The Ultimate Mario Batali Cookware Review

Mario Batali is the epitome of a celebrity chef.

He’s the award-winning author of 10 cookbooks, many of which have climbed the bestseller lists. His culinary empire spans from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to New York, and it includes Hong Kong and Singapore too.

His fame has been bolstered by unforgettable TV performances, including appearances on Iron Chef America. And now with a partnership with Dansk, he’s come up with his own Mario Batali cookware.

Mario Batali Cookware Small

What is Mario Batali Cookware by Dansk?

This is a line of cookware and accessories created by the famous Chef Mario Batali in partnership with the eminent Dansk manufacturer company. This cookware company was first based in New York, but now its corporation headquarters is in Bristol Pennsylvania.

The brand is noted for its high quality and its touch of Scandinavian design.

This combination of US production with the Scandinavian design is in fact at the very heart of mid-20th-century cookware design philosophy, and it services until today.

That Scandinavian influence is still apparent in the Mario Batali line of cookware, and it starts with the interesting range of colors.

Forget about the bland colors of yesteryear!

These new colors and the graceful lines are meant to attract the eye and it includes the persimmon orange signature color of Mario Batali.

This line of enameled cast iron cookware will surely make any kitchen look better and brighter.

The advantages of the design go beyond looks, however.

It is made to provide quick heat and the heat retention is excellent.

The heat is also guaranteed to distribute evenly, so there are no hot and cold spots that can mar the culinary experience.

The lid of each piece is designed to ensure continuous natural basting.

These pieces of cookware are made with durable enamel.

They can be used in a wide variety of cooking appliances, including ovens, ceramic top ranges, induction ovens, and electric ovens.

And they’re made to last even if you have doubts about its “made in China” labels. This asserted durability is backed by a lifetime warranty.

What Mario Batali Cookware Is Available in 2020?

So let’s take a look at what’s in store from the Mario Batali Classic Cookware collection. In 2020, Mario Batali Classic cookware consists of:

  • Enameled Cast Iron 12-inch Open Saute Pan
  • 10″ Chianti Skillet
  • Open Saute
  • Frying Pan Skillet

From the light enameled cast iron collection, these are currently available on the market:

  • Cast iron 4-quart braiser
  • Cast iron soup pot
  • Cast iron griddle
  • Lasagna pan
  • Square grill pan
  • Grill pan panini press

Let’s take a closer look at these shall we?

Mario Batali Classic Cookware Tested (And Reviewed)

The Mario Batalli Classic Collection is one of the earlier cookware editions released.

Mario Batali Classic cookware consists of:

  • Enameled Cast Iron 12-inch Open Saute Pan
  • 10″ Chianti Skillet
  • Open Saute
  • Frying Pan Skillet

We really love this collection because of the stunning colors as well as their performance on induction stoves. It’s hard to find induction cookware these days that are as versatile as the Mario Batalli Classics. Take a look below.

Mario Batali enameled cast iron 12-inch open sauté pan review.

This sauté pan comes in a variety of colors, including persimmons orange, cobalt blue, and Chianti red. But the cooking surface is black. Its design features a 12-inch cooking capacity along with a long handle on one end a short grip handle on the opposite side. The total length is a bit less than 16 inches with sides offering a depth of 3 inches, which should hopefully fit even inside your oven. The sides also have

But the cooking surface is black. Its design features a 12-inch cooking capacity along with a long handle on one end a short grip handle on the opposite side. The total length is a bit less than 16 inches with sides offering a depth of 3 inches, which should hopefully fit even inside your oven. The sides also have

Its design features a 12-inch cooking capacity along with a long handle on one end a short grip handle on the opposite side. The total length is a bit less than 16 inches with sides offering a depth of 3 inches, which should hopefully fit even inside your oven. The sides also have slightly indented spouts on both sides for easier pouring.

You don’t need any seasoning with the enameled cast iron finish, and it is oven safe up to 475 degrees F. It can be used on electric, gas, induction, or ceramic-top stoves. Like others in the Mario Batali collection, it ensures even heat distribution and superb heat retention. It’s also easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe, and it also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Mario Batali 10” Chianti Skillet Review

What can you use a skillet for? With it, you can pan-fry your favorite foods, or you can sear or sauté them. And you can even use this for baking since it’s made from cast iron.

The chianti hue is a nice refreshing burst of color in your kitchen. This is a definite rare color and isn’t seen with most other cookware.

Unlike the sauté pan, it doesn’t have a grip handle on the opposite side of the long handle. But it’s very light at just 6.8 pounds. It measures 10 inches in diameter, and the handle is nicely long and at a great angle for easier handling.

The total width is 11 inches (this includes the spouts), and the total length is 17.5 inches. It measures 2 inches high and is oven safe to 400 degrees F.

Mario Batali 14.0” Open Sauté Review

Now if you need a larger sauté pan, this is it.

With this diameter, you can be sure that the ingredients aren’t crowded together. If you’re sautéing a few chicken breasts and you have a crowded pan, the breasts won’t brown.

They’ll steam instead and you’ll have a soggy outcome. It’s made of cast iron, yet surprisingly it’s dishwasher-safe so it’s easy to clean. The tall sides measure 3 inches in height, with a 25-inch length and a 15.5-inch width.

It’s also safe for various stoves (electric, gas, induction, and ceramic-top).

Again it comes in the regular persimmons, cobalt, and chianti colors.

The short handle is matched with a grip handle on the opposite side, while the sides of the pan feature indentations for pouring.

If you’re cooking chicken, you’ll want to use this! Just be careful, since it may be a bit on the heavy side.

Mario Batali frying pan skillet

Fry a quick meal to satisfy your hunger with a Mario Batali 12-inch frying pan.

It’s made from enameled cast iron, which transmits and retains the heat so that you can use a lower setting.

It also comes with a ceramic-based nonstick coated interior, a heat-proof glass lid, and a long handle. There’s also grip handle on the opposite side.

The Mario Batali frying pan skillet measures 13 inches wide with a 12-inch cooking surface, 23 inches long, and the sides are 3.5 inches high.

It’s also somewhat heavy at 8 pounds, and that’s not yet including the food. It’s dishwasher-safe too.

We highly recommend this pan if you’re cooking fish. The skillet is large enough to cook almost every fish out there and the sturdy handle allows you to gently rock the fish back and forth while cooking to lock in all the flavors.

Mario Batali Light Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Reviews

As you may have noticed, the standard Mario Batali cookware pieces are a bit heavy. When the pan already weighs 11 pounds and that doesn’t yet include the weight of the food, then carrying the pan to the dining table can be a bit of a challenge. And not to mention the difficulty of lifting the pan using just the long handle…

That’s why there’s also a Mario Batali Light collection. The pieces in this collection try to offer the best features of the classic collection, but at just half the weight!

Mario Batali cast iron 4-quart braiser review.

You may call this a braiser, but braising isn’t the only thing it can do (aside from looking good in your kitchen, that is). This enameled cast iron pan is a versatile beast.

With its wide and shallow pan, you can use it to sear foods. And you can also use it as your daily sauté pan. Just don’t forget that’s called a braiser for a reason.

There’s nothing quite like it when you want to cook meat or vegetables slowly in their juices. The braiser measures 16.5 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 2.75 inches high. It has two nice handles on opposite ends. Normally it weighs 16.5 pounds, but you can opt for the “Light” version that only weighs half as much. With the cast iron’s ability to evenly distribute the heat, you only need low to medium heat. You also have self-basting spikes built into the lid so that the moisture is distributed throughout the pan while you’re cooking.

It’s also covered by 3 coats of high-quality enamel, and then the pan was baked during its manufacture at very high temperatures so you get that sealed glossy finish. That enamel exterior and the white enamel cooking surface are non-sticky, so that makes cleanup easy. While it’s dishwasher-safe, you may want to wash it by hand instead if you care about preserving the beauty of the enamel finish. Again, it comes with the Dansk lifetime warranty against defects, but you have to reconsider what “defects” mean with cast iron pans. If you get color deviations and minor imperfections, that’s considered normal.

Mario Batali cast iron soup pot review.

Here you can pick between the 4-quart version and the more modest 3-quart variety. They both come in the 3 colors we’ve already mentioned. The 4-quart version measures 13 inches in length with the handles included, while the diameter of the pot at its widest is 9.75 inches. It’s only 4.25 inches high and it weighs 12.3 pounds.

Get the light version if the weight is too much for you. Or you can use the 3-quart version instead, which weighs 9.9 pounds. With the handle it measures 11.25 inches long and its width is 8.25 inches. The height is almost the same though, at 4.125 inches. So use this for soups (obviously), but you can also make sauces with this. Or you can put your leftover inside and reheat it. You can also use this with various stoves (including halogen) and it is oven-safe to 500 degrees F.

Mario Batali cast iron griddle review.

This is reversible griddle and grill, so you’re getting a 2-in-1 pan. On one side is the griddle, which is ideal if you want to put a tasty sear on your chicken or steaks. Then on the other side, you have the grill so your meats can feature that telltale grill mark.

Grilling indoors won’t be a problem since the cast iron material really does hold heat very well. So not only does the griddle offer multiple functions so save space, but even its dimensions make it easy to store. It’s basically a tray that measures 10.5 inches on each side, with a pair of convenient handles on opposing diagonals.

Mario Batali lasagna pan review.

Like the name says, it’s ideal for lasagna. But versatility has always been a hallmark of Mario Batali and Dansk cookware, which is why you can also use this square pan for a roast or for a casserole. It’s useful and simple, which is what all cookware ought to be. This time we leave the world of cast iron for a while. With pasta, we need stoneware and that’s what you get.

The stoneware material is also enameled and glazed for a truly dashing look. The handle is enameled stoneware, too. The square measures 8 inches on one side, although the opposing sides with the handle measure 13 inches long. And it is 4 inches high. Just use this for baking and roasting, and afterward, it is also dishwasher-safe.

Mario Batali square grill pan review.

Ask any chef, and a grill is always a crucial piece of cookware in any kitchen. This one offers a nice accommodating width of 11 inches, so that should be adequate for most grilling tasks. With the cast iron’s ability to retain heat, you can grill steaks, chicken and pork chops with the characteristic grill marks.

You can even use it to grill vegetables. With the handle, it measures 19.5 inches long. That gives you a nice long handle that makes the grill so much easier to use. And it’s also easy to clean afterward, as its enamel finish can be cleaned with a dishwasher. But that’s not really recommended, if you remember. If you have the time, wash it by hand to preserve the finish. It’s not that heavy at 11.6 pounds.

Mario Batali grill pan Panini press review.

The Panini press is actually a rather recent addition to the American culinary consciousness, but they’re becoming much more common in numerous hip cafes and bistros across the country. Although the electric version may be more common, the stovetop Panini press from Mario Batali serves as a reminder of how the old ways may still be the better way.

It measures 11 inches wide, but with the long handle and the helper grip it measures 19.5 inches. It is 1.75 inches high and weighs 11.6 pounds. These are the precise dimensions of the square pan grill, and in fact, you can also use it as a grill. But grills don’t have lids, and this Panini press does. The lid has a stainless know while it also features the same porcelain enamel finish. You don’t need seasoning for the black matte interior, and it won’t react to acidic food ingredients.

Mario Batali Frying Pan Skillet Reviews

The Classic Frying Pan Skillets from Mario Batali comes in measurements of 8 and 10 inches. The 10-inch version is more popular, as its size offers more versatility.  You can also use this for sautéing and searing, as well as for pan-frying. With the handle, it is 17.5 inches long. It’s also 2 inches high and the sides come with opposing slight spouts.

Mario Batali Frying Pan Skillet Reviews

Now the Classic versions don’t have a non-stick surface, but you can get that feature in the “light” version that only weighs 2.2 pounds. The Classic weighs in at 6.25 pounds because the handle is cast iron. With the Light version, the handle stainless steel but it’s also heat-resistant so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself.

Mario Batali cast iron Dutch oven reviews.

Here you have several size and shape options, along with color options, of course. The 6-quart version is 14.25 inches long with the handle, and 10.75 inches wide without the handle. It is 4.5 inches deep. It can also be a bit heavy at 18.4 pounds. It comes with a lid, and a cast stainless lid knob. There’s also an oval version of the 6-quart Dutch oven. This shape may be better for items that don’t fit as well in a round oven, like tenderloins, chicken, and roasts. It’s also great for slow-cooked items and large batches. It weighs the same, but it is 16 inches long and 9.5 inches wide, with a 4-inch height. Now for smaller batches and cooking jobs, the 4-quart round version may suffice. It weighs just 14.4 pounds, and measures 13 inches long, 9.75 inches wide, and 4.25 inches deep inside. Rumor has it that there’s also a 0.5 quart (2-cup) mini Dutch oven, although you may not be able to find it that easily. It measures 6.75 inches long and 5 inches deep, and it’s 2.75 inches high.

Mario Batali flat iron.

This is the 12-inch pizza pan on one side, and a griddle on the other side. You can make professional-looking pizzas with this as it can heat up quickly and you don’t get hot spots that cause burned crusts. It measures 16.5 inches along the handle axis, and 13 inches wide. It is relative flat since it is only half an inch high. But it does weigh a hefty 9.92 pounds.

Mario Batali white cookware.

These cookware pieces have all the same features as the others, except that now they come in white. These ones must be washed by hand so that you can maintain its pristine color. They may be dishwasher safe, but the enamel finish may not last as long.

Where Can You Buy Mario Batali Cookware?

You can just Google Mario “Batali Cookware” and you’ll get plenty of sellers online. The more prominent sellers include Amazon,,,,, and of course the Mario Batali and Dansk websites.