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Learn in 5 minutes why NOT to buy a StoneDine Cookware Set and StoneDine Pans

Odds are that you’re in the market for new non stick cookware sets and you’re considering StoneDine cookware. StoneDine cookware and StoneDine pans are two of the most heavily promoted as seen on TV cookware is always on the commercials. They claim that they are healthy, durable, high end non stick surface and works all surfaces. Well you’re in luck because we’re about to give you our StoneDine reviews and set the record straight.

While we are presenting our StoneDine reviews, we thought you’d like to know that there are plenty of better non stick pots and pans out on the market. We will be comparing Stonedine with these other healthy brands to give you a complete review.

StoneDine Cookware Set

What’s Included In This Cookware Set?

Stondine Cookware Set
StoneDine Cookware Pans

StoneDine claims that they are the culinary revolution that brings the flavor of stone cooking directly to your home. They stand by their stone cookware and brag about their stone surface that is harder than steel durability. The 8 piece StoneDine Cookware set includes:

StoneDine Cookware:

  • 1 x Roasting Pot (24 cm)
  • 1 x Cooking Pot (20 cm)
  • 1 x 3 Quart Pot (18 cm)

StoneDine Pans:

  • 1 x Stewing Pot (24 cm) – This is just a large pan
  • 1 x Frying Pan (20 cm)
  • 3 x Glass Lids (18 cm, 20 cm, 24 cm)

With the complete cookware set you they will include a free 8cm frying pan. In addition, they have a 30 day risk free money back guarantee. The set runs for approximately $300 depending on if you call in the order directly or order it through their various as seen on TV websites.

What is StoneCote Coating?

On the manufacturer website, StoneDine describes their StoneCote coating as a breakthrough high-performance non stick technology surface. They claim that the surface is brings true flavor to the food because the stone surface contains real stone.

In fact, the stone particles are directly bonded to the aluminum which is fused together to the stainless steel cookware and in particular, the StoneDine pans. This process is different than that of carbon steel.

We noted that they didn’t provide anymore information about this on their website. We will be looking deeper at StoneCote in our StoneDine reviews below.

Test #1 – Frying Eggs On The StoneDine Frying Pan

We wanted to try cooking some eggs on the StoneDine pans to see whether or not the non stick surface was any good. For this test we did not use any oil directly on the pan. We heated up the pan on medium high heat and cracked three eggs into the center of the pan. After 2 minutes the eggs began to brown on the side and we could hear the eggs sizzle. We slowly swirled the pan and the eggs started to slide from side to side. The eggs did not stick at all to the pan!

We asked a lot of users how they liked the StoneCote coating on their stone frying pan. They responded that they liked it at first but slowly the non stick coating wore off after few uses. We decided to test this out and tried our egg test after a few uses. After the initial 5 times we cooked eggs we noticed that there was a black grease that developed at the bottom and the eggs stuck to the pan!

We couldn’t believe this after 5 uses and we wanted to point this flaw out in our StoneDine review. Luckily the non stick cookware set comes with a 30 day risk free money back guarantee which we had to take advantage of. We had to scrap up the eggs from the bottom of the pan. Needless to say, the eggs looked like they were mixed using a hand mixer.  Score: C+

Test #2 – Cooking Salmon On The StoneDine Frying Pan

Have you ever cooked fish and the skin ended up sticking to the pan? We added this test into our StoneDine reviews and put the stone frying pans to the test.

We first set the StoneDine frying pan on medium high head and added a drop of olive oil. We waited until the pan heated up and lightly rested the salmon fillet skin side down onto the stone frying pan. The fish started to brown and the skin was getting crispy on the bottom. The salmon started to sizzle and the edges were turning white and we slowly turned down the heat. We used our fish spatula and tried to shovel the fish out but to our surprise the skin was stuck to the bottom of the nonstick pan. We weren’t pleased at all.

We think the solution to this is to use slightly more oil for cooking. However, that defeats the purpose of having a non-stick frying pan. Score: B

Test #3 – How Do The Pots and Pans Perform Under Heat?

We tested out the StoneDine cookware under different sources of heat to determine whether they were suitable for any type of kitchen. We used an instant-read thermometer which is a must for any kitchen to determine how fast the pots and pans heat up.

This is important to us as we even heat distribution around the pan is very important to ensure food is wholly cooked at the correct temperature.

We tested out our StoneDine frying pan on a gas, electric and induction stove. We noted that on average the pans heated up in 3 minutes. This is far shorter of a time than steaming using a bamboo steamer. We thought this was a longer than average length of time compared to other cookware sets. In addition, we noticed that the heat was not evenly distributed around the pan. The center was around 15 degrees hotter than the sides. Score: B+

What are the Better Cookware Sets Available?

Pans stacked away in cupboard

When we first bought and unboxed the StoneDine cookware set we were very excited to see it in action. Even more, we wanted to test out the StoneDine pans as we have reviewed so many stone frying pans before. This was all fine and dandy during the first week, however, we were disappointed after a 2 weeks of usage that the food was sticking to the nonstick frying pan. Every time we use it it puts us in a bad mood and we wouldn’t want this to happen to our trusted readers.

We had paid $300 for the StoneDine cookware set and  we thought that it was not worth the value. At this price range, there are lots of other stone cookware sets that are healthy and where the non stick coating lasts longer.

Other better sets include: BialettiCirculonCook N Home, and BergHOFF 

What Do Other Users Have to Say?

There were lots of public reviews about the StoneDine cookware set and overall there were lots of people that did not favor this cookware set. Some of the StoneDine reviews that are worth mentioning are:

“Like the others I was super excited when I received my StoneDine pan. It worked like a charm the first few times but now everything sticks to the bottom. This is very concerning to my health and upsetting.”
— Charlotte from Brisbane who is a proud mother who cooks for her family of 5.

We also found other reviews like this:

” This is a waste of money. There are so many better stone frying pans out there! This is a STICK PAN! I tried making eggs and it stuck tot he pan. When I looked at the eggs the hard black grease at the bottom formed. False Advertising!”
— Choloe from Sydney who purchased her cookware set from the TV Shopping Network after 2 weeks of use.

Our Overall Verdict

Overall the StoneDine cookware set is a sub-par product compared to other stone cookware sets that we have reviewed. The reason the product is lacking in this StoneDine review is because:

1) It does not have a non-stick coating that lasts a long time and thus you will not have an enjoyable time cooking.

2) The StoneDine pans just doesn’t cook evenly as expected and your food will be under-cooked in certain areas.

3) The StoneDine cookware set is just expensive for what it is. There are plenty of other cookware options available that offer way better value.

Overall, we wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. As they are one of the premier as seen on TV cookware sets, we think that StoneDine coowkare does not live up to what the commercial states and there are plenty of other non-stick pots and pans you can choose from.

Take a look at higher quality pan brands such as BialettiCook N Home, or Berghoff. If you have any of these pans, look at our winter food recipesfat free vegan recipes or healthy recipes for really busy people.

How Can I Buy This Cookware Set?

If you’ve decided to buy product other than StoneDine, the best way is to shop online. There are lots of deals and you can see the pricing through the following link – Click here to see pricing!

About the author 

Nate Lau

Nate is an aspiring chef, and father of two. He is always on the lookout to try new healthy recipes and kitchen gadgets. He has a passion for cooking delicious miso black cod and enjoys a nice sip of pinot on occasion.

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