4+ Best Tamagoyaki Pans [2023 Guide To Japanese Omlettes]

Japanese food is well known for being delicious. The overall balance of presentation, color, and flavor make it a remarkably famous favorite across the globe.

And while you may immediately associate Japanese food with tasty sushi or mouthwatering noodles, I think Japanese egg dishes are the unsung hero of their cuisine. 

These omelets are really just on a whole other level. They taste great and are so neat and tidy to eat that I’d even recommend popping them in a lunchbox and taking it to work or to school for the kids. 

Tamagoyaki is arguably the most delicious of all egg dishes, but it can not be recreated at home with any measly pan that you have knocking around in your kitchen cupboards.

Oh no. To really experience a delicious-tasting Tamagoyaki dish, you need to purchase yourself a Tamagoyaki pan. 

But which Tamagoyaki pan is the right one for you? In this article, we’ll review the 5 best Tamagoyaki pans on the market.


HAPPI STUDIO Tamagoyaki Pan - Japanese Egg Pan with Lid - Japanese Omelette pan Nonstick - Omelet Pan for Japanese Food - Square Frying Pan

This Happi Studio Pan is a great all-rounder that is sure to leave you with delicious food. There are so many advantages to this product.

The first thing I noticed about this pan was that it was a great combo item for a relatively cheap price.

Not only do you get your aluminum pan, but you also get an ultra-hard tempered lid which will help speed up that cooking process so there will be no more waiting around with a rumbling belly while those eggs take an age to cook.

You also get a spatula and a pair of chopsticks which will help you make the perfect tamagoyaki and egg rolls! 

The next thing that I noticed is that is a perfect size and uses safe materials. The frying pan is 7 inches by 6 inches which is the perfect size for Tamagoyaki.

The pan is built with Maifanite stone and is also coated in a PFOA-free coating.

This gives a superior nonstick coating and gives higher heat induction so you’ll have those eggs ready in no time and won’t have the long laborious task of scraping burnt eggs off the bottom of the pan.

It also has a heat-resistant handle so you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers!

It’s also made from heavy-duty materials so you can be sure that it will last a while - there’s nothing worse than making a purchase on an item and having to replace it fairly quickly after getting it.

But this one is sturdy and durable so you won’t have that issue. In fact, the company is so confident in their product that if you are not 100% happy with the pan you can get your money back or a brand new replacement. 


  • Additional Items - Comes with a lid to help speed up cooking, as well as chopsticks and a spatula
  • Non-Stick & High Heat Induction - Quick and clean cooking process
  • Sturdy -  heavy-duty materials 


  • Small - Some reviews remark that the item is too small


Kasian House Cast Iron Japanese Tamagoyaki Omelet Pan with Wooden Handle, Traditional Rectangular Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Pan for Rolled Egg Omelet

While non-stick pans are great, authentic Tamagoyaki pans are always cast iron.

It can take a little to get used to but once you do, you’ll see the real wonders that a cast iron offers in terms of its outstanding cooking performance.

So of course, I had to review at least one Tamagoyaki pan in its authentic material. 

The Kasian pan is such a high-quality pan and it really is built to last. The cast iron pan retains heat amazingly and so you can always be sure of a well-cooked meal that will be ready in a matter of minutes.

Perfect for those on the go. Not only that but cast iron is known for surviving the test of time. So you can be sure that it’ll take pride and place in your kitchen cupboards and will be there for generations to come. 

This is also the perfect option as it can be used on several different cooking surfaces. Whether you have a gas or electric cooker, you can be sure this will work for you - you can even take it camping so you can have the perfect cooked Japanese omelet no matter where you are.

It can also be used in an oven providing you detach the wooden handle (that keeps you from burning your fingers) beforehand. 

It's 15 x 6 inches so is definitely big enough for Tamagoyaki, but if you are ready for a change, you can cook much more in this pan too! Grilled cheese sandwiches in this pan come out amazing. 


  • Cast Iron - High-quality and heavy-duty
  • Multi-Surface -  Can be used on grills, stoves, and ovens 
  • Larger In Size -  Can feed the family quicker 


  • Harder To Clean -  Some reviews remark that it is a lot harder to clean than your traditional non-stick pan. 


ROCKURWOK Nonstick Tamagoyaki Pan, 7” x 6” Japanese Omelette Pan, Non-stick Egg Roll Pans, Retangle Tamago Pan, Small Frying Pan with Silicone Spatula Brush, Black

If you want delicious eggs each and every morning without having to compromise on taste, then you can’t go wrong with the Rockuwok pan.

It comes in several different colors so you can match it to your kitchen aesthetic should you wish. I went with the Light Black (Star) option but there’s plenty to choose from. 

While this option may be considerably cheaper than the others mentioned here, it sure doesn’t disappoint when it comes to features.

So the first thing that I noticed was that it does come with a PFOA-free external stainless steel coating. The pan also has two heat-conducting layers to ensure that your eggs cook quickly.

But not only this, it also has a rust and an abrasion resistant coating to ensure that it lasts a long time too.

The three layers of inner coating ensure that it’s non-stick so you won’t spend you’re evening over the sink trying to scrape away egg from your pan. And we all love a quick and painless clean-up. 

The 7x6 inch rustless pan is made of aluminum which ensures that the pan heats up both quickly and evenly which is what ensures that fluffy-egg deliciousness.

The tightened stainless steel coating also keeps the pan stable. 


  • Cheap - Marginally cheaper than other options 
  • Long-Life -  Rust & Abrasion resistant coating 
  • Non-Stick - Easy to clean


  • Small - Only 7x6 inches 


TIKUSAN Japanese Tamagoyaki Omelets Copper Pan with Wooden Lid 8.3 inch (21×21 cm) Square Type Egg Pan

If you’re looking for a larger pan, I couldn’t recommend anything better than Tikusan’s copper pan. Now, I will state this from the beginning; for a pan, it certainly isn’t cheap.

However, with that being said it is an incredible pan that had many great features. 

The first thing we’ll need to do is talk about the material of this pan. This pan is of copper and that has so many benefits.

Copper pans are great for making really fluffy eggs because of their high thermal conductivity. The high heat means that the temperature cooks the eggs quickly and evenly too.

You’ll also notice when it comes to flipping food that copper is one of the most superior materials to make the process easy and effortless. 

The pan also comes with a protective tin coating to ensure that you don’t get any unwanted pesky copper smells in your egg - that wouldn’t be very appetizing.

The coating prevents any of the smell from being absorbed in the food while you cook. 

It also comes with a wooden lid which can not be ignored. This multifunctional lid can be used to help your eggs cook quicker, but can also be used as a specialized tool to help you shape and serve your tamagoyaki into impressive cuboids using the edges and weight of the lid.

And once you’ve done all of this, you can also turn it over and use it as a serving platter! What more could you ask for? 

And then, of course, we can not ignore that this item is much larger than your average pan measuring in at a massive 8.3x8.3 inches. 


  • Copper Material - Ensures super fluffy eggs
  • Protective Tin Coating -  Keeps the copper smell from absorbing in your food
  • Larger Surface Area - Much bigger than other pans


  • Expensive - Much more expensive than other options I’ve reviewed.


TECHEF - Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Pan/Egg Pan Skillet, PFOA-Free, Dishwasher Safe, Induction-Ready, Made in Korea (Purple/Medium)

One great way to know that a product is going to work well for you is to take a look at the customer reviews. This item is highly reviewed in both volume and score and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s pretty cheap, has a ton of features, and also comes in a really pretty purple color.

The pan itself is designed for high performance with its aluminum construction. It ensures that heat is distributed evenly and prevents hot spots.

This is super important because no one wants their food hot in some places and cold in others. It is also designed with a sloped front and straight sidewalls that make flipping and rolling your omelet much easier. 

It also comes with a 3-layer reinforced Teflon non-stick coating so that cleanup is a breeze. And it also comes with a patented scratch-resistant surface so that you can be safe in the knowledge that it will create the perfect tamagoyaki time and time again. 

It also has a heavy-duty base that won’t warp or wobble while you are cooking. It is compatible with electric, gas, ceramic, and induction stovetops. And is also dishwasher safe! 


  • Even cooking -  aluminum construction allows for even cooking and prevents hot spots. 
  • Non-Stick -  Easy and hassle-free clean-up. 
  • Heavy-Duty - Built to last
  • Highly Recommended -  High customer satisfaction reviews


  • Handle -  Some reviews mention that it can be easy to burn your fingers on the handle. 

Best Tamagoyaki Pan Buying Guide

So you want to purchase a Tamagoyaki pan but you don’t know where to start or exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. Below you’ll find all the things that you’ll need to take into consideration before purchasing your very own pan. 

Best Tamagoyaki Pan


These types of pans can come in a variety of different materials. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Which material you choose can come down to personal preference - but here are the things to consider when picking which material you choose for your Tamagoyaki pan. 

Cast Iron

A cast iron pan will be your choice if you are looking for an authentic-style pan. If you are new to cooking Tamagoyaki I may not necessarily recommend it as I think you’ll find flipping and rolling much easier in a non-stick pan. 

However, if you are well-accustomed to cooking with cast iron, or are a Tamagoyaki pro then I couldn’t recommend a cast iron pan enough. It creates great food and is super durable. 


This is often what the cheaper models are made of but that doesn’t mean by any means that it won’t do the trick just right. However, if you do go for this type of material you will want to ensure that it is non-stick otherwise you’re going to have a really unpleasant clean-up once you’ve finished eating. 


If you’re a fan of really fluffy eggs then you’ll want to get yourself a copper pan. These pans ensure that your eggs are cooked evenly and prevents hot spots. However, if you do get one of these pans you want to ensure that it has a protective coating, otherwise that unpleasant copper smell will be absorbed into your food - and nobody wants that. 


These types of pans come in a variety of different sizes. And which size is right for you will really depend on how many people you are cooking for, or how big your appetite is. It tends to be a case of the larger the pan, the more expensive the pan, but this may not always be the case. 

You will want to consider the size before you make your purchase though. For example, are you making Tamagoyaki for just yourself or for the whole family?

If you’ve got several mouths to feed you’ll probably want to opt for a larger pan around 8 inches by 8 inches. However, if it’s just for you the 6-inch by 6-inch pans should do you fine. 

Sets Vs Singular

While looking for a Tamagoyaki pan you’ll notice that some are sold as single pans while others offer pan sets. The pan sets often include a lid which can help you cook your food much quicker and can help to shape the Tamagoyaki.

They also come with other handy tools that will help you with the cooking process. Sets are great for those relatively new to cooking who need to bulk up their kitchenware. 

Cooking Surface Compatibility

One really important thing to watch out for is the cooking surface compatibility. Some pans are only compatible with eclectic stoves, some are gas, and some are multifunctional.

But the last thing that you’ll want to do is purchase a pan that you can’t actually use with the cooking equipment that you have at home. So always be sure to double-check that your pan is compatible with your appliances. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Tamagoyaki Pan? 

A Tamagoyaki pan is a pan specifically designed to cook Tamagoyaki which is a kind of rolled-up Japanese Omelet. They tend to be square in shape and are usually made of copper or iron though they can sometimes be made of aluminum. 

What Is The Difference Between Tamago And Tamagoyaki? 

Dashimaki Tamago is almost essentially the same dish as Tamagoyaki. The main difference between the two dishes is that Tamago is made with dashi stock while Tamagoyaki is not. 

What Do You Eat Tamagoyaki With? 

There are many things that go well with Tamagoyaki but traditionally Tamagoyaki is served at breakfast alongside miso soup, fish, pickled vegetables, or rice. 

What Does Tamagoyaki Taste Like? 

Tamagoyaki has a slightly sweet taste with a custard-like texture. It is an extremely delicious treat that is well loved by many children and adults alike. 

How Long Does Tamagoyaki Last?

Tamagoyaki can be stored for a maximum of two weeks. But I wouldn’t really recommend waiting this long to eat it as it will lose most of its freshness and will taste a little stale and will not have quite as nice of a texture. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to purchase a new Tamagoyaki pan, I hope that this article has helped you understand exactly what you should be looking for, and has given you an idea of the type of pans you can purchase.

Whether you are looking for a cheap budget starter pan or a cast-iron pan that is built to last, you should have been able to find what you were looking for here. 

If you purchase any of the recommended pans, let us know how you found them. And all that’s left to do now is get cooking! 


About the author 

Nate Lau

Nate is an aspiring chef, and father of two. He is always on the lookout to try new healthy recipes and kitchen gadgets. He has a passion for cooking delicious miso black cod and enjoys a nice sip of pinot on occasion.

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