Cuisinart Chef's Classic Review: A Classic Range But Can It Handle Your Kitchen?

Could Cuisinart Chef’s Classic be the cookware range that will keep the spark for cooking delicious food going strong?

We think it could. Find out why in this review.

Whether you've heard about Cuisinart before or not (we expect that you have), there's a reason why it's a staple in many kitchens. Despite their long-standing 45-year reputation, Cuisinart harnesses technology and innovation to keep moving the cookware game forward - they don't hang around stuck in their ways. 

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Review

Even better, Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Cookware could enhance your cooking game and allow you to introduce new cooking techniques into your portfolio of recipes.

Let's get into the details, starting with some frequently asked questions.

Is Cuisinart A Good Brand For Cookware

Cuisinart is a good brand for cookware indeed. They are a classic brand, with a good reputation who are familiar to most people because they've been around for over 47 years. We are sure you’ll agree that having an excellent long-lasting reputation such as the reputation Cuisinart holds is not something any brand can create - they have to earn it. They are a worth competitor to Calphalon and Scanpan.

Cuisinart invests time, money and effort into their designs and technology and also offers a moderately priced range of mid-range quality cookware.

More importantly, Cuisinart Chef’s Classic customer reviews agree that Cuisinart cookware is an excellent brand, especially for the price.

Now, we’re moving onto the next popular question … where is Cuisinart Cookware made?

Where Is Cuisinart Cookware Made

Cuisinart came from France and continues to maintain its heritage - they make all of their Cookware in France along with their Multiclad Pro lineup.

Next up, the elephant in the room; is Cuisinart Cookware Safe?

Is Cuisinart Cookware Safe

What is PFOA Free

Cookware can become unsafe if the metals leach into food, or if non-stick coatings contain harmful ingredients such as PFOA.

Cuisinart Cookware uses all of the right metals and precautions to make sure that their Cookware is safe. Their non-stick doesn't contain PFOA, which makes all of their Cookware generally safe. 

PTFE may feature in their Cuisinart's non-stick Cookware, though. And while PTFE is known to be a safe chemical to use in non-stick coatings, some people consider this to be a health risk. 

If you're concerned about the use of PTFE in non-stick Cookware, your best choice is to go for Stainless Steel cookware products which are safe. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic has plenty of stainless steel options for you. 

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless Steel Cookware: What Are The Features?

Trust is a big deal in any situation, but when you're cooking, you want to know you can trust the cookware manufacturer. And while being around for many years goes a long way to invoke trust, it's not the be-all-and-end-all.

The features of a product, along with customer reviews, are also important, and that’s why we cover both of these topics in this review - starting with the features listed below.

A Known And Trusted Brand

After 47 years of making Cookware for kitchens around the world, we can guarantee that Cuisinart knows a thing or two about what you want in your kitchen (even if you don't always know yourself).

We'd expect them to understand how to deliver too. This is why some of the features you find in Cuisinart Cookware are well received by many home cooks. This is a brand that has earned trust.

Quantanium Non-stick Technology

Quantanium is a non-stick coating which contains a blend of titanium particles. It's also multi-layered, which we assume means that Cuisinart applies more than one layer of non-stick to the surface of their pans. The idea for this approach to non-stick technology is because it's harder and more durable and scratch-resistant than traditional non-stick coatings.

Stainless Steel Options

For customers who prefer to cook with stainless-steel, Cuisinart offers a high-quality range of Stainless-steel cookware featuring 'professional-grade stainless-steel.'

Cool Grip Handles

Handles on all Cuisinart Chef's Classic Cookware are 'cool grip' and are comfortable, robust and secure. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic pots and pans also have those brilliant easy-grip handles that make handling your cookware easier and safer.

Tempered Glass Lids

Glass lids from Cuisinart fit snugly to lock in the flavors and nutrients.

The glass allows you to monitor your food without burning your nose.

Tempered Glass Lids

Oven Safe

You can use Cuisinart Chef's Classic Cookware in the oven in temperatures up to 500°F, which is pretty good.

Induction Safe

There's no discrimination from Cuisinart Chef's Classic these pots and pans love all stove types. They're perfectly compatible with broilers too.

Dishwasher Safe

A necessary feature.

Balanced Design

Balanced Design Cookware

You might not spend your time considering how balanced you require your Cookware to be, but Cuisinart does, because they know it's important.

Balanced Cookware makes handling more comfortable, and much more manageable - which makes cooking safer and more enjoyable for you.

Lifetime Warranty

Like most cookware warranties, there are guidelines that you should meet to keep your warranty valid. Cuisinart’s warranty is fair and if you take good care of your Cuisinart Chef's Classic pots and pans you'll likely find no issue with obtaining replacement products.

Riveted Stainless Steel Handles

You need your handles to stay on your Cookware, preferably for the lifetime of your it otherwise, you’re going to be disappointed. Riveted handles are how most quality cookware manufacturers like Cuisinart accomplish this task. You can expect the handles from Cuisinart Chef’s Classic cookware to stay on.

Which Are The Best Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Products?

Cuisinart has a broad range of products, and because of the vast choice, it's challenging to determine which is the best, it can also be overwhelming to choose. So we've selected a few of our favorite products and listed them below.





Cuisinart 11-Piece Cookware Set, Chef's Classic Stainless Steel Collection 77-11G

Cuisinart Chef's Classic 11-pc. Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Cuisinart 14-Inch Stir-Fry Pan, Helper Handle and Glass Cover, Chef's Classic Stainless Steel, 726-38H
Cuisinart 1 Quart Saucepan w/Cover, Chef's Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Collection, 719-14

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless Steel Saucepan

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Enameled Cast Iron 7-Quart Round Covered Casserole, Cardinal Red

Most feature below because of our own positive experiences, customer reviews, and practicality.

We trust that you’ll agree with our selection. 

Cuisinart 11-Piece Cookware Set, Chef's Classic Stainless Steel Collection 77-11G

This Cuisinart Chef's Classic 11-pc. Stainless Steel Cookware Set is the perfect cookware collection if you're planning on updating your Cookware or starting out and setting up a new home. This set looks great and brings professional performance to the table. 

Some of the features are:

  • Mirror finish which looks great in the kitchen.
  • Aluminum base encapsulated with stainless steel, which heats quickly and evenly.
  • Stainless steel resists marks and tarnishes.
  • Safe cookware option thanks to the stainless steel.
  • Measure markings which make it easy to follow recipes.
  • Tempered glass lids.
  • Cool Grip helper handle, which provides support while lifting and pouring.
  • Lifetime limited warranty.

The Cuisinart Chef's Classic 11-pc. stainless steel cookware set includes:

  • 8-Quart Stock Pot, with lid
  • 4-Quart Dutch Oven, with lid
  • 3-Quart Saucepan, with lid
  • 2-Quart Saucepan, with lid
  • 3.5-Quart Saute pan, with lid
  • 12" Skillet, with lid
  • 10" Skillet
  • 8" Skillet
  • Steamer Insert

The steamer insert fits the 2-quart and 3-quart saucepans.

Cuisinart 14-Inch Stir-Fry Pan, Helper Handle and Glass Cover, Chef's Classic Stainless Steel, 726-38H

This stainless steel wok has a helping handle. It's a classic feature for the Chef's Classic range, but it's oh so good. Having the option to use the helping handle to help you lift your wok full of food and pour from it is a surprisingly handy feature.

You may not use it all of the time, but on those occasions when you need it - it's a breath of fresh air. 

Other features include:

  • A glass cover
  • 14-inch stir-fry pan made of stainless steel with encapsulated aluminum core
  • Stay-cool riveted handle and helper handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Loop handle for hanging
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Induction safe
  • Drip-free pouring

The Cuisinart Chef's Classic Reviews for this wok are also very good, with several reviewers claiming that they love how easy to clean it is.

Cuisinart 1 Quart Saucepan w/Cover, Chef's Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Collection, 719-14

If you're the kind of person who likes to try before you invest fully into a product range, then may we introduce you to this saucepan.


  • Induction safe
  • Good for drip-free pouring
  • Dishwasher safe

It also has a flavor lock lid, which is tight-fitting and seals in moisture and nutrients, leading to healthier and tastier meals. Plus, this stainless steel saucepan has all of the other features previously described for other products in the Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless Steel Cookware range.

But it's not just the Chef's Classic stainless steel range from Cuisinart that we recommend; we can't leave you to look at another cookware product without recommending a few other products from the Chef's Classic range.

Other Products Within The Chef's Classic Range Worth A Mention

The cast-iron casserole from Cuisinart is a classic product that deserves mention. Chances are you've got one in your kitchen already, but if you haven't, we recommend you consider it. It will last a lifetime.

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Enameled Cast Iron 7-Quart Round Covered Casserole, Cardinal Red

You'll find that the Cuisinart Chefs Classic enameled cast iron covered casserole comes in a variety of sizes and colors. They are available in black, blue, or red - perfect for all kitchen aesthetics and in 3-quart sizes up to 7-quart. 

But that's not the only benefit of this life long friend.

  • The Cast Iron Construction Provides superior heat retention and even heat distribution.
  • The porcelain enamel exterior is as good looking as it is sturdy and durable.
  • Induction stovetop compatible; stovetop, oven, and broiler safe.
  • Dishwasher Safe.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Wide cast iron handles for a secure and comfortable grip.
  • Oven safe knob.

Sometimes the 'professional-grade stainless steel' reference in some of Cuisinart's products can be confusing. It leads to many people trying to understand what grade 'professional-grade stainless steel' is.

We attempt to answer this question next. 

What Grade of Steel is Cuisinart Chef's Classic 17 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

A common question most people have is what grade the stainless steel is in the 17 piece cookware set. Unfortunately, we have been unable to determine the exact grade of the stainless steel. Cuisinart claims that the stainless steel in the Chef's Classic range is of 'professional quality.'

In this review, we're attempting to answer some of the commonly asked questions as accurately as possible, which leads us to another question. Chef's Classic or Green Gourmet? - if this is on your mind, you're in the right place.

Which is Better Cuisinart Chef's Classic or Green Gourmet?

We are not surprised to see the question about whether Cuisinart Chef's Classic or Green Gourmet ranges are the best. That's because it's a close call. Both have excellent features that are comparable to each other.

The good news is that both ranges also have different advantages which are easy to choose between depending on your cooking preferences

Cuisinart 11-Piece Cookware Set, Chef's Classic Stainless Steel Collection 77-11G

Cuisinart Chef's Classic

Cuisinart GG-12 GreenGourmet Hard Anodized 12-Piece Set, Black/Stainless Steel

Cuisinart Green Gourmet

Here's what we mean:

If you like the ease of non-stick cooking, then the Green Gourmet range is for you. It has many fantastic features, including tri-ply construction. Tri-ply is perfect for even cooking throughout the pan - including along the sides of the pans.

But if you prefer to cook like a pro, with stainless steel, then Chef's classic is the Cuisinart range for you.

Now you're closer to deciding what Cookware to purchase; you probably need to know how to take care of your new Cookware. It's worth taking the time to read this - it will keep your warranty valid.

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Quantanium Non-stick Interior: What cooking Utensils Should Be Used?

Even if the manufacturer claims that you can use metal utensils on your non-stick pans, we don't recommend you do.

Ideally, you should use wooden utensils on your Chef's Classic Quantanium non-stick pans.

Next up, caring for your Cookware.

wooden utensils

How To Care For Your Cuisinart Chef's Classic Enameled Cast Iron Covered Casserole

  • Allow your pots to cool slightly before washing them in warm water and wash them with mild dishwashing detergent.
  • Don't plunge your casserole into cold water right after use. It will cause thermal shock, which could damage the enamel and render the warranty void.
  • If you have any persistent food particles, use a soft dishwashing cloth or the soft side of a sponge to remove them. Avoid steel wool or other abrasive sponges or detergents.
  • It's important to dry your casserole immediately; don't leave it to dry by itself—the least amount of time spent in a damp situation, the better. You can wash your casserole in the dishwasher but long term dishwashing could loosen the knobs over time. If this occurs, you'll need to tighten them.
  • Avoid stacking and crowding pans when you're storing them. It's the best way to damage them. If you don't have enough space, consider using ceiling racks or wall-mounted racks for your pans to clear up space in your cupboards for your casserole!
  • To remove any remaining food particles. Do not use steel wool, or ceramic knife or other metal pads that make coarse scratches. Rinse thoroughly and dry immediately.

The Cuisinart Chef's Classic Cookware reviews are fair, and offer great insight into why taking appropriate care for your Cookware is vital. See for yourself right below.

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Reviews What Do The Customers Say?

The clean-up, quick and efficient heating-up, weight, and design of the Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless Steel Cookware accomplish some high ratings. With an average review rating of around 4.5 stars.

The same can be said for the Cuisinart Chef's Classic Enameled Cast Iron Covered Casserole though the ratings for this casserole are slightly higher than then stainless steel range. 

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Customer Reviews

We were surprised to see how much customers appreciate the feel and design of these pans, however, aside from the common issue we see with stainless steel. That some customers use too much heat or don't quite season or clean the pans as they should be cleaned, leading them to feel frustrated with the pans.

The biggest issue appears to be several Cuisinart Chef's Classic Reviewers Complaining about experiencing pitting on the side of the pans. It doesn't seem to influence the performance, but it's quite mysterious. One reviewer blames the pitting on too high heat, but another with the problem claims that she doesn't use high heat. We have not experienced the pitting issue personally so cannot comment further.

We recommend making sure that you definitely do not use high heat with these pans. That shouldn't be an issue since they warm up quickly anyway, even on low heat.


Cuisinart Chef's Classic Cookware is an excellent and reliable cookware range, with years of history and expertise under their belt.

There are plenty of products within the range that would be perfect at home in your kitchen - especially the cast-iron casserole.

This is a cookware brand well worth considering. 

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