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The Best Showtime Rotisserie Ovens Reviewed (How To Choose One Perfectly for Your Home)

Sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than a good rotisserie chicken. But you don’t always have to head to the store to pick up a cooked bird. In fact, you can make your own rotisserie chickens, plus plenty of other delicious foods, right from your own home.

How? By using a rotisserie oven. Among all rotisserie oven brands, Showtime is one of the best. But even among its top performers, it can be tough to narrow down what the best Showtime rotisserie oven is for your home.

Luckily for you, we did the research so you don’t have to it already found the top four Showtime rotisserie ovens on the market. Let’s take a look!

Best Showtime Rotisserie Ovens

How Did We Find the Best Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Ovens?

We narrowed down the best Showtime rotisserie ovens and spent over 32 hours using them. To do this, we directly examined each oven and noted a few major factors:

  • Size – Not everyone has the space for a massive rotisserie oven. To this end, we looked for ovens that were easy to store or extra-large. Larger ovens are better for folks who have plenty of countertop space. Smaller ovens are better for home chefs that need to be able to store their cookware when they’re not using it.
  • Materials – The best rotisserie ovens made by Showtime have high-quality stainless steel and other great materials. These materials ensure that the oven in question will last for a long time to come. Better materials also produce great cooking results.
  • Setting and Controls – We also know that the best Showtime rotisserie ovens have easy to understand controls. Some controls are clunky and difficult to grasp while others are naturally intuitive.
  • Other Uses – Many of the best Showtime rotisserie ovens can be used not just for classic rotisserie chicken, but also for other dishes.

Top Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Ovens Reviewed

Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Oven Platinum Edition

The best of the best (and patented) Showtime rotisserie ovens is the Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition oven, large capacity oven seen here. It's a quality piece of cookware with enough space on the interior to cook two entire chickens at a time. It can also cook a single 15-pound turkey. 

This is in line with the rest of Showtime’s ovens. But it’s especially impressive that it has so much space.

The oven overall is just 13 inches tall and 18 inches wide.

Therefore, you can easily fit the Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition in a compact space like a shelf or cabinet when it’s not being used.

Even better, the Showtime Platinum Rotisserie Oven uses a classic, self-basting rotation design. It’ll carefully and progressively turn any chickens or other foods. This seals in all those good natural flavors. It’s bolstered by a removable reflector. This single component can help you brown meat to its ideal appearance and texture without accidentally drying it out.

It’s also a great choice thanks to its controls. The Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition features only three cooking controls. You can choose between “Roast”, “Sear” and “No Heat” rotation settings. Any of these can be used to prepare a perfect meal for your family. Should you forget to monitor your meal as it’s cooking, there’s no need to worry.

Large Capacity Rotisserie

The Showtime Rotisserie Platinum Edition comes with an automatic shutoff timer. It kicks in after just about three hours. Or you can adjust the timer depending on how long you’ll be away.

Ranco Showtime Platinum Edition

There’s also the multipurpose basket included with the purchase. This basket cannot only catch juice from properly cooked meats, but can also be used to roast other foods. For instance, you can use the Showtime Platinum rotisserie oven to cook fish, sausages, vegetables, and many more foods.

When the cooking is done, all you need to do is clean the Platinum Edition's interior with a damp cloth. The glass door and drip pan are both removable and dishwasher safe. You won’t need to spend long cleaning up after your meal prep with this quality piece of cookware!

The Showtime Platinum Edition rotisserie oven also comes with a few bonus goodies. These include oven gloves, a carving platform, and even food ties you can use for chickens.

What I Like about This Rotisserie Ovens?

  • Accessories: The Showtime Platinum Edition rotisserie oven comes with cooking gloves and other accessories to sweeten the deal.
  • Easy Cleaning: It won’t take you long to clean up your cooking area after preparing a delicious meal.
  • Easy Controls: The Showtime Platinum Edition has intuitive controls. They don’t take long to understand.
  • Safe Cooking: We also like that the Platinum Edition shuts off automatically after some time. You can set this to between one minute and three hours.

And What I Don’t Like?

  • Tight Heat Shield: Unfortunately, the removable heatshield is very tightly placed. It can be tough to wriggle it out for cleaning from time to time.
  • Control Buttons Are Cheap: The control panel's buttons can melt or rub off if you aren't careful.

Who It’s Best For

All in all, the Showtime Platinum rotisserie oven is a quality piece of cookware that has it all. It’s a great pick for fans of home rotisserie ovens who want the best of the best.

Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Oven, Modern Edition

Next up is the Showtime Modern rotisserie oven. It’s usually a little cheaper than the Platinum. But it features a more modern aesthetic that stands in stark contrast to the more industrial appearance of its predecessor.

Still, this oven has a lot to like. It features the same internal capacity as the Platinum and is about the same size. In fact, it's 17.75 inches wide as opposed to 18 inches wide, so it's a little more compact overall.

Its controls feature the same three simple cooking settings. But the control knob is a little easier to handle and isn’t made with meltable materials. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to worry about the controls melting or breaking over time. You’ll always be able to set your cooking preferences.

This high-quality rotisserie oven also comes with an adjustable three-hour automatic shutoff timer. So you can tell the oven when it should shut off if you need to step away to complete the rest of a meal. It includes a removable interior surface and drip pan, as well as a silicone door tie. You can use the tie to secure the door handle and prevent the glass door from breaking while stored.

Large Capacity Rotisserie & BBQ Oven Modern Edition

What I Like about This Rotisserie Ovens?

  • Nice Aesthetic: The Modern rotisserie oven comes with a better aesthetic for many modern home chefs.
  • Comes with Silicone Door Tie: This door tie could be a great lifesaver if you ever have to move with this rotisserie oven. You don’t want the door to fall open and break in the process.

And What I Don’t Like?

  • Some Duds: The oven is generally well-received by most who order it. But there have been known to be a few duds from time to time. You may need to use the included warranty.

Who It’s Best For

The Showtime Modern rotisserie oven is ultimately a good choice for home chefs that want something that will match their existing kitchenware and cooking tools.

Ronco Showtime EZ-Store Large Capacity Rotisserie Oven

The Showtime EZ-Store rotisserie oven is designed for easy storage in compact locations. To this end, it measures 15.75” x 17.25” x 12.75” in total, making it among the smallest rotisserie ovens you can find.

Even with this smaller than average size, you can fit two whole chickens in its interior cooking compartment. Or you can fit a single 15-pound turkey (a great recipe here).

It features an intuitive control panel right below the cooking compartment. This panel includes the Showtime-standard digital control settings. But it also keeps the three-hour timer found in the Showtime Modern rotisserie oven.

It also includes a multipurpose basket. This allows you to cook a variety of foods in the interior compartment. The glass door and interior surface are both removable for easy cleaning. However, the drip pan is a little tougher to wriggle out sometimes.

Ronco Showtime EZ-Store Large Capacity

What I Like about This Rotisserie Ovens?

  • Comes with Good Accessories: Also included with your purchase are oven gloves, a carving platform, and food ties.
  • Good Size: This oven’s biggest advantage, by far, is its compact size. It’s wider than it is tall, making it relatively easy to store in bottom cabinets if you don’t plan to use it very often.

And What I Don’t Like?

  • Drip Pan Hard to Remove: The drip pan is dishwasher safe. But it can be difficult to actually remove it for a good washing from time to time.
  • Controls Are in a Bad Spot: You should note that the controls are right near the heating compartment’s opening. They’re made of simple plastic and may warp or degrade over time if you leave the heating compartment open for too long.

Who It’s Best For

This Showtime rotisserie oven might be a good choice if you need something compact. It's easy to store in an apartment or small kitchen.

Showtime Classic Edition Rotisserie Oven

Last but not least is the Showtime Classic rotisserie oven. Unlike the others seen so far, the Classic oven features a stainless steel finish. This lowers the likelihood of corrosive damage and will ensure that the oven lasts for a long time to come. It'll stay functioning even under heavy use and exposure to grease.

It features the same high-quality Showtime cooking compartment seen earlier. It's capable of fitting to hold chickens for a 15-pound turkey. It also keeps the same three cooking options mentioned earlier.

It includes an adjustable shut off timer that you can set for up to three hours. It's great if you need to step away for a bit. The drip pan, glass door, and interior surface are all removable and dishwasher safe.

In many ways, it's an earlier version of Showtime Modern and Platinum ovens. But it might still be a great pick if you want something a little more affordable than those more modern variations.

Showtime Classic Edition Rotisserie Ovens

What I Like about This Rotisserie Ovens?

  • Stainless Steel Finish: This finish protects the lower materials of the rotisserie oven. Stainless steel provides great value for money.
  • Good Controls: This oven’s controls are located to the side. They are not usually in danger of being burned or worked away.
  • Long Cord: The Classic rotisserie oven comes with a 36-inch cord, so it's easy to set up anywhere on your counter.

And What I Don’t Like?

  • No Big Advancements: With the exception of the stainless steel exterior, this oven doesn’t have a lot of big things to distinguish it from its counterparts.

Who It’s Best For

All in all, this rotisserie oven is a prime choice for folks who need something that just works. It provides better durability in the long run compared to the other choices.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Showtime Rotisserie Oven

Showtime produces high-quality rotisserie cookware through and through. But you should consider few major factors when choosing from the above or other ovens. You can make sure you get the perfect oven for your needs.

Different Sizes of ovens

Oven Size - Different Sizes for Different Cooking Options

First, be sure you choose the oven that’s the correct size for your kitchen arrangement. Smaller ovens are easier to store, but larger ovens have a little extra room for cooking extra food items.

Note that all of the above ovens can fit two chickens and a single 15-pound turkey despite their size differences.

Control Location

Next, consider the location of the controls. Control location can affect how quickly and easily the buttons may warp over time when exposed to extreme heat. It can affect how easily they might be broken under repeated use.

Accessories of Rotisserie Ovens

Stainless Steel and Other Accessories

Lastly, be sure to consider any accessories that may come with the purchase. Some of the best rotisserie ovens come with extra items.

This improves their value for the asking price. For example, the Showtime Modern rotisserie oven comes with a silicone door tie at no extra cost.

Final Verdict – What’s the Best Showtime Rotisserie Oven?

In the end, the Showtime Platinum rotisserie oven is the best bet for most home chefs. It combines all of the excellent features seen in the other Showtime rotisserie ovens into a single, high-quality product.

If these rotisserie ovens are too big for your countertops, consider a vertical rotisserie.

This being said, you might find that one of the other ovens is a better match for your personal needs or price points. Remember to think about the ideal oven for you when choosing. Then you can enjoy home-cooked rotisserie meals in no time.

About the author 

Jesse Spitzer

Jesse is a father of two and an aspiring chef. He has worked in the kitchen for over 7 years. He loves cooking and is passionate about finding ways to cook easier and more efficient. When he's not in the kitchen, Jesse can be found on on the golf course, reading a productivity book or sipping a glass of nice pinot.

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