#1 Rated Review of The Original Green Pan

What’s so awesome about the Original Green Pan Lima? After cooking with and reviewing this frying pan, we can say that this frying pan is absolutely a must have because:

  • Your food won’t stick to the frying pan due to the Thermolon ceramic coating which means easier cooking and less time spent on scrubbing and cleaning. The leftover food can be wiped away with a small cloth.
  • Durable so you won’t have to replace this pan anytime soon. The pan is made of anodized aluminum and the stainless steel handle is melded on.
  • Environmentally friendly product that is cadmium and lead free. The materials of this stone frying pan is made with used materials and made to prevent waste of useful materials.

The Original Green Pan Lima is not readily available but if you can get your hands on one you’ll be sure glad you did!

Green Pan

What Sizes are Available?

The original Green Pan Lima comes in many different sizes and ranges. Care should be taken before choosing the right range and size depending on what you will be using the pan for the most. Some ranges are made in more than one type of material not just aluminum.

The most common Green Pans ranges are:

  • Lima Range – Hard anodized aluminum with a ceramic Thermolon coating for everyday use
    • Coated green non stick pans comes in 8″, 9.5″, 10″, 11″ and 12″
  • Barcelona Range – multilayer stainless steel pan
    • Coated non-stick frypan comes in 8″, 9.5″ and 11″
  • Paris Range – Hard anodized aluminum with Thermolon
    • Coated green non stick pan comes in 8″ and 10″
  • Rio Collection – Forged base with ceramic Thermolon coating.
    • Open frying pan comes in 9″, 9.5″, 10″ and 11″

We recommend the Lima Range collection as it is a well rounded pan for everyday cooking as you’ll soon read why. Our readers agree with us too!

Assortment of Greenpan cookware

Top 3 Reasons to Make Green Pans Special

When you first look into this pan, it looks like an ordinary pan. However, when we take a closer look at this green pan, we found that there are lots of benefits to be had. Here’s what we found:

  1. 1
    Green Pans is good for your health:
    • It’s not just about the food you consume, it’s also about the pans you cook with.
    • With the Thermolon coating, green frying pans definitely puts you in good hands. PFOA free cookware and heat resistant to high temperatures. Read more about this below.

  2. 2
    Green Pans are convenient:
    • These green frying pans will prepare great dishes because they use premium materials and a clever design
    • The Thermolon surface is ridiculously easy to clean.

  3. 3
    Green Pans love the environment:
    • Perhaps the most unkown secret is that these green frying pans are lead-free and cadmium free.
    • The green non stick pan uses 60% less CO2 during the curing phase of Thermolon coating production compared to the curing phase of other traditional frying pans.
    • Used materials are processed into new products to avoid wasting potentially useful materials (also known as “upcycling“). An example of this is the stainless steel handles which use recycled aluminum.

What is Thermolon? Are Green Pans Safe?

The manufacturer website claims that Thermolon is a new generation of ceramic that is highly non-stick.

This trademark name is only found in green pans and retains it’s non-stick with all types of usage and cleaning.

It is highly resistant to scratches and can be easily recognized by the green apple sticker on the frying pan when purchased.

This means less wear and tear on your frying pan after cooking and saves you money in the long run. We will examine this coating in our tests below.

In addition, the coating is heat resistant up to high temperatures and if you dare to overheat this pan, the non stick coating will not peel or blister like other pans. The Thermolon coating is 100% PFOA free and contains no traces of cadmium or lead. It is a safe pan to use around your kitchen.

Stone Pans Thermolon

Test #1 – Frying Eggs On The GreenPan Lima Frying Pan


We heated up, sprayed a drop of oil, and cracked an egg onto the center of a hot Green Pans Lima 8″ frying pan. The egg white slowly slid over to center of the cooking area.

We were quite impressed with the crispness of the pan and the gentle sizzling sound.

We noticed that the inner circle of the 8″ frying pan was just enough to fry 2 eggs. If you are cooking 3 or more eggs, we’d highly suggest the 10″ pan.

Back to the eggs. While the eggs cooked we watched as they started to lift off the surface of the pan. After 1 minute, we were able to swirl the eggs all over the pan in circles. No rocket science here, the Green Pan Therolon non-stick coating was working at it’s best. We were super impressed. Score: A

Test #2 – Cooking Salmon On The Original Green Pan Lima

Next we wanted to test how the Green Pans stood out when cooking delicate salmon. We here at Stone Frying Pans are salmon fanatics and we love our fish cooked just perfectly.

We started off by heating the pan on medium high heat and dropped a tiny bit of butter. Next we put the salmon skin side down and watched as the butter simmered under the salmon. Next we added some rosemary and thyme on the side and witnessed salmon absorb the flavors while cooking ever so delicately on the Green non-stick pan.

The result was an perfect golden crispy salmon skin cooked through on one side. We finished off the dish by putting the salmon on its back  for another 2 minutes and the fillet was ready to eat. It turned out amazing and the Thermolon surface was fantastic. The oil just beaded up and the fish was perfectly cooked through. Score: A++

Is This Cookware Set Easy to Use?

The Green Pans Lima collection is very easy to use for any type of cooking. Whether you cook a lot or little, this handy non-stick frying pan is a must have in any kitchen.

As tested above, the frying pan works on eggs and salmon which are very delicate foods. We also tested the Green Pans on steak and vegetables and the green non stick pans did the job perfectly.

Best of all they are super easy to clean as the Thermolon surface can be cleaned with a wipe of a paper towel. No more filthy dirty gunk left over from cooking stuck to your frying pan!

Green Pan Beef

What Do Other Users Have to Say?

We had the opportunity to talk to our readers who have used the Green Pan Lima collection in their kitchen for over 6 months.

All of the users we interviewed had positive things to say about the Thermolon coating. In particular, the non-stick coating was still slippery after months of use. There were no bubbles that formed and didn’t peel away. Truely we were amazed.

Other readers said that they noticed the green non stick pan heated up faster than the original pans and the food tasted better than traditional non-stick Teflon pans.

Why Buy Green Pans Lima Now?

The Green Pans Lima collection is a highly sought after piece of non-stick cookware and therefore sold out often. Everyone wants a non-stick frying pan of this calibre that is healthy, durable designed, and convenient for everyday cooking. If you’re lucky, you will find these available but only for a short period of time.

From what our readers have told us, they are under priced for the level of quality they provide and they can not get enough of them for gifts for family and friends.

Green Pan Veggies

The Bottom Line

The truth about the Lima green frying pan is that it’s hard to find a better valued, more durable, and healthier pan out on the market. In addition, there’s no other non stick frying pan out there that is made with used materials.

Our tests above have shown that you can use this pan in all everyday occasions and therefore you can enjoy cooking all your favorite dishes.

We give this Lima Green Pan our two thumbs up especially if you can buy it for under $20 and only if it’s available as these sell out fast.

Original Green Pan

Original Green Pan

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Nate is an aspiring chef, and father of two. He is always on the lookout to try new healthy recipes and kitchen gadgets. He has a passion for cooking delicious miso black cod and enjoys a nice sip of pinot on occasion.

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