Learn The Art Of Long Lasting Non-Stick From This Circulon Premier Professional Cookware Review

Circulon Premier Professional a nonstick dream all pans should be made of!

If you enjoy cooking with nonstick - it better be non-stick right? The last thing any home cook wants is their new nonstick pan to attach itself to the first piece of food it comes into contact with. Epic fail.

It better not do it a few weeks after purchase either.

And there’s nothing worse than that sense of mild frustration as you begin to notice that your nonstick pan is prematurely scratched up, flaky and worse for wear. 

Circulon Premier Professional Cookware Review

Well, we’ve got good news for you, the sort that means you’ll never need to experience such frustrations ever again.

With Circulon Premier Professional Cookware, you’ll never have this problem again, because their technology ensures this. Their customers claim this cookware lives up to the hype, and even if it didn’t, Circulon offers a lifetime warranty.

Keep on reading to find out why Circulon Premier Professional Cookware should be in your kitchen and why it will bring peace and harmony to your kitchen! 

What is Circulon Premier Professional Cookware?

In a nutshell, one of the most significant features of Circulon Premier Professional Cookware is the TOTAL nonstick technology. Circulon claims its TOTAL nonstick system outperforms its competitors x3!

Circulon Premier Professional

Circulon spends years researching and developing their products so that you’re delighted with them. They want to give you a lifetime of great cooking. And after looking into the Premier Professional range in-depth, we can see that they certainly walk their talk. They even back it up with a lifetime guarantee.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Is Circulon The Same As Teflon?

Circulon is not the same as Teflon in one sense, but they are similar in another. Please allow us to explain.

Circulon is a brand name for a professional cookware range that has a unique and patented non-stick coating they have spent thirty years developing. They call this coating Circulon TOTAL® Nonstick. Circulon TOTAL Nonstick is unique to Circulon and not for sale, or use anywhere else.

Teflon is the name for a patented and popular non-stick coating that many cookware brands use.

Teflon will sell a license to use this nonstick technology to the brands that want to use it. And because Teflon is such a well known ‘brand,’ many cookware manufacturers will choose not to invest in developing their own nonstick technology and instead pay to use Teflon instead.

Circulon, on the other hand, invests in developing its own nonstick technology rather than using Teflon. And we have to say that Circulon TOTAL Nonstick appears to be much more longstanding and durable than Teflon.

The TOTAL Nonstick coating is one thing, but where is Circulon cookware made?

Is Circulon Made In The USA?

Meyer Corporation USA makes all Circulon branded products.

According to Circulon, “the products are manufactured using strict manufacturing control measures to maintain the highest quality possible,” and they are made in the USA, Italy, Thailand, or China.

Moving on, let’s take a look at the quality of this cookware.

Is Circulon Good Quality?

Circulon cookware is professional cookware, meaning that it’s designed to be durable and have the features that most professional chefs would expect. 

Circulon Quality

The technology is well-considered and entirely practical in the home kitchen and professional kitchen too. The best feature has to be the advanced nonstick coatings, that lasts longer than most other nonstick pans, combined with an even distribution of heat courtesy of the hard-anodized structure

Circulon professional cookware is of excellent quality, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Circulon cookware reviews are consistently highly rated, and in the case of the products featured below, they are five stars rated with customers claiming that these pans do what they claim to do. 

And if that’s not enough to convince you they are good quality, their lifetime guarantee should. No company offers such a guarantee if they have a disappointing product. 

So why should you consider Circulon cookware as a viable option for you? Take a look at the features and benefits to see for yourself.

What Are The Features and Benefits of Circulon Premier Professional Cookware?

Circulon cookware boasts some fantastic features that really do make cooking easier, convenient, and enjoyable. Thanks to the intelligent design and incredibly functional features.

Features & Benefits Of The Circulon Premier Professional Cookware Range

Long-lasting non-stick interior

Circulon’s patented nonstick coating lasts longer than most of their competition for outstanding performance and longevity.

Dishwasher Safe

It may seem as though these Circulon pans are not dishwasher safe because of the non-stick features, but they are!

Non-stick exterior

For easier cleaning. You won’t find stubborn pieces of protein lingering on these pans after cleaning, thanks to the nonstick exterior. 

Silicone and Stainless Steel Handles

These handles are comfortable to handle, they remain cool to touch, AND they are oven safe to 180 degrees!

Heavy-gauge, hard-anodized professional cookware

Distributes heat quickly and evenly, so you don’t have to wait around for your Circulon pan to warm up. 

Nonstick High, Low Grooves

Maintains the longevity of the nonstick coating by reducing any potential utensil damage. 

Stainless Steel Base

An essential feature for anybody who has an induction hob. 

Oven Safe to 180°C/350° F/Gas Mark 4

Keep your food warm while remaining in the pan, brown and crisp your food toppings and make beautiful omelets with ease. 

Glass Lids

Making it easy to see your food without taking the lids off and receiving a blast of steam to the face. Also great for maintaining temperature while checking on your culinary creations.

Stainless Steel Draining Feature On The Lids

Each lid has a draining feature, making it easy to drain water without the use of a sieve.

Glass Lids

Lifetime Guarantee

Circulon cookware comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Which Circulon Cookware Set Is The Best?

Circulon Premier Professional Stainless Steal, 13 Piece, Brown

We prefer the Premier Professional 13 Piece Cookware Set. The Premier Professional range offers the best features. It is long-lasting while remaining a reasonable price, and the cookware set itself is another great value product – it’s the best way to get the most value out of this range.

Which leads us to the question, where can you get one of these sets? Don’t worry; we’ve got you.

Here are some of our favorite options for this range, including the 13 piece cookware set mentioned above.

Where Can I Buy Circulon Premier Professional Cookware?

Professional cookware from Circulon is available from their Amazon site, usually with some great deals too. You’ll find plenty of options to suit your needs perfectly.

Our favorite Circulon cookware items are:

Circulon Premier Professional Stainless Steal, 13 Piece, Brown

The color of this Circulon 13 piece cookware set is so beautiful it would be a shame to hide it away in the cupboard. But it’s also great value, and it has a full house of five-star reviews. Customers love these pans according to the Circulon cookware reviews!

The set contains:

  • 1 quart Milk pan
  • 3 quart Saucepan with glass lid
  • 4 quart Saucepan with glass lid
  • 8 quart Saucepan with glass lid
  • 8-quart Saucepot
  • 5-quart Skillet
  • 6.6-quart Stockpot with glass lid
  • 24cm Saute pan with glass lid

Not in the market for a full Circulon cookware set? No worries, here are a couple of other options for you to try:

Best Circulon Cookware #2: 
Circulon Premier Professional Saucepan

Circulon Premier Professional Saucepan – Hassle free Lifetime Guarantee – 18cm – Induction Non Stick Sauce pan with Glass Lid – Hard Anodized Aluminium Cookware

A great way to test ‘professional cookware’ is by trying out a saucepan. It’s a lower risk way to test the nonstick performance and even heat distribution.

The 18 inch Circulon saucepan comes with a glass lid and the same heavy gauge hard-anodized base that you get with all Premier Professional Cookware. It has all other features, too, including the lifetime warranty. 

You may also like to try the Fry Pan to really test Circulon’s nonstick mettle:

Best Circulon Cookware #3: 
Circulon Premier Professional Fry Pan

Circulon Premier Professional Frypan 20cm Non Stick Frying pan – Hard Anodized Aluminium Cookware – Induction, Oven and Dishwasher Safe, Black

Aside from all of the other features that the Circulon Premier Professional Cookware range has, having a fry pan with silicone handles and the ability to put in the oven is surely a treat.

The fry pan is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and comfortable to handle.

You can make eggs any way up, flip pancakes, and grill cheese with ease if you owned this Circulon pan.

If you’re not convinced yet, keep on reading, we’ve got more information about the pros and cons, customer reviews, and a few brand and range comparisons.

The Pros and Cons of Circulon Premier Professional Cookware

Circulon certainly seems to be walking their ‘talk’ almost all Circulon cookware reviews rave about this range. Claiming they do what they say they do. It was hard to find some cons.

Nonetheless, here’s an overview of the Circulon’s Premier Professional Cookware pros and cons:


  • The world’s first line of hard-anodized nonstick cookware.
  • Use metal utensils without damaging the nonstick.
  • Induction, dishwasher, and oven safe.
  • Well priced for the technology.
  • Delighted customers.
  • Abrasion-resistant.
  • Nonstick release.
  • Unique patented design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Enjoyable to use.
  • Versatile.


  • It can be a little heavy for some people’s tastes.
  • Some smaller pans can tip easily.
  • Only oven safe up to 180° C.
  • Won’t caramelize or brown as stainless steel pans do.

If you’re not sure which brand is the best option for you, the next section will help; we’ve compared Circulon with its strongest competitor, and here’s what we discovered.

Circulon vs. Calphalon: Which Is Best?

Circulon and Calphalon are both leading and well-established cookware manufacturers with excellent professional cookware. Both make high-quality products, which are dishwasher, oven, and induction safe, which can make it difficult, at first, to decide which is the best option for you.

Both brands are technologically innovative, which is one of the ways that they differ. Circulon has its own patented nonstick system, which appears to outperform many other nonstick coatings. Whereas Calphalon has superior technology in the design and makeup of their cookware, especially their nonstick stainless steel range. 

Circulon Premier Professional Stainless Steal, 13 Piece, Brown


Calphalon 10-Piece Non-Stick Kitchen Cookware Set, Black Pots & Pans with Stay-Cool Stainless Steel Handles, Hard-Anodized Aluminum for Even Heating


Calphalon also has a broader range of products that can suit different needs, such as to save space. 

A good rule of thumb is that if you want convenient nonstick pans that last and you don’t need to save space - Circulon is probably a better option. It’s cheaper, and the nonstick will likely last longer. 

If you want stainless steel pans to create beautiful golden, crisp, or caramelized food or a space-saving, kitchen-friendly design, then Calphalon is the better option – but it is more expensive.

So to clarify, here’s an overview of the main differences:

Note: I’ve included the section below, just in case you want to create a table or leave it as it is to try to get into the featured box. 

Circulon Vs Calphalon


  • Advanced Long Lasting Nonstick Coating.
  • Less expensive.


  • Innovative stainless steel cookware: for precise heat management and even cooking.
  • Great choice of space-saving, kitchen-friendly designs across ranges.
  • More extensive range of niche products.

Now you’re clearer on the brand, let's check out the ranges that Circulon offers.

Circulon Premier Professional vs. Momentum vs. Symmetry: What’s The Difference?

Premier Professional, Momentum, and Symmetry are all ranges within Circulon’s portfolio of customers. So it makes sense to understand the difference, right?

Premier Professional Cookware is a premium range. It's made from hard-anodized stainless steel exterior and boasts heavy-duty performance. The Premier Professional range also has Hi-Low Ridges and TOTAL Nonstick coating inside and out for easy cleaning. All other features are the same: they are all dishwasher, oven, and induction safe though the handles differ slightly.

Symmetry is similar to Premier Professional, but the pans have a flared design (for aesthetics) and more color options.

Momentum has a hard-anodized stainless steel exterior and the TOTAL Nonstick interior only. It also has glass lids with straining holes. Momentum doesn’t have the Hi-Low ridges, nor does it have TOTAL Nonstick on the exterior. It’s less expensive than Premier Professional and Symmetry but not as technologically advanced as the Premier Professional Cookware Range.

Keep on reading to learn more about how easy this range is to use.

Circulon Premier Professional: How To Use?

Before cooking, you’ll need to heat your pan for a few minutes to warm it up. Then you should turn down the heat before adding your food.

Circulon does not recommend the use of oil sprays in their non-stick cookware because they state that the thin layer of oil will burn on the nonstick surface, which could cause food to stick and make it difficult to clean. 

Circulon Premier Professional Cookware

Taking the Circulon customer reviews into account, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. It’s easy enough to adjust your cooking habits to make the most out of your Circulon pans. 

One problem some people find with Circulon pans featuring the High-Low groves is that if you burn food, it can be a little challenging to know how to clean them if you don’t know what to do. 

Which leads us nicely onto our next point...

How To Clean Burnt Food Out Of Circulon Premier Professional Pans

If you do happen to burn food in your Circulon Pans, it can be challenging to clean because of the high, low grooves. You don’t want to be scrubbing away at the nonstick coating – too much of that would wear the surface out prematurely.

Here’s what you should do instead:

  1. 1
    Take your offending pan and mix one part white vinegar with two parts water and then boil for around ten minutes.
  2. 2
    Take your pan of water off the stove after ten minutes and leave the mixture to cool.
  3. 3
    Finally, wash with warm soapy water, rinse and dry if you need some extra leverage to remove stubborn pieces of burnt-on food use a soft nylon brush.

If you thought that was easy, cooking on a gas stove is a dream too…

How To Cook Circulon Premier Professional Cookware On A Gas Stove

Cooking with Premier Professional Cookware on your gas stove is simple. You’ll need to heat your pan, add your oil and then add your food after you’ve turned down the heat.

However, it’s essential not to overheat your Circulon pans. To heed on the side of caution, we suggest you heat your pots on a medium heat – don’t turn the gas to full. 

Circulon Cookware Reviews - What do the customers say?

Circulon Cookware customer Reviews

It’s safe to say that Circulon cookware lives up to its claims: they’re great, long-lasting cookware products - according to the Circulon cookware customer reviews.

We searched high and low through thousands of cookware reviews to dig out the dirt on this brand so you could make the right choice if you’re in the market for professional cookware.

But we failed to find it.

At the worst, the smaller pans appear to lose balance.

One other customer review claimed that the nonstick coating was wearing around the rim of the pan. But that was a claim made by one person, and we don’t know how they are washing and treating the pans for this to happen.

At best, customers love these Circulon pans!


If you like easy cooking and cleaning and prefer nonstick, then you’ll probably love the Circulon Premier Professional range.

They tick all of the boxes you’ll need; dishwasher safe, low maintenance, long-lasting and durable nonstick coating, and they’re good looking too – especially the chocolate brown pans featured in the link below.

However, if you’re looking to create advanced culinary creations that involve browning, crisping, and caramelizing, then you’d need to look at a stainless steel range, like the Calphalon Tri-Ply range [ADD LINK TO ARTICLE]. But if it’s nonstick, you’re after. You should seriously consider this range.

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