100 Delicious Winter Recipe Ideas You Absolutely Must Try

One of the best things about the winter season is the change in the way we look at food. In summer we look to lighter bites to combat the heat but in the cooler winter months the hearty meal rules supreme.

Offering more possibilities for experimentation on your stainless steel cookware with flavors, ingredients and textures, wintry meals are one of the best parts of the season to look forward to as the cold weather draws in.

From wholesome stews and warming soups, to festive sweet treats and hearty dishes from around the world, we have selected the 100 best winter recipes to fill the season with a host of new culinary delights to try…

Winter Chicken Recipes

According to the calendar, spring is only a few short months away, but when you are living it, winter seems like an eternity. An everyday staple, chicken can be transformed to make any dish spectacular and it is a particularly perfect ingredient for winter recipes. Chicken is the perennial family favourite and with the cooler months upon us, is always a popular choice of protein.

You can use chicken in a variety of different ways in these recipes including pies, casseroles and curries as well as healthy and quick ideas - you can rustle up anything on your induction hob. From weekday meals to special occasion feasts, these are the best chicken recipes we have tracked down…

Winter Pasta Recipes

When winter strikes, we want food that's rich and hearty. Nothing says wholesome more than pasta. The dishes which are not only delicious are also warming making them ideal for cold wintry nights. We'll eat pasta any time of year, but winter pasta dishes are especially satisfying. Braised meats, slow-simmered sauces, and plenty of cheese.

From meaty ragùs to decadent cream sauces to all sorts of uses for cold-weather vegetables, and with endless sauce and flavorings options and ingredients to add, each pasta dish is entirely unique and here are the best we’ve found for this year…

Winter Sweet Treats

Winter is all about comfort foods and a little bit of indulgence. Ingredients such as dark chocolate, orchard fruits, and spices make perfect dessert ingredients for the colder months. There's nothing like a faultless slice of chocolate cake or warming mulled fruits.

There’s always room for dessert or an afternoon sweet snack before dinner. From festive mince pies to wintry puddings, these sweet treats are ideal to whip up for any occasion to delight guests or family and everyone will definitely ask for the recipe afterwards…

Vegetarian Winter Recipes

Hearty food by no means has to be filled with meat and just because boiling water freezes to ice outside right now doesn't mean you have to huddle under a pot roast for warmth. This time of year is the perfect season for a whole host of vegetables to turn into wintry wonders.

In a world with mores kinds of vegetables than minutes in a day, the possibilities for delicious vegetarian meals are limited only by the imagination. If variety is the spice of life, then vegetables certainly jazz things up when rustling up the perfect meal on your healthy cookware. Take advantage of your local winter produce with these best vegetarian winter recipes

Winter Fish Recipes

A lighter option for winter dishes than meat, fish offers a selection of new cooking opportunities and should be included in any budding chef’s repertoire. Warming your heart with fish and seafood dishes on the chilly winter days is not just healthy and rejuvenating – it fits perfectly in your pocket as well.

Fish, being low in fat, but high in protein, is a great source of the nutrients required by our body. From classic fish pies to perfectly prepared shellfish, here are our favorite winter fish recipes

Winter Soup Recipes

As the temperature drops, it’s time to turn to the comfort of a hearty soup and nothing beats homemade soup in the winter season. Making homemade soup recipes is easier than you think. Whether you are looking for healthy weekend lunches or need something easy to reheat at work, these delicious soup recipes are the best out there…

Pro Tip: Banish images of tasteless watery cabbage soup. If you want to make your soup thicker, bung in some chopped potato or rice while it’s cooking. If it ends up too thick, just add a bit more water or ideally stock.

Winter Stew Recipes

Warming, hearty and wholesome, stews tick all the winter recipe boxes. A slow-simmered stew chock full melt-in-your-mouth chunks of meat, tender vegetables and fistfuls of herbs is exactly what you need on a blistery winter day. Winter stew recipes are one of life’s simplest pleasures.

An excellent way to take advantage of seasonal produce available in stores, stews allow you to get all your nutrients in one dish and here are our favorites…

Winter Meat Recipes

When the weather cools and the nights draw in, nothing warms you up better than a hearty meal. From succulent port to juicy beef and everything in between, meat dishes are the perfect winter warmers to make for cozy evenings.

The smell of a meal cooking can transform a house into a home, warming up hearts as it warms up the kitchen. With endless pairings out there, no meat dish is ever quite the same and here are the top picks we have found this winter…

With enough recipes to see you through to next spring we hope you have everything you need to open up your cooking horizons to delight your friends and family at every meal this winter…

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