Top Rated Flavorstone Cookware Review

What’s so awesome about the Essential Flavorstone cookware set? After cooking with and reviewing this cookware set, we can say that this cookware is very “essential” to every kitchen for the very reasons:

  1. 1
    The nonstick coating is scratch resistant even to the strongest metal utensils. You don’t have to purchase special plastic utensils to cook with.
  2. 2
    It has a super conductive metal sandwiched base for even cooking, rapid heating, and is induction ready cookware.
  3. 3
    The unique moisture controlling lids that won’t let your food boil over or splatter. Your stovetops will absolutely love you for keeping them clean.

This top-rated frying pan is perfect for everyday cooking. The blue sapphire stands makes you stand out and feel like a brand for a professional chef. Get them fast because they sell out fast as these Flavorstone stone cookware looks absolutely amazing in any kitchen.

Flavorstone 11" Essential Set

What’s Included In This Cookware Set?

Flavorstone claims that this essential cookware set is the last cookware you’ll ever need to buy. Their healthy cookware sets are 100% PFOA free and each Flavorstone pan is covered in a tough sapphire coating (more on this later on). Included in this non stick cookware set are the following 5 Piece set:

  • 9.5″ (24 cm) Deluxe Deep Pan
  • 9.5″ (24 cm) Glass Lid
  • 9.5″ (24 cm) Saute Pan
  • 9.5″ (24 cm) Casserole Pan
  • Freebies:
    • Cookie sheet and vegetable steamer (awesome and valued at $25! )
    • Flavorstone Tasty Sensations Recipe Guide

Flavorstone Cookware Set Review - Essential Set

There are other offerings for those who want more in pots and pans in their kitchen at a deeper discount. These sets are the 10-piece Gourmet Set and the 15 piece Five Star Review set.

What’s so Great About The Non-Stick Coating?

We asked ourselves the same question too.  In search of the answer, we did some of our own research and ran some tests so we can provide you with our version of the Flavorstone cookware set review.

Most Flavorstone cookware customer reviews claimed that this brand is the absolute best stone cookware on the market because they have a sapphire stone coating.

Wait, but what is sapphire doing in cookware? Shouldn’t it be hanging around my neck in the form of jewelry?  Yes, it’s nice to have a piece of sapphire jewelry, but this precious stone actually does more.

Flavorstone pans are coated with sapphire are one of the most popular “as seen on TV cookware” featured on the Food Network television channel. You might have heard “Nothing sticks to this pan” or “Eggs will be on roller skates”  which are actual taglines in their commercials.

In addition, they claim that no oil is required to cook.  Doesn’t it sound absolutely amazing and healthy? We think so.

So does Flavorstone cookware live up to that claim on TV? We decided to put  the cookware and the Flavorstone pans to test to see if it can truly holds up. We decided to take on 3 separate tests:

Sapphire necklace

Sapphire necklace

  1. 1
    We wanted to try to cook an egg to see it had the ”roller skates”. To our surprise, it didn’t, it had some skis on instead. All jokes aside, we confirm its extremely non stick property.
  2. 2
    We wanted to see the pan sear a piece of salmon to confirm that the heat evenly distributed.
  3. 3
    We wanted to see how rapid the Flavorstone pans heat up.

Test #1 – Frying Eggs On The Flavorstone Frying Pan

We quickly cracked an egg onto the center of the Flavorstone frying pan and watched as the egg spread out over the pan and began to sizzle.  The pan heated up so quickly that some eggs started to sizzle loudly as soon as I cracked the egg on the rim of the pan.  I  was also  impressed that the side edges were sharp enough and allowed me to break the egg quite crisply.

Flavorstone Cookware Set Review - Egg Slide

Once the egg was on the Flavorstone pan it started cooking without butter or oil. I thought that the egg was stuck to the stone frying pan but after a minute, the egg white sides got  a little fried.  So I started to swirl the pan around (like I normally do with a regular non stick frying pan) and the egg didn’t move. There were no roller skates! Sadly, I was disappointed until I took a spatula and stuck it under the egg to give it a gentle nudge. To my surprise, the egg started sliding off the pan and around the pan.

Now I must say that as a chef, I’m normally not impressed by such non-stick coatings. However, I literally had 2 minutes of enjoyment by swirling the egg around the Flavorstone pan just like the “as seen on TV cookware” commercial. Score: A

Test #2 – Cooking Salmon On The Flavorstone Frying Pan

Next we wanted to test how the Flavorstone pans stood out when cooking delicate fish. We grabbed two family size pieces of fish and set the Flavorstone over medium-high flame. Adding a teaspoon of vegetable oil we waited until the pan started to heat up. Next, we dropped the salmon in skin side down and started cooking the fish.

The Flavorstone pan started to brown the edges of the fish better than the other non-stick frying pans did. After the salmon browned we lowered the heat and flipped the side of the fish. The result was amazing and we saw a golden sear on the skin side while the other fillet side cooked evenly. Score: A+

Test #3 – How Do The Pots and Pans Perform Under Heat?

We wanted to see how the Flavorstone cookwware set performed under heat from different sources. This is very important as quality pots and pans distribute heat consistantly aroud the nonstick pots and pans which create efficient cooking and ensures all the food is cooked at the same temperature.

We conducted and tested the heat distribution using the 9.5″ sautee pan.  To measure the temperature we used an instant-read thermometer (a must have for any kitchen!). We first heated up the pan on a:

  • Gas Stovetop – We found that the whole pan heated up in 3 minutes on medium high heat. Used the instant-read thermometer and noted that the center of the pan was 210 degrees Celsius, while the edge of the pan was 195 degrees Celsius.
  • Electric Cooktop – The saphire coated frying pan heated up in 5 minutes on medium high heat and the instant-read thermometer read 205 degrees Celsius in the middle of the pan while the edge of the pan read 200 degrees Celsius.
  • Induction Cooktop – The fry pan heated up in just 2 minutes! Amazing! On medium high heat, the thermometer read 200 degrees Celsius while the edges read 200 degrees Celsius as well. To our surprise this pan heated up incredibly fast compared to the Stonedine nonstick frying pans. In fact we started to see a bit of smoke coming out from the pan after 2 minutes using our induction cooktop.  That is quite a short period of time compared to other inducton ready cookware.

We were surprised at how well the Flavorstone pans heated up in all different stove and cooktops. We particularly liked the induction cooktop cookware because of the even heating, however, even if you have an electric cooktop at home, you will can still enjoy the excellent heat distribution from the essential Flavorstone cookware set.

The only drawback we saw as that the handle was a little shorter than the other ceramic frying pans we tested. Score: B+

Is This Cookware Set Easy to Use?

The cookware set comes with all the essential pots and pans that you will find in any kitchen. It’s a standard set and provides an overall cooking experience.

We went ahead and tested the sautee pan to make the following Flavorstone recipes:

  • Hasbrown Breakfast Pizza
  • Blueberry pancakes
  • Tomato and grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Grilled steak with Pan Sauce
Flvaorstone Essential Cookware Set Image

All the above recipes were found within the Flavorstone cookbook (included in the cookware set) and they were made to perfection. We were surprised how much easier it was to make pancakes as they didn’t stick to the pan at all.

A Little About The Lids

The Flavorstone cookware set comes with a lid but as we soon found out, this is not just any typical lid. At first glance, the lid is a typical glass tempered lid that you can find on any cookware set.

However, upon closer inspection, the lid has a thermo control plastic knob. In other words, there is a temperature reading on the knob so you can cook your food at the right temperature.

Flavorstone Lids

We tested this feature cooking our favorite slow-cooked overnight oatmeal recipe. This recipe requires that the oatmeal be cooked on low heat overnight and that’s what we did. We prepared the oatmeal and set it on our induction cooktop at low heat. We monitored the lid and the needle pointed to the yellow area on the thermo control. We went to bed and when we woke up the next morning, we noted that the thermo control was still yellow and our oatmeal was ready to eat! It was cooked to perfection and delicious!

What Do Other Users Have to Say?

I love to talk to other who have used this cookware and I asked them what attracted them to the Flavorstone cookware set. I also went through online reviews from other customers and found them to be truely outstanding. Some of the reviews that are worth mentioning are:

“I bought these 6 months ago and it still works as well as it normally does. My last pans were the Stonedine pans and they got really sticky on the first day so you should definitely buy it. Flavorstone pans are the way to go!”

“It makes cooking much more pleasurable as food doesn’t stick ans is healthier with no added oils.”

“Excellent cooking surface and worthwhile buying. These non stick Flavorstone pans are fast cooking, even heat, easier to clean than my other pans and great to cook with.

Our Overall Verdict

Overall the Flavorstone Essential cookware set is a solid offering by Flavorstone that is coated with a luxurious sapphire coating. This coating is the main selling point of the whole cookware set and is the most popular as seen on TV cookware. The coating also makes the pots and pans look good on top of a quality set of cookware.

We liked how the cookware set passed all three of our tests with flying colors and we would recommend this set to anyone who needs new pots and pans in the kitchen. Whether you are considering anodized cookware, stainless steel cookware, you must consider the Flavorstone cookware in the same mix.

How Can I Buy This Cookware Set?

There aren’t that many as seen on TV cookware sets that we would recommend buying – Flavorstone cookware is one of them. If you live in North America, chances are you wouldn’t have seen the commercial on TV and you’d be looking on Amazon to own a set. If you have looked already, chances are you’d see a red words “Only 3 left in stock – order soon.” which means they will sell out soon.

Today is your chance to get a top quality, health friendly, proven non-stick cookware set from a trusted online retailer – for an low price. Convinced? You should be. So here’s the link:

About the author 

Nate Lau

Nate is an aspiring chef, and father of two. He is always on the lookout to try new healthy recipes and kitchen gadgets. He has a passion for cooking delicious miso black cod and enjoys a nice sip of pinot on occasion.

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