Slip Stone Pan Review

Have You Seen The Slip Stone Pan Commercial?

Odds are you are here because you have seen the Slip Stone Pan commercial that is sold by Telebrands on TV and want more information. We got you covered.

Slip Stone pans offers assurances that the pan’s stone-life surface seals in natural flavours and does not let any of the food stick to the pan when you cook. In addition, they claim that the Slip Stone Pan is 100% PFOA-free and makes your meals healthier and their foldable handle makes it easier to store.

Are these claims true? Are the latest Telebrands pans really “a chef’s best kept secret”? Are they any more special than your old non stick pan sporting different packaging?

After using the pan for a few months and asking our readers, we came to the conclusion that these claims are stretching the truth. If you are seriously considering a similar type of pan but of higher quality, consider the Ozeri Stone Frying Pan or carbon steel pans that is in the same price range.


The Slip Stone Pan Commercial “Sales Pitch”

Slip Stone is marketed towards chefs who do not like to spend time cleaning pans. The Slip Stone Pan commercial tempts you with delicious foods being cooked in the pan. To show you how non-stick it is, they are constantly swirl and wiggle the pan so that the food swishes around as they cook them over a low flame. When finished, the food slides off onto a plate like ice.

In our Slip Stone Pan review there is no sticking – as you can see the video shows gooey cheese, sticky chocolate, and rock candy being easily wiped from the pan while still bubbling on the stove. However, after 5 uses, the pan started sticking.

They show that the Slip Stone Pan surface is rock hard and can take years of abuse by breaking hard coconuts on it and using it with extreme heat. They exclaim it always performs like the first day you bought it.

What they fail to mention the actual components that make up the Slip Stone Pan, except to say in the commercial it is free from PFOA, a ingredient in Teflon which causes cancer. Other frying pans such as Circulon branded pans are free from PFOA.

How Slip Stone Works

Slip Stone Pan Review
Stone Frying Pan Slip Stone Amazon
Stone Frying Pan Slip Stone Chicken

Contrary to the Slip Stone commercial, the non stick frying pan is not made of stone. Rather, the frying pan is made from a “high end” aluminum base. The base consists of four layers of an unnamed non-stick surface speckled to look like granite.

They claim the high end aluminium heats the pan extremely fast, while the non-stick surface distributes the energy and allows you to cook the foods evenly without burning or sticking to the non stick pan.

In addition, they state that you can stone sear meats and poultry to “gourmet perfection” without any added oil, butter or fat. This in turn makes your cooking healthier.

In our Slip Stone Pan Review, we looked for instructions on the use and they were no where to be found except for the manufacturers website. To use these non stick frying pans, they instruct you to gently wash the surface with mild soap and water before first use and cook foods on low-to-medium heat.

They caution against using metal utensils (NOT a standard featurefor Stone Frying Pans) as they may damage the Slip Stone, although in the TV commercial they claim you can cut meat while still in the pan. When done, they claim you can simply slide your food from the pan directly onto a dish.

To clean, you simply have to wash with soap and water again, fold the plastic handle in, and store for your next use. Note that they specifically say that the Slip Stone Pan is not dishwasher safe.

We were not a big fan of the foldable handle because the joint started to become loose after a few twists. In addition, it did not provide the level of support for the pan and overall the handle did not feel solid. If you are considering a similar type of pan but of higher quality, consider the Ozeri Stone Frying Pan.

Where Can I Buy This Pan?

We really would NOT recommend buying this frying pan based on our review. However, if you wanted to, you can find them online.

We scoured the internet and to our surprise there were only two online outlets that offer the Slip Stone Pan for sale. These two stores were Amazon and Walmart.

Telebrands’ Slip Stone Pan comes with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee but details were not available on their website. In addition, the Slip Stone Pan does come with a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. However, you must include a written explanation with your return as to why they should provide you with a refund. But be warned, they could say “no” and they will keep all shipping/handling fees and you have to pay postage to send back.

Comparing this Lifetime Guarantee that one of our other Stone Frying Pan Brands – Green Pans – provides is the difference of night and day. Green Pans’ Lifetime Guarantee is NOT limited and you are able to return without having a written explanation. Check out our other brands.

Slip Stone Pan at Amazon

On Amazon, this non stick frying pan is selling for $29.99 for the 12 inch version which includes free shipping for purchases over $35.

Slip Stone Pan at Walmart

At Walmart, you can purchase the 10 inch version of the Slip Stone Pan for $19.88. In order to qualify for free shipping you will need to spend $50 or more.

Bottom Line: Is The Slip Stone Pan a Scam?

Our Slip Stone Pan Review found some details that you might not be aware of that might change your decision to try. Telebrands claims that theirnon stick frying pan can cook your food without sticking, but we feel we should point out the finer details:

  • You must use the pan at a low heat or you risk ruining it. Compared to other stone frying pans, this is a definite drawback such as the Swiss Diamond Frying Pan that is temperature safe up to 260 degrees Celsius (500 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • This is an “As Seen On TV” product and if you don’t have experience buying these, you’re in for a surprise. These products generally overstate their claims and/or disappoint in real-world use.
  • Telebrands currently has an F rating from the BBB due to 1842 complaints in the past 3 years about their products, false advertising, and customer service.
  • True “stone” frying pans like do not need to be “seasoned” with oil before and after use such as cast iron frying pans. This makes us think Slip Stone is not as durable as they claim to be.

While it may be free of 100% PFOA free, we wonder about whether the pan is PFTE, Cadmium or Lead free. These harmful chemicals are often found in less expensive (or cheaply made) pans and are cancer causing.

Slip Stone Pan Review

That’s It For Our Slip Stone Pan Review. But… Are There Alternatives?

There are lots of pans in the same price range that offer better quality such as the Swiss Diamond Frying Pan. If you are unsure which pan to choose, it’s best to learn more before you decide. Or take a look at our top recommended Stone Frying Pans!

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