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#1 Oster Roaster Oven Review - Delicious Meals Every Time

One of these roaster ovens can prove very beneficial to have for home cooked meals. If you are preparing food for a large family or function, you may need to have multiple batches of food cooking at once. Having an additional stainless steel roaster oven on hand makes it much easier to prepare a big meal, especially for the holidays. Simply run the oven roaster while your regular oven takes care of the side dishes.

The Oster roaster oven brand is well-known online for making high quality products. They receive many positive customer reviews and have plenty of size options.

Oster Roaster Oven

In this article, we will be covering their two most popular roaster ovens- the 18 quart roaster oven and the 22 quart roaster oven. Both received a high star rating.

However, if you are looking for good roaster ovens, there are so many options out there. We will be breaking down everything you need to know, so you can buy the best roaster oven that fulfills all of your needs. Let's get started!

What to Look For in a Quality Oster Roaster Oven

When it comes to buying any type of cooker, you will want to be sure you are buying a product you will use often. That means that it needs to fit all of your needs and be a high quality product.

These are the features you will need to look for in roaster ovens, to make sure you are getting the best one:

  • Self-Basting Lid: A self-basting lid is very useful, especially when you want to cook chicken or turkey. These roaster ovens collect condensation in the the lid, then drip it back down onto the food. This gives meat a crunchy, crispy, and brown finish that many people enjoy.
  • Materials: We recommend you choose an item made from stainless steel. This ensures that food will not stick to the surface of the roasting oven, keeping it easy to clean.
  • Temperature Range: You will want to choose a product that covers a wide temperature range. That way, you can use it to cook a variety of meals. Having easy to use temperature control is also helpful.
  • Quart Capacity: A majority of these roaster ovens come in 16 quart, 18 quarts, or 22 quarts. Depending on the size of your family and how many people you are trying to feed, you will want to select the larger options.

Why Oster is a Good Choice for Roaster Ovens

Oster roaster ovens will typically fit all of the criteria we mentioned above. They are quality made and many come with self-basting features. If you want to invest in a nice roaster oven, then Oster or Hamilton Beach would be the best (and most cost-efficient) brands to look into.

Oster is one of the best brands out there for a roaster. Be sure to keep reading if you want to learn about the two top models they have made.

The chart below will compare our two favorite Oster roaster ovens.



Best for


Item Dimensions

Oven Space

Can Hold a Turkey?



Oster Roaster Oven with Buffet Server

Best Overall

Enamel on Steel

17.7 x 23.8 x 9.6 inches

18 Quarts

18 Pound Turkey

Buffet Server Style Pans, Side Handles, Removable Pan

Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid

Best for Roasting

Stainless Steel

23.3 x 15.6 x 11.8 inches

22 Quart

26 Pound Turkey

Roasting Pan, Removable Roasting Rack

Best Oster Roaster Oven #1: 
Oster Roaster Oven With Buffet Server

Oster Roaster Oven with Buffet Server

We will be starting with the 18 quart Oster roaster oven. It comes with a very unique feature, which we think would be suitable for preparing a variety of dishes. The removable roasting buffet server comes with three pans that keep food warm. Plus, you can roast, bake, and reheat three different side dishes at once by using it.

The brand also claims it saves 30% of your time and uses 36% less energy than a traditional oven. This would make it very useful to have around. Additionally, the lid is designed by the company to trap moisture and heat better than other ovens. This makes it slightly more efficient.

We also took note of the amount of stars this product received from customers. It seems like many people enjoyed this unique feature and loved using this roaster. We are sure that you would love it too.

The product comes with a good amount of space- you can use it to slow cook a turkey without trouble. The oven roaster comes with a steel roasting rack that makes it easy to remove the meet when you are done. While the brand says the product can hold an 18 pound turkey, customers in their reviews mentioned even being able to fit a 21 pound one.

Overall, this is a quality oven made by Oster. They have plenty of items, but this one stood out to us for its ability to slow cook meat perfectly.

Oster Roaster Ovens With Buffet Server

The only downside is that it is not made from stainless steel. If you do not want the product to rust, you will need to wash and dry it soon after each use. Doing so will ensure it lasts you a long time.

What We Like:

  • Decent Quart Capacity: While it is not the biggest, this size certainly is better for a large family than a 16 quart option.
  • Energy Saving: Many reviews mentioned that the product works fast. It is best for roasting, baking, and keeping food warm. It received many stars for using less power than a kitchen oven.
  • Unique Feature: The dishwasher safe parts of the product make it unique. The order includes a removable buffet server, which splits food into three different pans. You could cook meat and two side dishes at the same time, making this one of the most useful kitchen items.

What We Don't Like:

  • Materials: While enamel on steel is not the worst product material, we do wish this option was made with stainless steel. To avoid corrosion over time, you will need to put extra care into cleaning and drying this product.

Bottom Line

If you want a basic and easy to use mini convection oven, this option will be your best pick. The buffet pan is unique and allows you to make a variety of dishes in the model at one time. Plus, it is dishwasher safe and comes with temperature control. It is also a pretty good size for a family, although, you may need a larger oven if you are feeding many people.

Overall, this is the highest quality of basic Oster roaster oven out there. It is easy to clean and comes with many benefits. Still, we do wish that the model was made using stainless steel instead of enamel.

Best Oster Roaster Oven #2: 
Oster Roaster Oven With Self-Basting Lid

Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid

This roaster oven received even more positive reviews than the last Oster oven. It is also much larger at 22 quarts, allowing the oven to hold a 26 lb turkey.

It even includes a good self-basting lid. If it is your first time using one, it takes no additional steps. Next time you cook a turkey, the lid will contain the moisture, which then drips back down onto your meat. Cooking with the lid will then provide you with a delicious, beautiful, golden turkey by the end of the slow cooking process.

You also get multiple cooking features with this oven. You can bake, slow cook, roast, warm a meal, and more. It does take up a bit of counter space, but most people would say it is worth it for all the cooking features it includes. You might even realize you are using it more often that your traditional oven once you get used to it. This makes it useful for anyone living in a dorm or small apartment that does not have a full kitchen included.

Overall, this options comes with just about everything you need to get started. 

Oster Roaster Oven With Self-Basting Lids

The brand does recommend that you use roaster bags, which are sold separately. These items are useful in making the clean up process a bit easier. However, you will need to ensure you use water with the bags, or else they can melt and make a mess inside of the oven.

What We Like:

  • Large Size: The 22 quart cooking capacity makes it possible to cook any meal inside of the oven. You can find a Hamilton Beach item in the same size, although it costs a bit more.
  • Self-Basting Lid: Many customers appreciated the self-basting feature. This allowed them to take a step out of cooking, but still leaving their turkey tasty and brown.
  • Cooking Features: The roaster has many cooking options. You can adjust the settings with the turn of a knob to roast, bake, and more.

What We Don't Like:

  • Chipping: Make sure that you are always using the included rack and not cooking without it. Some pans can rub against the inside of the roaster, causing a nonstick coating to rub off. You would not want to accidentally eat the coating the next time you were cooking a turkey without a pan.

Bottom Line

This Oster 22 Quart Roaster received many stars online. If you want something that is high quality and well reviewed by other users, this model would fit the bill. It comes with a roasting pan and plenty of cooking options. No matter what you want to make, this oven should be able to handle it. It can hold a lot more food than the 18 quart roaster oven, making it the better option for making a turkey. Plus, it is the better cooker for a big family.

We appreciated that the roaster oven came with a self-basting lid. It allows the moisture to stay trapped, giving your turkey a wonderful, golden-brown color by the time it is finished cooking.

The only downside to this product is the coating that was used by the brand. It can easily chip off, so you will want to be careful when loading and unloading your roasting oven.

In short, this 22 quart roaster oven is perfect for just about anyone. It also has plenty of uses around the kitchen.

How to Choose a Roaster Oven For Your Home

When it comes to choosing a roaster oven, there are many options online. There are so many that it can actually be challenging to find a roaster oven that suits your needs. From there, it only gets more complicated- would an 18 quart roaster oven suit you best? A 22 quart roaster oven? What materials should it be made from? The list goes on.

Luckily, we are going to break all of that information down for you here! 

Oster Roaster Oven Features

The Oster roaster oven comes with a variety of cooking features, making it one of the best brands to choose from. This is especially true if you want a turkey roaster oven.

These are the features your want to watch out for:

  • Needed Accessories: Some accessories that an Oster comes with include a roasting pan and a wire rack. These additional tools make the roasting process much easier.
  • Temperature Control: Oster ovens also have simple temperature controls, according to reviews. They make it easier to cook and adjust your settings. The oven likely comes with a "keep warm setting" and slow cooking, among many others. The Oster roaster also has great heat distribution, which cooks your food evenly.
  • Easy Clean Up: Many of the Oster roaster ovens are made from materials that are easy to clean after you are done with cooking. Many reviews also bring this up.
  • New Models: Many of Oster's products are also quite new, with them even having a "copyright 2023" tag. This means the heating element should be powerful while using lower amounts of electricity, since they are using the newest, rights reserved technology.

These above features are what you want to look for in roaster oven- Oster just happens to offer all of them in some of their products. That is why we recommend this brand as one of our top picks. 

If you are going to invest in a roaster oven, you will want to be sure you are getting the best of the best. We recommend the Oster ovens for anyone who wants to have a quality roaster while sticking within a budget. These little ovens work amazing for the price that you pay for them.

In short, everyone could use one of these products at home. By ensuring that your roaster meets all of your needs, you are going to find one that makes it worth the purchase.

Nesco Family Size oven

Our Top Overall Roaster Oven

Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid

We would have to give the best review to the Oster Roaster Oven With Self-Basting Lid. This model is perfect for cooking meat, as it includes a stainless steel roasting rack. It can even self-baste, making it the best tool to cook meat in your kitchen.

We appreciated the quart size of this model. While it may be difficult to find kitchen space at home, you will be able to cook a lot of food at one time. This makes this option the best for those who often cook for large gatherings of people. So many have left this item a positive review too- we think it would be worth checking out if you are interested. Other noteworthy roaster ovens are Nesco brand and Hamilton beach.

Overall, this oven fits into all of the categories that we mentioned above, while staying within a reasonable price range. If you want to add a new tool to your kitchen, this cooker should be the perfect fit for many people.


These items have received plenty of positive feedback online. If you are interested, we recommend that you take a look for yourself. Oster designs quality items that allow you to make all of the food that you want.

These two ovens both work very nicely. If you want to learn more about roaster ovens before you buy, be sure to read more of our articles and reviews on kitchen gadgets. We have a wide selection on our website that can help you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We would enjoy assisting you and giving you the answers you need.

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