What You Need To Do Whenever Your Air Fryer Won’t Turn On?

This small countertop oven has become an asset and a worth investment for most households. The air fryer is akin to a conventional oven with all the qualities of a deep fryer with far less mess.

The air fryer operates similar to a convection oven as it is dependent on the circulation of hot air in order to cook the food.

The air fryer is a handy appliance that will have frequent use if you choose to purchase one. However, with regular use, comes issues. This is because the more that you use anything, you are bound to wear it down.

Therefore, knowing what to do when your air fryer stops working or won’t turn on is essential.

What You Need To Do Whenever Your Air Fryer Won’t Turn On?

If your air fryer isn’t turning on, then you should confirm that it is properly plugged into a working power socket and that the timer has been set correctly with the basket properly inserted.

If you have checked these areas and ascertained that everything is in place, then unplug the air fryer for approximately ten minutes to reset it prior to plugging it back in.

If the air fryer still doesn’t turn on, then you should check the cables for any damage. If the cables are also fully intact, then contact the air fryer’s manufacturer to request a new fryer.

It is often difficult to state what is wrong with an air fryer due to them coming in a variety of models. Thus, troubleshooting can be tricky.

However, more often than not, many models of air fryer will be able to be fixed by following the tips that are outlined above.

You can also contact a professional like a certified technician who can take a look at your air fryer and ascertain what the problem is prior to you purchasing or requesting a replacement.

Ensure That The Air Fryer Is Fully Plugged In To A Working Socket

The most efficient means of troubleshooting any device that is electrical is to check that the plug socket is working correctly.

This may seem like an incredibly obvious stem, however, sometimes we completely forget that the issue may be with the plug sockets and our power supply as opposed to the fryer itself.

If your fryer is correctly connected to a working plug socket and it still doesn’t work, then you should unplug it and leave it for ten minutes prior to plugging it back in.

When the plug is reinserted, it should show the relevant signals and act accordingly. However, if this doesn’t occur then you should assess the plug socket more closely.

You could have potentially spent a vast amount of time troubleshooting the air fryer itself when it's the power socket that isn’t working properly.

It is crucial to carefully ascertain whether the plug socket is working properly, otherwise attempting to fix your air fryer could cause unnecessary damage.

The best way to ascertain whether the plug socket is working correctly is to connect another electrical device to it. If that piece of equipment does not work either, then it is safe to assume that there is an issue with the socket itself.

However, if the alternative device works, then you know that it is an issue with the air fryer. You can also plug your air fryer into another socket, moving it from the initial one carefully.

If your air fryer turns on suddenly, then you will know that it is the plug socket that is causing you issues.

If you wish to keep your air fryer in the same place, then contacting an electrician to rectify the issue with your plug socket is the best way to fix this issue.

Ensure That The Basket Is Fitted Properly

You also need to ensure that the basket is placed correctly within the air fryer as otherwise, it will not start. For example, if the basket is stopping the door to the air fryer from being properly shut, then the device will not allow you to start cooking.

You should also ensure that this basket is placed prior to you closing the hatchet, and then attempt to power it up again.

Check The Cables For Any Damage

If you cannot ascertain what is wrong with your air fryer, then you should check the cables for any cuts or damages.

This is because most cables will take a lot of wear and tear over a longer period of time and thus, whenever they are bent, twisted, squashed and stretched, they could become damaged.

This is especially true if you move your air fryer on a regular basis, and any damaged cables may render them unable to transmit the relevant amount of power required to ensure that the device works.

Study your cable closely and also look at the head of the cable in order to ascertain whether there are any cuts or damages. If the cable is faulty, then this will definitely prevent it from transmitting energy from the power source to the fryer itself.

If your cable becomes damaged, then you can contact someone who will be able to replace it as the vast majority of air fryers will not come with a serviceable connection.

If the head of the cable is faulty, then you can carefully unscrew it and easily replace it within a new head. You should be careful to ensure that the new head is the same as the previous and an authentic original.

You should also be incredibly careful whenever you are handling damaged cables and avoid touching any part of the cable that isn’t the insulation.

Check The Fuse

In the instance that both the cable and its head are intact, then you need to check one more thing before moving on. Check the cable’s fuse as if this has blown, it is not relevant whether the cable is in good condition or not, it will not work regardless.

Some cables may not have a fuse and this depends on the type of cable that your air fryer has. The vast majority of plugs will vary in design depending on your geographical location.

If you are located in the UK, for instance, most plugs will come with built-in fuses that are able to be adjusted and changed. However, this is not the case for many other countries.

By carefully opening up your plug, you will be able to ascertain whether the fuse has blown or not. If it has, then you will simply need to replace the fuse in order for your air fryer to start to work again.

This may seem like a lot of effort, however, there is a vast amount of material online that will take you through how to properly swap your fuse and this will save you a significant amount of money.

Contact The Manufacturer Of Your Air Fryer

Contact The Manufacturer Of Your Air Fryer

If you have tried all of the above steps, and there is no process, then you should contact the manufacturer in order to replace your air fryer or fix it.

It is not recommended that you attempt to dissect your air fryer yourself at home, especially if you are not an expert in the technical field.

You may also void your warranty if you choose to open up the air fryer yourself, and this is something that you want to avoid. If you do void the warranty, you will need to purchase an entirely new air fryer, and potentially pay far more than you did initially.

Thus, it may be advisable to purchase a new air fryer as opposed to repairing it, unless the air fryer is still under a valid warranty.

In this case, the manufacturer should cover the cost to repair or replace the fryer with a new one. You should ask them to provide you with a new warranty and assure you that this will not occur again.

In order to ascertain whether your fryer is still under warranty, you should contact your manufacturer directly or visit their website. Once you are on the website, you should search for the support of warranty check sections to obtain this information.

Why Does My Air Fryer Switch Off?

Some fryers may work for a while prior to crashing and switching off. Users who have reported these issues have stated that their fryers tend to work for three minutes prior to shutting down.

Whenever the air fryer is restarted, it will continue to run for three minutes prior to shutting down again. There are many different reasons why your air fryer may suddenly shut down and these include the following:

  • The air fryer may switch off if it has been turned on for several minutes without being started.
  • The air fryer may have an automatic shut-off functionality that prevents it from being overheated. If it becomes overheated, then it will automatically shut off in order to cool down.
  • The air fryer may switch off if the door has become loose and is not closed properly.
  • The air fryer may switch off as you have moved the basket out of place or not positioned it correctly within the fryer.

These reasons vary vastly depending on the model of air fryer that is used also. It is recommended that you check the manual that came with the air fryer in order to use the appropriate troubleshooting guide for your model.

The majority of troubleshooting guides will contain a vast array of possible issues and solutions that are incredibly helpful to know.

Air Fryer Frequently Asked Questions

Is Air Frying Healthier?

Yes, air frying is healthier than deep frying as it uses a smaller amount of oil to achieve the same perfectly crispy results. Chicken, fish and French fries can all be placed in the air fryer.

The results of using an air fryer are closer to the results of oven-friend food and thus, air fried food tastes a lot less heavy than food that has been deep-fried.

Does An Air Fryer Need To Be Preheated?

An air fryer will heat food far faster than a conventional oven. Therefore, it is not necessary to preheat an air fryer in the same way that you would preheat an oven.

This is one of the biggest advantages of using an air fryer when compared to oven cooking, it is far quicker and you do not have to wait as long to taste your favorite fried food.

How Much Food Can An Air Fryer Safely Hold?

The vast majority of air fryers can fit enough to serve four people, however, this depends on the type of food that you are frying.

It is also important that you do not overcrowd the basket in order to ensure that the food cooks correctly and the fryer doesn’t overheat.

If you decide to cook multiple batches of food using an air fryer, then you should check the second batch earlier than you would usually do as the fryer will already be hot.

How Do I Stop Food From Sticking From My Air Fryer?

For food like breaded chicken that is prone to becoming stuck to the fryer, you should spray the basket with vegetable oil prior to using it.

Foil slings can also be used to ensure that the fryer remains cleaner and this also assists with the removal of certain types of food, like fish.


To conclude, an air fryer can stop turning off or shut down for a variety of reasons that I have outlined above. You should check the plug socket that your fryer is plugged into to ascertain whether it is working or not.

After you have done this, you should check the cable to see whether it has become damaged or cut.

Cables can easily become worn down after long periods of use and thus, you should carefully examine the cable itself, the cable head and the fuse to see whether there is any damage.

You should also ensure that the basket has been placed carefully into the fryer as the fryer will not work properly if the basket is not placed correctly.

The fryer will also stop working if the door compartment is not shut properly and thus, you can save yourself from facing these issues by not overloading your air fryer.

If you have taken all of the steps that I have outlined, and your air fryer is still not working, then you should contact the manufacturer in order to obtain a replacement or to have your air fryer fixed accordingly.

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