilities will be interesting.

What makes this air fryer stand out is its sheer size. Of course, you can assume that it will be pretty big based off its name, but when you actually see it in person you will understand exactly why that name was chosen.

The advertising team for this air fryer claim that it is big enough to be able to cook a whole turkey. And while that may not be possible depending on the size of turkey which you are working with, you can understand how they were able to make that claim. So if the size of this air fryer is what you prioritize, then this is probably going to be one of your top choices. 

However, a large size can also be a drawback for some people. If you do not need a massive air fryer, then maybe you should not buy one. For a lower price you would be able to find an air fryer which suits your needs and may be able to cook more efficiently.

Also, the size you are looking for should also depend on the amount of counter top space you have available, or cupboard storage. If you want to store it on the counter, make sure you have enough space for it to have a permanent home. Or if you want it to be in a cupboard when it is not in use (understandable) you may struggle to find a cupboard which has room for it.

On top of its size, something else which stand out about the Big Boss air fryer is its price, especially considering its size. For a cooking tool which is able to do so much and is quite versatile, as well as being a bigger model, all things considered, the Big Boss air fryer is priced quite reasonably.

This review will focus on going over this air fryer from multiple angles. We will of course focus on the basics and look at its performance objectively and its pros and cons.

But we will also focus on what are arguably more subjective elements of this air fryer’s design like what kind of person it will be best for, and what kind of person will not like it.

So as we have made clear from the introduction, it is unlikely that this air fryer is for everybody, in fact that is true, but we want the rest of this review to be able to help you work out if you are in the target demographic for this air fryer, or if it is something you will want to avoid!

Unboxing The Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer

While this is not an element which is massively important, it is always worth covering the experience of unboxing the Big Boss air fryer, so you know what you are going to be in for. 

Also since it has not been mentioned yet. You get a few choices of color when you are ordering your Big Boss air fryer, so even though most of the design is centered around the glass center, the body on the outside of it can be whichever of the available colors you want, so you can choose something which fits the aesthetic you are going for.

So, the box of this air fryer, as you can imagine with its name, is quite big, however, it is not too big to be impractical or difficult to work with. It has a standard design which will give you a little information and should mark out which of the colors you chose for your air fryer.

It is also worth mentioning how the box makes sure that the air fryer is securely packaged, so nothing will break when it was being shipped. As you can tell from the design of the air fryer, it features a large and heavy glass container and if that would break, your product would essentially be useless.

All the separate components of the air fryer were neatly arranged in the box making the task of unboxing it as simple as possible.

Once the air fryer is unboxed you get a look at all of the items which should have been included inside, this includes:

  • The air fryer itself
  • Its stand
  • The glass bowl
  • A recipe book which will give you some good suggestions of meals and dishes you can prepare simply using this specific model
  • Trivets
  • A mesh rack which makes cooking some specific dishes more viable and easier
  • A lifting clamp
  • And an extension ring

All of these pieces should be included with your air dryer. We will not be going over each of them in massive detail. But they should have all been included with your product and will make the use of the product as efficient as possible.

Some of these are quite useful, especially the recipe book since having recipes which take the specific piece of equipment you are using in mind can be very useful and can make finding inspiration for what you are cooking quite easy.

Specifications Of The Big Boss Air Fryer

The size of the big boss air fryer is 16 by 14 by 13 inches, and it weighs 14 pounds, but its shipping weight is 18.6 pounds. It is manufactured by Emson and its power is 1300W.

Why You Should Avoid The Big Boss Air Fryer

Features Of The Big Boss Air Fryer

So perhaps the most noticeable feature of this air fryer, if not its defining feature is its massive 16 quart size. This trait can hardly be emphasized enough and makes it one of the biggest air fryers available on the market for its price.

If you are looking for an affordable air fryer which will be able to cook a good amount of food at the same time, this is one of your best choices, but as mentioned earlier, it will take up a lot of space so keep that in mind when deciding if you want to purchase it.

It is also worth noting that since it is power by 1300w, this is a more powerful than average air fryer and should be able to cook anything you want to in there. If you do not know this is an above average power for an air fryer.

It is also worth mentioning that the manufacturer of this air fryer claim that it is designed to be energy efficient. Their actual explanation of this is left unclear, but the sentiment is appreciated, if not a little vague.

This is a manually operated air fryer. This means that it does not work with the presets which other air fryers often rely upon. This can be seen as a pro or a con.

You need to know what temperature you want your food to be cooking at, and you need to know how long you want the food to be cooking for. This information is usually pretty easy to find, so we see the lack of presets as a bonus rather than a hindrance.

While presets are often seen as a way of making things easier, they can just as often be limiting and sometimes based on inaccurate information. This is why having access to manual controls without having to work through awkward presets is something we appreciate as users.

Another feature which defines this air fryer is its extension coil which is used to make the height as well as the capacity of the oven increase. This is going to be particularly useful if you want to cook something bigger like a whole chicken, or the aforementioned turkey. This is what contributes to this being one of the more versatile air fryers available.

When the air fryer is extended in the manner, you are also able to place a rack inside of it which will give you two shelves to work with, this makes cooking multiple dishes at once easier which is part of the appeal of air fryers.

Design Of The Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer

When buying a product like this it is certainly worth knowing exactly how it works to cook the food you are putting in it. This device used a combination of infra-red, halogen hear, and convection to circulate the air inside the flyer. This means that the moisture will be locked inside your food making sure that it will stay both moist and tasty.

As has been mentioned a few times before in this review, this fryer does not have the most aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, this appearance is balanced by just how effective the fryer is, but the main issue is keeping it somewhere where there is enough room for it to stay.

You can tell just by looking at it, that this air fryer was designed with functionality in mind, and this is how it does what it does so well, it just means that it does not look that good while it is doing it.

Another aspect of this air fryers design which is worth acknowledging is just how heavy it is, especially due to the massive glass bowl in its center which heavily weighs it down.

This part is also not very easy to clean, and with its clear design, it is very hard to keep it looking clear and beautiful like it may have when it was new. At least you can split up the product to make it a little easier to store.

Build Quality Of The Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer

This has an average at best build quality with too much plastic used for it to feel properly premium, but it definitely is not bad. Some long time users have had issues with the main issue being the dials marking occasionally rubbing off, so you will need to remember where some markings were.

Cooking With The Big Boss Air Fryer

When it comes to actually cooking with the Big Boss air fryer, the results have been pretty amazing, especially considering the amount which can fit in there due to its massive size. If you cook chicken a lot, expect delicious crispy skin.

Who Should Be Buying The Big Boss Air Fryer?

If you are obsessed with the styling of your kitchen, this should not be considered just due to how it looks. But if these issues do not bother you, you can be happy with how well this air fryer works. But if you do not have room for it, and want a product which looks good with your kitchen, this product likely will not be good for you.

How Does The Big Boss Air Fryer Make Me Feel?

This air fryer definitely surprised everyone who was involved with cooking with it. For the price you are paying, combined with the look of the product, many were expecting the worst. So when the versatility of this product was exemplified, we could tell this was a worthwhile product.

Pros Of The Big Boss Air Fryer

  • Lets you watch your food as it is cooking
  • Massive capacity
  • Comes with useful accessories
  • Low price for what it is
  • Has lots of people happy with it

Cons Of The Big Boss Air Fryer

  • Massive design makes it impractical occasionally
  • Unattractive
  • Very heavy glass bowl, especially hard to clean
  • Very bright when it is cooking

Conclusion On The Big Boss Air Fryer

If you are unbothered by its massive design, you should be able to enjoy your time with this air fryer and get some great results. But if you want a product which will look great in your kitchen with the same specs, you will likely be paying a lot more.

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