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Why a Xtrema Cookware review?

We all know that what we eat has a huge impact on our health. There's a reason why the Internet is flooded with thousands of healthy diets and recipes. And why most stores have special shelves where you can easily find healthy, organic food. All that makes providing your body with the essential vitamins and nutrients easier than ever before. But are the meals that you prepare with that food free of the chemicals that you so desperately want to avoid?

As it turns out, the cookware that you use to prepare that food can have just as big of an impact on what you eat. Teflon and artificial non-stick coating can change not just the taste of your meal, but cause trace metals or chemicals to leach into your food.

Xtrema Cookware Reviews

Not the best situation for someone who wants to cook healthy, nutritious meals, is it?

The good news is, certain companies have spotted the need for 100% safe cookware. One of such companies is Ceramcor. In this Xtrema cookware reviews, I’ll look at whether it’s really as good as advertised.

Is Ceramic Cookware Safe?

Ceramic, is next to glass, the only material that doesn’t leach any hazardous substances into your food. It doesn’t affect what you eat or how it tastes.

Unlike, for example, stainless the cookware, you don’t have to worry that acidic food cause leaching. And you don’t have to worry about PFOA or PTFE as is the case with various low-quality Teflon cookware either. It's also free of any other untested non-stick coatings. Which, while they make life extremely convenient, may not be as safe as advertised. And this takes us straight to the next question:

Does Xtrema Contain Any Lead or Other Heavy Toxic Metals?

Non Toxic Cookware

If health is your concern, ceramic cookware is your best bet. Often, it’s regarded to be the best non-toxic cookware available.

While I can’t vouch for all best brands that are out there, the one that we are looking at in this Xtrema Ceramacor cookware reviews article, is non-toxic, lead, cadmium and other toxic heavy-metals free. It’s made of 100% all-natural minerals, clay, and water.

This means that not only it won’t leach any heavy and harmful metals into your food. You also don’t have to worry that it will stain or retain odors, what’s a common problem with metal and aluminum cookware.

Can I Use Xtrema Cookware in a Microwave?

Sure. Not only it’s safe – it’s also extremely versatile. You can use it in a microwave, on a stovetop, in an oven, (toaster, steamer, or convection one). You will also use it to store food in a refrigerator as well as a freezer. The only stove that you can’t use it with is an induction one – which requires magnetic metal cookware to work.

Just a note of caution – do not slide your cookware across a glass top stove surface.

Its sturdy ceramic, so it could leave scratches on your stove.

How to Clean Xtrema Cookware?

Speaking of convenience – you might be wondering how easy it is to clean Xtrema Cookware once you finish your meal. While there’s no non-stick coating (you’ll see me repeat this a couple of times in my Xtrema Cookware Reviews, as some customers still get confused) – if you handle it properly during cooking, cleaning should be just as easy as preparing your favourite meals.

Generally, it is recommended to hand wash your cookware with warm soapy water. When needed, you’re free to use an abrasive cleaner like baking soda or even Scrabble with steel wool… And you don’t have to worry about scratching the extremely durable ceramic surface.

Clean Using Dishwasher Detergent

Just a word of caution – metal utensils can leave gray marks on the surface, so it’s recommended that you use wooden or silicone ones when cooking.

Is Xtrema Cookware Dishwasher Safe?

You might have noticed that, so far in my XtremaCeramacor cookware reviews article, I haven’t said anything about using a dishwasher. While the cookware is 100% dishwasher safe, I do not recommend using one. And it has nothing to do with the cookware itself.

It’s just that the strong chemicals that are present in most dishwasher detergents can affect the looks of the cookware. And, since warm soapy water and sponge are enough – why risk consuming said chemicals with your food?

What Is the Xtrema Warranty?

Xtrema Cookware Warranty

All cookware comes with a 10-year warranty against thermal shock breaking during cooking and a 50-year warranty against scratching. Which is a lot considering it’s probably the best non-toxic cookware out there.

In general, it is recommended that you do not apply pressure to long handles of ceramic skillets while cleaning. Unfortunately, too much pressure can cause them to break.

Similarly, as it is ceramic-made, be careful not to drop your cookware. Additionally, you should always place a soft towel between stacked pieces of your Xtrema cookware. You can also try specially designed Cookware Protectors.

Where Is Xtrema Cookware Made?

The cookware is designed in the United States of America. However, just like all top-quality ceramic cookware (and other sought-after ceramic products), it is handcrafted in Southern China, the birthplace of ceramics.

Is Xtrema Cookware Heavy?

While it is solid ceramic, it’s not as heavy as, for example, cast iron. Obviously, it will depend on your definition of heavy, and I’ve seen some customers mentioning in their Xtrema cookware reviews that they were surprised by the weight of the cookware after they bought it.

Personally, I find it perfect in size. It’s heavy enough to ensure it won’t topple off the stove. At the same time, you shouldn’t have any problems handling it.

Where to Buy Xtrema Cookware?

It’s simple – there is nobody place to make a purchase than their official product page. And, as a special gift for the readers of my Xtrema cookware reviews – if you use this link, you will save an extra 10% on your purchase. But act quickly – the discount can disappear anytime.

Usage Tips for Xtrema Cookware

Not all cookware was created equal. Here are a couple of things you need to remember if you want to enjoy your Xtrema Cookware experience for as long as possible:

It is not a non-stick option. You may want to use a cooking oil spray to prevent food from sticking. The reason why Ceramcor doesn’t use any nonstick coatings is simple – they believe that there are currently no results proving them to be 100% safe. And it’s your health that’s the company’s priority when creating the product.

Cook your food slowly. Don’t heat your ceramic cookware too fast to avoid thermal cracks that could cause it to break. The upside to this is that while you will spend a bit longer heating your meals, the cookware boasts top-notch heat retention.

Don’t add cold water or drop frozen food directly onto the surface of hot cookware. Similarly, don’t move a hot pan or skillet on cold surfaces to prevent sudden temperature drops. Instead, choose a wooden or another neutral surface.

Naturally, before you decide which Xtrema cookware to buy & use – feel free to read the actual XtremaCeramacor cookware reviews first.

For your convenience, I chose two different sets and a ceramic wok to cover different needs. There’s something both for those who need to feed the whole family, as well as those who just need one piece of cookware to prepare a quick, healthy meal:

Three Xtrema Cookware Reviews

Xtrema 9-Piece Traditions Cookware Set

Sometimes you just want to prepare a quick meal for yourself or your spouse. But what happens when you have friends or family over? And, what’s even more important – you want them to enjoy the same healthy meals that you’ve told them so much about?

That’s when a 9-Piece Xtrema Cookware set comes in handy.

Never Run out of Options

This 9-piece cookware set comes with a 1-, 1.5-, and 2.5-Quart saucepans (each with a lid). On top of that, you get a convenient 10-inch ceramic skillet (also with a lid and a comfortable silicone handle).

Thanks to the variety of options, preparing meals for your friends or family has never been easier. And the best is – all meals come with natural flavor as your food doesn’t get affected by ceramics.

Xtrema 9-Piece Traditions Cookware Set

What Do I Like About This Cookware Set?

  • Saucepans work great for small tasks. Up for a quick warm breakfast? Just pick any of the saucepans, throw in eggs (or whatever you feel like cooking) and enjoy your meal. And the best is – smaller saucepan, less cleaning!
  • Intense food flavors. Xtrema ceramic cookware requires you to cook at low heat. But the huge upside to this is that your food just tastes a whole lot better. The food is cooked more evenly and the taste stays all-natural.
  • No fumes. Xtrema cookware sets don’t give off any fumes – what’s important not just for your family but also for any pets that live with you.
  • It really gives you a variety of options. With three different saucepans and a wok, you can cook for the whole family, friends or prepare different dishes at the same time. And all will taste just as good!

What I Don’t Like?

  • Sharp edges. While reviewing XtremaCeramcor cookware reviews left by other customers, I noticed some of the reported getting cookware with sharp edges – usually, on the handles. While the manufacturer assured them that it’s not a defect, I am sure that at this price-point one can expect the product to be perfect in every detail. But even though my set was fine - I wouldn't consider this a deal-breaker.

In fact, considering that these edges do not affect your food in any way (and that’s what matters the most), I can honestly recommend the 9-piece cookware set to anyone who’s looking for a quality cookware set that’ll serve them during many different occasions.

Especially that you’re getting both convenient saucepans and a ceramic skillet. If that sounds like what you’re looking for – click the button below to see more details on its product page:

Xtrema 9-Piece Traditions Cookware Set

Best Xtrema Cookware #2: 
8-inch Wok with Lid

Xtrema Traditions Wok with Lid

What if you’re looking for something simpler than a nine or twelve-piece set? In this case, you should consider Xtrema 8-inch wok – which might turn out to be a great fit for your needs:

One Piece of Cookware, Hundreds of Possibilities

Even though unlike the other two reviewed sets, this one consists of just wok with a lid, the number of meals you can cook with this is astonishing.

And, thanks to the fact that its ceramic-made, whether you cook rice, meat, vegetables or everything together, you can be sure that their taste will stay all-natural.

Xtrema Traditions Wok with Lid

What Do I Like About It?

  • Flat bottom. Thanks to its perfectly flat bottom, it heats your food evenly.
  • Its light weight. Unlike, for example, cast-iron woks, this one is easy to move from stove to the table even when packed with tasty food.
  • Great heat retention. It’s probably one of the best woks I’ve used heat-retention-wise. This means that, if you like to eat your meals in two or more portions, there is a chance that you won’t even have to heat it up when you get back to eating it. What, in the long run, can save you a lot of time.

What I Don’t Like?

  • It’s hard to clean. As it is not a non-stick wok, unless you add some cooking oil, you might have some extra work to do after you eat your meal and get to cleaning it. Naturally, it will depend on what you actually cook – but, considering the type of food that we usually prepare on a wok, you might want to keep this in mind.
  • It takes longer to cook with it compared to a standard wok. This is to be expected considering that it’s ceramic – but if you love cooking quick meals in a hurry, keep in mind you can’t heat up this wok too quickly.

Despite these two minor drawbacks, I believe that if you cook just for yourself, are a fan of one-pot recipes, love cooking on a wok and, at the same time, want your food to keep its flavor and be healthy – you can’t go wrong with this wok.

Click the button below to visit its product page and learn more about it:

Xtrema Traditions Wok with Lid

Best Xtrema Cookware #3: 
12- Piece Versa Pot Cookware Set

Xtrema 12-Piece Versa Pot Cookware Set

Looking to add a “complete cookware” set to your kitchen but want it to be both healthy to cook in and present itself great when serving the food to your family or guests? Then this 12-piece Versa Cookware set might be exactly what you’re looking for.

The Versa set comes with 1.5-, 2.5-, 3.5-quart Versa Pots (each with a lid), a 10-inch Versa Ceramic Skillet (also with a lid), and a 4-piece red pot holder set. This variety allows you to cook both a quick simple dinner, as well as more elaborate meals, perfect if you want to surprise your family or friends with.

Elegant… and Healthy. The Best Non-toxic Cookware Set Out There?

Considering how well this set presents itself on the table – you can be sure your guests will be delighted by both your cooking and… “food presentation” skills! What’s even more important is that everything you serve them will keep its natural taste.

Plus, no matter what you serve, you can be sure it’ll be free of any toxic metals that a typical steel or metal cookware could leach into your food. This alone puts it very close to the very top of all the ceramic, non-toxic cookware sets out there.

Xtrema 12-Piece Versa Pot Cookware Set

What Do I Like About It?

  • Great for slow cooking.Even though it’s not non-stick by design, unless you cook in high temperatures, the food shouldn’t stick. Of course, while it will take some more time to heat up, cooking slow and on lower temperatures allows you to cook the food from both inside and out, which makes it taste even better.
  • Surprisingly… it’s quite easy to clean. And should your food stick, it scrapes off with minimal effort. You just need to be careful when cleaning it not to hit the sink or any other surface that could break it or cause little pieces to chip off (at the end of the day, it’s ceramic).
  • Convenient handles, but…Each pot comes with convenient small handles, designed to make moving it to the table and serving food in it (or just taking it off of the stove) easy and quick. They’re also a great addition to the pots’ design. However, there’s one small problem.

What I Don’t Like?

  • The handles get hot. And they do so very quickly. This means that you can’t really move the pots that comfortably and need oven gloves or any other protection to be able to pick them up.
  • The pots heat evenly… except that they don’t. There are some contrary opinions on how “evenly” the heat gets distributed in those pots. While I personally didn’t have any issues using those pots, some customers reported having problems, especially when using a gas stovetop. Most of the time, when they didn’t stir the food (sauces or soups), they’d see a ring of browning food at the bottom – one that’d match the ring of fire under the pot.
  • Fragile. It’s very easy to chip it. But that’s the cost of eating healthy. At the end of the day, I believe it’s better to be a bit more careful handling ceramic cookware than risking hazardous substances get into your food from metal or steel cookware.

Of course, if you want to keep your ceramic skillet and pots looking great for as long as possible and prevent them from cracking, avoid drastic temperature changes too. Handle them with care and always move them to a wooden board to cool when they're hot.

And if you don’t mind that little extra work – hit the button below to grab your Xtrema Versa cookware set:

Xtrema 12-Piece Versa Pot Cookware Set

My Xtrema Cookware Reviews Summary

So, is Xtrema the best non-toxic cookware out there? At first glance, the Xtrema cookware line may look expensive. However, its higher price point is easily justified by the quality of products and its great health benefits. In the end – your eating habits are one of the things that have the highest impact on your health.

Plus, it doesn’t affect your food in any way – you can be sure your meals will always taste the way you want them to.

Just keep in mind that it’s not a non-stick option. But, if that’s not a deal-breaker (and the cookware is really easy to clean – you just need to be more careful while cooking), you can get it at an even lower price than usual. Simply visit this link to grab an extra 10% off of your next Xtrema purchase.

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